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Former Clipper Ryan Gomes Helps Save Utah State Basketball Player's Life


I have always thought that Gomes was a great person if a somewhat shaky player. It is good to see that the charity work that he does helps save lives. Good job Gomes.

CP3 expected to play Sunday


I doubt he plays very much, but still it will good to see the starting lineup (sans Billups) out there.

Ronny Turiaf signing now official


And now we wait to see Ronny's reaction to one of Blake's dunks, it is sure to be gif worthy.

Breaking Clippers reach agreement with Neil Olshey


Disaster averted

Butler to start game 3


Wow this takes some real guts by Tough Juice, hope he can come out and contribute.

Bobby Simmons to start


I guess Vinny wants to keep the bench intact, I'm not sure how I feel about this. It is pretty clear the Young will get the majority of the minutes but just won't start.

VDN sees Young as a starter


So I guess he replaces Foye in the starting lineup. I have feeling that Foye is going to get some minutes at backup 3 as a lot of his minutes as backup 2 are going to go to Bledsoe as long as he keeps playing well.

Chris Paul suffers nasal fracture, will wear mask tonight


Well I guess broken noses must be contagious right now. Will be fun watching CP3 play in a mask, hopefully it doesn't effect his game.

Jeremy Lin added to Rising Star's Challenge Roster


He has since been picked by Shaq whose team now consists of Blake Griffin, Jeremy Lin, Ricky Rubio, and Landry Fields.

Breaking: Chauncey out for season with Achilles Tear


The worst scenario has been realized as the injury is in fact a tear, while the severity is not given Billups is most definitely done for the season. This injury is a big blow to the clippers but I think they can move past it as we have depth at the two with: Mo, Foye, and hopefully a returning Bledsoe. It would be nice to add a fourth player to that list though.

Solomon Jones waived by clippers


The roster now stands at 14, most of us saw this coming. This also opens the door for one more player to be added.

Kenyon Martin to be ready to play against Orlando


This is good news, Monday is a lot earlier than I thought he would be ready, regardless of China issues. We can definitely use him against Orlando against Dwight and Big Baby.

Chris Paul expected to start tonight


this is great news, so barring any last second tightness we can safely assume that CP3 will be playing, no mention of any time limit but I would have to imagine that he wouldn't be starting if he was playing with a time limit. This is not to say that they will play him a full 35+ minutes but I think it is safe to assume there is no hard limit on his minutes.

Bledsoe likely to play in D-league once healthy


Interesting, I thought for sure that Bledsoe would come back and be a rotation player but I guess Vinny has other plans. Edit: from the new article on ESPN LA it is clear this as some people said just a conditioning assignment, the team wants to get Bledsoe some low pressure minutes before he returns to a full speed game.

Evans to play tonight


This is big news while I don't think we need Evans to win tonight his rebounding will definitely be a welcome addition.

Clippers sign Solomon Jones


It is a non-guranteed contract. I know absolutely nothing about Jones, but the article states he is considered athletic. Really anyone 6'11'' + will probably help. - Edit 7:29 pm: The tweets from Brad Turner. Jones' Basketball Reference stats are here... Raffo 9:12 pm - C. Another Son of Mike Smith had the LA Times link with this tidbit: "The Clippers also still have interest in Antonio McDyess, even though he retired in December after 16 years in the NBA."

Majority of ESPN experts predict Clippers will win the Pacific Division


Wow, I didn't expect ESPN would shift off their Laker love so easily. But there it is a majority of 17 to 13 voters predict the Clippers win the division. If the Clippers do win the division it would be the first time in team history.

Kobe Bryant wrist injury update


Kobe has torn a ligament in his wrist is day to day and won't play tonight.

Willie Warren and others cut from the team


It looks like the clippers have made their roster adjustments heading into tonight's game.

Grant Hill's final four includes the clippers


I'm not sure how I feel about this, obviously Hill had a great season last year. But I don't know how much of his new found health is him finally overcoming injuries or if it is more the magic of the Suns trainers who have proven that they can keep veteran players from being injured (Nash,Shaq, and Hill). I don't have the same faith in Powell.

Nene is Rocket's top target at center


I know many are worried that DJ may choose to go back home and play for the rockets, but it seems like they are looking elsewhere. There are still other places that may put up an offer on DJ but at least we know that there is a good chance that DJ won't be facing an opportunity to play for his home team.

Complete NBA schedule coming on Tuesday


For those wondering when the NBA will finally release its full season schedule they announced that it will be released 4P.M. (Pacific Time) on Tuesday on NBA TV. Although I expect there is a good chance that games will begin leak out before then.

Funny or Die: Little Blake


The second Blake Griffin skit, this reminds me a little of the twilight zone episode Talking Tina.

Proposed Vegas Summer league featuring the clippers


It looks like when the vets and BG talked about doing workouts and keeping the team together during the lockout they weren't messing around. According to the article the summer league was the idea of BG, Mo, Foye. Not only is it great from the stand point of providing basketball for us fans to watch, but it also evidence of the strong chemistry this clippers team has. This is exciting stuff. The league is set to begin September 12th. Edit: found a more detailed article, according to the article the teams would only be able to be 7 players (of course that could change), and the games may be streamed online.

Blake Griffin to intern for Funny or Die


The first step in Blake Griffin conquering the comedy world, next step is hosting SNL.

Dwight Howard and Magic working on extension


So much for all the trade speculation, this also means that those stupid Laker fans that said everything was going to be alright because they were going to dump their garbage for Howard are going to have to find a new delusion.

Clippers release preseason schedule


Of course this is all dependent on the lockout, interesting note though that the clippers will play a game in San Diego and one in Bakersfield.

Lakers to hire Mike Brown as coach


I know this isn't clipper related, but it is always good to laugh at the Lakers when they screw up this bad.


Possible 2nd round picks

While many of us are debating about the clippers 1st round pick, or rather what could have been the clippers 1st round pick.  The clippers actually have 2 second round picks; the first being the...


Who is your mistress team? (western confrerence only)

It's that time of year again, the playoffs have started and unfortunately the clippers didn't make it.  But most of us have a mistress team, a more successful team who is second to our true love. ...

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