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EJ to start


I guess he must have felt good during shoot around. Good news for the clips!

The Griffin Posters all star team, comprised of the the top players to find their way onto a...


The Griffin Posters all star team, comprised of the the top players to find their way onto a Griffin poster.

Life as a rim in Staples Center, and fear of the Rim Reaper


Life as a rim in Staples Center, and fear of the Rim Reaper

Blake Griffin is Officially and All Star!


Yahoo reports BG has made the team. Congrats Beast!

Blake Griffin Dunks, from Griffin's P.O.V. coming soon


teaser from Griffin talking about filming some dunks from his point of view. My guess is that they will show the video during pregame on Wednesday.

At age 21 years, 188 days, Blake Griffin became the youngest player in NBA history to grab at least...


At age 21 years, 188 days, Blake Griffin became the youngest player in NBA history to grab at least 10 rebs in each of 20 consecutive games

EJ Hoosier Boy by Bill Plaschke


Nice article about EJ by Bill (never though I would say that about something he wrote). Of course he can't help but end the article with a dig at the clippers, questioning their ability to resign EJ. This ignores the fact that EJ will be a RFA and all the clips would have to do is match an offer.

Clippers expected to sign Ike Diogu


from Lisa's twitter: "The latest: Found out the Clippers are expected to sign free agent power forward Ike Diogu on Wednesday. Rash o injuries forced such a move." "Diogu, former lottery pick, started his career w/Warriors. More recently, had microfracture surgery on left knee. Cut by Pistons in camp."

Rhino out for two weeks!


he has a herniated disk, I guess that is what it takes to stop a Rhino.

NBA looking into buying the Hornets, in order to keep them in New Orleans


Not clippers related but interesting none the less. According to the report the NBA would try and sell the team to the minority owner. Has the NBA ever done anything like this before?

No Rhino,Warren for clips on opening night


Although Portland will be missing Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla. So I guess we should consider ourselves lucky, although it is too bad that we won't see Griffin v.s. Oden

DJ Foster analyzes training camp


Great analysis by DJ, as always. Also Kaman has some great handles apparently.

Baron to miss emmys for training camp


Definitely good to see Baron choosing practice over a chance to hang with celebrities and possibly see his movie win an award.

Staples Center unveils new HD Jumbotron


Craig Smith represents the clippers in the unveiling and the screen looks nice and it sounds like the sound system got an upgrade as well. Nice to see the screen finally go HD.

Blake Griffin and Yoga


Nice article on the emergence of yoga in the NBA also talks a lot about Griffin and his training while in he was recovering from his injury. Also some encouraging tidbits as well, Griffin says he is more flexible then he has ever been in his entire life and the trainer says that Griffin looks like he hasn't missed a single day. Also of note is that Baron Davis is starting to work out with the same trainer and will do a similar workout to the one that Griffin is doing.

Clippers Broadcast Schedule


Nothing really new here, 79 games will be on prime ticket of FSW, 2 are on TNT. This means 1 game is not televised which is odd. Of interest though is that 2 preseason games will be on TV: Oct.14th vs Denver and Oct. 19th Sac. I am guessing that if we do end up playing the Lakers then that game will be on TV but will be announced by the lakers announcers (yuck!).

Curry Sprains ankle is day to day


Curry has sprained his ankle and is considered, day to day. This obviously increases EJ's chances even though I think that the player that should get cut is Westbrook.

clippers NEW HOME jersey


well the wait is over, here are the long awaited new home uniforms.

Full season schedule


no preseason games listed though, see the season breakdown links for thoughts on the schedule.

Nets, Raptors to play 2 regular season games in London


not really clippers news, but still interesting news about the NBA's global expansion. The games are back to back and come right after all star week.

Clippers considering Dean Demopolus as a top assistant


Dean is known as one of the finest defensive minds in the league, and has shown that he can adapt to changing situations by helping make the injury depleted Blazers one of the leagues most efficient defenses.

No coaching decision until Tuesday


Del Negro made strong presentation that has the clippers org divided on who they want. Both candidates will most likely have to come in for another round of interviews. IMO Del Negro is not seeming as bad an option he seemed before. He already led a young Bulls team to the playoffs twice and that team obviously didn't quit on him (unlike how the clippers quit on Dunleavy) he seems to have a plan that is better suited to our youth and focuses on a faster paced offense. Although I would still prefer Casey due to his experience and strong defense philosophy, I don't think Del Negro would be a disastrous as long as it is made not because of money but because he fits the teams plans for the future. Although I wonder if Lebron's reaction to our coaches was taken into account as well.

Players union delievers new CBA proposal


Hopefully the two sides can compromise on something because IMHO there would be nothing worse for the leagues image if they went into a lockout season during a recession. Also with the NFL possibly going into lockout as well the NBA could stand to gain some revenue if they were able to avoid a lockout and NFL is not able to.

Lisa says that Casey also had dinner with DTS "Other updates: Yes, Casey went through the same...


Lisa says that Casey also had dinner with DTS "Other updates: Yes, Casey went through the same routine as VDN. Interviews/dinner with DTS. Would be surprised now if decision made on Wed"

The Return of the Youth Movement

          The last few days has started shift in the clippers plans.  No longer are the clippers a cagey mix of mostly veterans and some youth, such as they were in 08-09 and 09-10 with veterans...

Kerr out in Phoenix


With Kerr being fired from Phoenix, there is another big name GM with out a team. I think the clips should make a move and grab Kerr, he would bring some more legitimacy to the clippers and would add another basketball guy into the decision process. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Kerr decides to stay at TNT for a while and take a break.

Clippers June 11th workout


This workout seems to be made entirely of possible second round picks. Still waiting for Aminu to work out for the clips, but there is still plenty of time.


Trade Idea

Hey clipper fan here with a trade idea that I though I might run a trade by you guys that has been getting a lot of discussion over at clipsnation.  It involves the clippers trading our 8th pick, ...

Clippers June 9th Workout list


clippers workout Babbit and some others, on another note maybe Babbit's stock would be higher if he didn't look so geeky in his picture.


John Wooden

As most of you may have heard John Wooden has passed away today.  John Wooden is easily one of the best and most renowned coaches in the history of Basketball and maybe in sports in general.  From...

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