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Born and raised in the NW ... From Coos Bay to Portland and ultimately to Anchorage, AK. My family lived in Raleigh Hills when I was young and I attended Bridlemile Elementary for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades right when Drexler and company were making all their runs. I fell in the love with the Blazers and never looked back.

Now living and working in Colorado Springs with my wife and two dogs. We don't like it here and are looking for a way to move back to Portland. I'm an editor and she's a choir director/vocal performance teacher. If anybody knows of anything, let us know!!!

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Minnesota Twins
  • NBA Portland Trail Blazers
  • NFL Minnesota Vikings
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  • NCAAB Oregon Ducks
User Blog

Quick gets it right.


JQ saying things I have been thinking for awhile now. It's frustrating to see a team that is so capable of playing more consistently ... just not.

Aldridge's Unreal Season


Might be pointing out the obvious here. But check out LMA's monthly stats and compare to his season averages of years past. His November output of nearly 22/10 was already better than any full season he has had, and each month he has gotten better and better. In January he is averaging a ridiculous 27.4 point and 13.1 boards per night, and this while every team knows what's coming every night. He's not flashy, but so much respect for what he's doing this season.


Trade Drawer

I think we now have a better idea of which assets we want to trade (i.e. not Meyers), and which we want to hold on to. We all liked Robinson's potential when he arrived, but with this team in...


League pass on PS3?

I confess I am not the most technologically savvy. I learned last night I can watch NBA games through my PS3 via nba gametime and league pass broadband. Does anybody do this? Can you give a review?...


Worthless Observations from FanFest 2013.

Back before this site went nuclear, I used to post fan reaction/observation from away games. There is a lot more media coverage in general these days, and specifically to this site. But it's still...

MKG available?


Does this guy fill any of our needs? Could we get him for the #10 pick?

Why aren't we talking about this guy?


Tall, athletic, quickness, runs fast and jumps high, better defender and rebounder than offender (that doesn't sound right, but you get the point). Why isn't Lucas Nogueira getting more pub? Seems like one of those sneaky Brazilians who fly under the radar until some random team picks them up and they hit it big (Nene, Varejou ...). Thoughts?


Portland Beer Scene

Question to those of you who like drinking local beers ... I have been to a few places around town, but don't really have a good idea for where to go for the best local brews yet. I have a friend...


Portlandia Episode #3: Family Fun

Hello friends, For a quick recap on this series ... We're new to town, wanting to get to know all that Portland has to offer, looking for some suggestions. We've talked about the best breakfast...


Portlandia Episode #2: Burgers

Hello friends, For a quick recap on this series ... We're new to town, wanting to get to know all that Portland has to offer, looking for some suggestions. Last week we talked about the best b...


Portlandia Episode #1: Breakfast

Hello friends, Thought I'd take a break from all the free agent talk for a change. If you remember, I posted some months back that we were hoping to move to Portland and needed some advice on job...

Pick 'n' Roll

  1. Hire Sloan.
  2. Hire Nash.
  3. Draft Beal and Marshall.
  4. Spread the floor with Beal and Batum.
  5. Pick 'n' roll until the cows come home.

Trade Drawer: Blockbuster Edition

Okay here's my shot at how I would fix the Blazers, and help a couple of other teams out as well, including the hated L@kers: The trade: R...


What's the point?

Seriously, what's the point? As in, what's the point guard position supposed to look like going forward?


OT: Moving to Portland (need your help ...)

Hello all. My wife and I have toyed with the idea of moving to PDX for sometime now. Now that I am finally finishing up all my gradschooling, the time seems ripe for a move this summer. Ergo, we...

I shouldn't find this funny ... But I do.


Delonte West can't attend White House ceremony to meet the president because of his criminal record.


Just when I thought I was out ...

they pull me back IN (snarling and clenching fists)!

Battier to Miami


Could only help their title chances at this point. Too bad really--I always thought Battier was destined to play in San Antonio. Seems like they were made for each other, but it just never came to pass.

Most of the country thinks we'll beat Dallas.


Heck, nearly half of Texas does as well. Go Blazers!!!

Aziz N'Diaye


Anyone out there who watches a lot of Pac 10 hoops know anything about this guy? I noticed him just during Washington's two NCAA Tournament games. The thing that stand out: He's HUGE. 7 feet, 260 lbs., and built like a brick house. Moved really well, and appeared to have soft hands. His profile says this is his second year, but didn't play at all last year. Any additional thoughts on this guy from those who have seen him play? There were some positive comments about Robert Sacre from Gonzaga, but this guy appears to have way better NBA strength and athleticism. Just wondering ...


NCAA Tournament open thread

Morehead St. is about to take on Richmond in the Tourney. Kenneth Faried had 17 rebounds against Louisville, and looked good doing it. Flat out outworked everyone else on the floor, and has a motor...


Brandon Roy = Vinnie Johnson?

Just wondering what people are thinking of Brandon's role going forward. His effectiveness off the bench seems to be growing, and he's starting to remind me a little bit of Vinnie "the Microwave"...


Trades I would do right now.

The key word here is "possible", in that these are trades that I could actually see happening before the deadline as certain teams realize they won't make the playoffs and would instead prefer to...

John Hollinger that crazy cat ...


JH proposes a whopper of a trade proposal. Looks kinda fun to be honest. From this article:


Trade Drawer

I don't really care if the Blazers make a trade right now. I don't think they can really do anything to greatly improve the team this season. The only thing that will help this team in the long run...


Blazers starting to take on a "charmed" persona?

Let me get this out of the way. Knock on wood. Salt over the shoulder. And whatever other hex breakers you might think of. I know, I know, we're only 5 games into the season, but I am starting to...

Travis Outlaw


Watching Travis play Miami right now. He looks horribly lost out there. Kinda sad, actually. He's currently wearing a kind of awkward looking hairdo. Can't tell if he's trying to rock the mohawk, or if he just doesn't grow much hair on the side of his head. Can't believe we got Camby for him and Blake. What a trade that was.


Blazersedge apps?

Just got an iPod touch for my birthday. Anyone know how to create apps for these things? What needs to happen for us to be able to create a Blazersedge app?

Fab Oberto is available.


Why aren't we looking at this guy for the Center spot? Fab Oberto is reportedly still looking for work. Has been offered a 3-month deal in Turkey, but would rather stay in the NBA. Surely his veteran savvy would pay more dividends than DJ Mbenga?


Possible Pendergraph solution?

Forgive me if this has been discussed/mentioned elsewhere, but I am wondering if the team could release Pendergraph and sign him as an assistant coach? I assume the team is on the hook for his...

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