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I live in Idaho along the River of No Return (Salmon). I came from Cotopaxi, Colorado 6 years ago to fish for Steel Head, Hunt for Elk and Deer, and watch the Denver Broncos.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Colorado Rockies
  • NFL Denver Broncos
  • NCAAF Boise St. Broncos
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • NASCAR Carl Lewis and Tony Stewart
  • Boxing Marvin Hagler
User Blog

Von Miller Player Blog at Denver Broncos.com


He sounds excited for the season to begin and aknowledged wearing the orange jerseys at home and hopes to bring back the OrangeCrush...

Pioli says Chiefs have three good QBs, didn’t need to draft one


Pioli and Kevin Kietzman of WHB got a little testy with each other as Kietzman pressed Pioli about why the Chiefs couldn’t have traded up in the draft, with Pioli at one point asking, "Are you going to let me answer?" when he felt Kietzman was interrupting him, and Pioli zinging Kietzman with, "I hope you become general manager of the Denver Broncos" when Kietzman told Pioli that he would have traded the Chiefs’ entire draft to move up and take Andrew Luck first overall. Pioli doesn’t seem to like the relentless questions from some in Kansas City about whether the Chiefs can win with Cassel. Sounds like hounds are barking Pioli up s tree. O' the drama on the prairie...

Chiefs' Flowers 'not too worried about' Manning


"But I'm going out there saying if my man can't get open, he won't have no one to throw the ball to. So as long as I do my part, we're not too worried about Peyton Manning." Really Brandon? I think Pittsburgh's Ike Taylor was saying the same thing when Thomas whipped his ass!

Relevant Faith: Ramzee Robinson prays through the challenge of working in professional football


I know Ramzee has a long up-hill battle to even make the team ,but I sincerely hope he does...Go get 'em big guy.

Dawkins wants to return, but only for Broncos


This interview left me wondering if Klis even knows what the hell he doing!

Could Brandon Carr stay in the AFC West?


Denver Broncos: I thought Denver would be the favorite in the division to land Routt, but the Broncos reportedly never had any interest. Carr could pair nicely with the aging Champ Bailey for the short term. The Broncos could then have Carr take over as the No.1 cornerback if Bailey is eventually moved to safety. The Broncos have cap room and I could see them looking at Carr.

Here is the East West Shrine game roster for you viewing pleasure...


There are quite a few prospects to watch in this game, and just maybe one or more of them make it to our roster at the end of April.

Miller's production has slipped after injury


Has Von Miller's production slipped him out of the DROY?

Dareus set to make good on draft day statement


We'll see big boy. And, by the way, enjoy your career in the frozen north. Or at least until you become a free agent...

Rating refs touchy subject for NFL coaches


While the relationship between coach and referee is rarely pleasant, Mike Carey and Ed Hochuli, two of the most familiar referees, commanded the most positive votes in a recent survey, writes Mike Sando. Mike Carey and his crew will do the officiating honors Sunday in the Patriots vs Broncos in Denver.

Ground didn't cause fumble in Tebow play


Honestly, I thought the call should have been overturned at the time, but after reading this article Mike is right and I was dead wrong...Yeah, I admit it, so what? The ref's shouldn't be given a free pass just because they madea correct call Tebow' fumble, there were way too many other plays called or not called that need to be addressed by the NFL! It get's sickening watching the ref's week in and week out change the outcome of games or change momentum of it. I realize that nearly every infraction is a split second call-noncall, but when a novice (like me and others) can set here watching the game and make better decisions faster than these so-called professional officials, it waters down the integrity of the game... The ref's have always been a burr under my saddle of wisdom...

ESPN Sport Science uses Smartspeed to test Von Miller


Von Miller is an amazing athlete! I am so glad we have a front office that knows a little about talent and how to use them...

Broncos Ready for AFC West Showdown


"They will be very focused and very motivated," quarterback Tim Tebow added. "So we will have to go in and try to execute early. I want to try to take the crowd out of it and also get that momentum going early for us."

Q&A With Steve Tasker


The Special Teams player that deserves to be in the Hall...


"Inject a Little Ice Water in the Veins"!

In order to win games you better be very good or great at your position, and you better have ice water flowing through your veins. Worrying or fretting never let a player perform at his optimum...


"Joe Mays" Man in the Middle, or Middle Man?

"Crack" ...is the sound the Bison fans remember most about LBer Joe Mays during his playing year there at North Dakota State University. During his first year Joe played more to the crowd, trying...

Larry Fitzgerald will factor into Cardinals' quarterback decision


Brad Biuggs wrote a follow up of an original article from the Arizona Republis's columnist, Kent Somers. In the post Fitzgerald denies having any influence of who the Cardinals get to throw the ball his way...My take on this story is that he does have an impact of who they get, he is the premier wide receiver in the league if you haven't noticed. It may be a true fact that Larry hasn't had any communication with his coaches since the lockout began, but there are ways of communicating without really breaking the rules. Let me put it this way, if a team wants to get a message to a player there is a way to get it to him. Say for instance the GM has a friend (not affiliated with the team) of a friend 9that knows Larry) and the GM told the first friend to tell the second friend to tell Fitzgerald to practice with the guy you want to be our new quarterback. Larry Fitzgerald in turn has a media published workout with Kyle Orton. The GM confers with his head coach and they both return the message (received...It's done)...I could see this kind of thing happening all around the league with teams getting the word out to players on certain issues...Can't you?

Brian Dawkins knows a pay cut may loom with Broncos


BDawk knew all along that this would happen...He's going to be a Bronco this year! Yah...

Two More Weeks?!? WTF.....


I'm getting more and ,more disgusted with the labor dispute!

Interview with John Fox today on 850KOA


Just another "normal jargon" with the Fox...

Kyle Orton may be the right fit for Arizona Cardinals


"I want Orton," Sports 620 KTAR's Doug Franz said on Doug and Wolf. "I want Orton based on the price. If I have to give up a first round pick for Kolb when I could probably get Orton for a third rounder, I'm taking Orton."

Xanders on Free Agency


I found this quote by Xanders very interesting and might give us some light on what we can expect when Free Agency starts... What was interesting was having the draft before free agency, which changed the specific team needs. For example, if we draft three linebackers and we feel good about our group of nine linebackers for camp, it wouldn’t make sense to go out and sign a big-time money free agent at linebacker.

Tight end Julius Thomas joins Broncos player workouts


Way to go Mike Klis...the double-stroke back-peddle...Nice man! Because of their confidence in Thomas, the Broncos are unlikely to pursue a front-line tight end in free agency. Read more: Tight end Julius Thomas joins Broncos player workouts - The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/sports/ci_18370227#ixzz1QbtpJmTr Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content: http://www.denverpost.com/termsofuse

2011 Denver Broncos' 53-Man Roster: The Comprehensive Guide


James Brooks III gives you a comprehensive guide to the Denver Broncos 53 man roster...

Optimistic Kraft: 'A lot of hard work' left before NFL reaches labor deal


"I think we're getting close to having to put this thing to bed so we don't miss any events," Kraft said at a team charity event, via the Boston Herald.Patriots owner Robert Kraft, left, with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "I know that's the intent on both sides. It would be misleading to say anything that would not make it crystal clear that there's still a lot of hard work to be done.

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