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With the past draft and the news that we have in fact signed the #4 international amateur Gilbert Lara See linkWe have a pretty decent pool of prospects similar to what we had (at least talent and...


2013 season

With Greinke traded, and the bullpen setting Guinness Book of World Records, I feel we proabaly can throw in the towel on 2012. I know it's not even August yet, but sans Greinke and apparently...


A review of the Braun-Fielder years

Watching Brett Lawrie play this series, and having watched Alcides Escobar in the one before last, made me wonder what the team would be like if we didn't make the trades. But then something...


Should Haley and Capuano get automatic suspensions as well?

I know Godard and Bylsma will receive automatic suspensions and fines.  Godard left the players' bench to engage in a fight.  Now Haley left the penalty box 'bench' in a sense -- that where he was...



It took about 3 1/2 minutes from the official declaration of goal until the handshake tonight.  Good thing for the Blackhawks that it wasn't the Red Wings they were playing or Lidstrom, et al would...


Cap and FA thoughts/questions

With the salary cap essentially staying the same, we know where the Penguins sit.  And we have about 6-8 slots on the roster to fill with about #12-14 millions (depending on plans for Tangradi,...

Gallrdo signs 5 year deal


Didn't see this posted yet. That's Braun and Gallardo locked up. Now we need to get Fielder on board.


The Other 'Thank You' list

OK, we've read the major storylines about the Pens and the Cup this year, and I've read a lot about Marian Hossa and how his decision last year affected many things, and how we have him to thank...

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