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Hardy Most Undervalued Panther

Undervalued 1. Greg Hardy, Defensive End After a solid rookie year, followed by a sophomore slump, Greg Hardy established himself at defensive end as a double threat for the Panthers. His Run Stop Percentage of 8.6% was fourth-best for 4-3 defensive ends, and his Pass Rushing Productivity of 10.8 was fifth at the position. Not bad for a sixth-round pick. 2012 Cap Hit: $570k 2012 Performance Based Value: $7.4m Value Differential: +$6.8m


Brandon LaFell - How he stacks up as a #2 WR.

I just did an exhaustive study of the #2 WRs on all the 32 teams in the league. They're placed here in the order of their team's #1 WR. That is, since Reggie Wayne's 84 catches lead the league,...


"If you go for it, and fail..."

"If you go for it and fail..." That’s the negative thinking that so many coaches fall back on, which prevents them from trying a gamble that should pay off. I rather like the other option,...

The Most Elusive Backfield in the NFL

Our friends at PFF have just compiled their list of the best, and worst, RBs in the league, in terms of "Elusiveness," their term for broken tackles and yards gained after first contact. They've done this annually before, but this is for the last three years, cumulatively. Of the Top 15, for the last 3 years, it's with great pride that I see that #1 is Jonathan Stewart, #9 is DeAngelo Williams, and #15 is Mike Tolbert. If you're going to run a backfield "by committee," what better group than this? I'd publish this as a FanPost, in hopes of getting a better viewership than these FanShots receive, but hope those of you who look at the FanShots appreciate the importance of having 3 such effective, powerful, and elusive RBs. The comment is made that Thomas Jones "should be used as a calibration tool for offensive lines, because he will get you exactly what is there from the blocking in front of him and no more." Hardly the case with our guys. "God bless the child, who's got his own."

Greg Hardy - "Secret Superstar"

Nice, even-handed summary of Hardy's career thus far, describing his accomplishments and his inconsistencies. PFF's summary: "If he can only avoid hitting the wall he struck late last season and find that elusive balance between run defense and pass rush, he is primed to explode as a superstar defensive end, not only in his division, but league wide."

Gregg Williams Bounty speech, before last game vs SF (audio)

There go the Saints' appeals, out the window. Their heads are now "running sideways."

Jonathan Stewart: the Most Elusive Back in the NFL

Not the first time he's gotten this accolade. PFF uses a complex formula of Missed Tackles, and Yds After Contact, to rank NFL rushers. This excerpt says a lot: perhaps the most impressive mark was from Jonathan Stewart of the Panthers. Stewart only carried the ball 142 times (less than half of the carries of some of the players ahead of him, but he forced 32 missed tackles as a runner and added another 20 on his receptions for a total of 52. The Panthers have brought in Mike Tolbert in free agency this year to potentially replace Stewart if they can’t lock him down long-term, but they may not fully appreciate exactly how capable he is of making plays independent of the blocking in front of him. If Stewart makes it to the open market next offseason, he may not be in line for big money given the way running backs are viewed in today’s league, but he will make a huge impact wherever he ends up.


GREG HARDY - Dispelling Myths about the DL

This will be a long post, full of raw data, but I've spent many hours grading game film, so that several incorrect assumptions about our DL personnel could be clarified. As I promised, on this...


10 Best Panther Plays of 2011 - you rate them...

Admittedly, this is MY list of the Best 10 Plays of 2011; there may be others that some might feel deserve inclusion, but I narrowed it down subjectively, as best I could. For me, it was tough not...


A very special play by Andre Neblett.

In yesterday's game, most observers were probably aware of the great individual effort Neblett made, in blasting up the middle, and getting an early sack on Josh Freeman. And most saw the vicious...


Brandon LaFell among NFL leading WRs in catch % of targeted throws

I'd added this to the bottom of comments about LaFell as our #2 WR, but nobody reads an old post about to drop off the FP, so... h...

Panthers 3rd worst in NFL at Missing Tackles

Interesting article from ProFootballFocus, which compares the 32 NFL teams as to who's missing the most tackles. We all know the Panthers have whiffed a lot, but here's how they put the numbers to it. See their list at the bottom of the linked article. Missed tackles, for some unexplained reason, are up league-wide, from last year (9.89% of all attempted tackles have been missed this year, up from 9.37% - that's a 5.5% increase, BTW). Lack of training camp, I guess. But with the Panthers missing 12.46% of attempted tackles, we rank 3rd worst, behind only Tampa Bay and Philly. It's so basic, but this is why we can't hold the leads we've so often had, late in games. How to fix it? I don't know. I'm not a Defensive Coordinator or position coach. But if I were paid to be one, I'd read this and fear for my job.

Jonathan Stewart: the Most Elusive Back in the NFL

Once again ProFootballFocus names the top 15 elusive backs, and the 15 worst, in the league. Once again, as last year, JStew is at the top of the list.


Is James Anderson the new Thomas Davis?

Much talk has been made over the last few years, extolling the talents of Thomas Davis, and how he was playing at an All-Pro status as a Panther LB, before going down with the first of two...

Naanee "not getting it done," per PFF

In today's Stat Snapshot from ProFootballFocus, Legedu Naanee comes up 3rd worst in the league, among WRs, in Yards per Route Run - averaging a mere .069 yards per. If you scan the entire article, you'll see that Steve Smith ranks #7 on the list, and that Jeremy Shockey is #6 among TEs. Some of the other names from around the league may surprise you (Jeff King currently at #1 among TEs, perhaps, or Zach Miller, Brent Celek and Antonio Gates as the worst 3 TE, according to that measurement.) As PFF correctly states, this is not a definitive measurement of a player's value, only a "piece of information," but, as they also say, "some players are getting it done, and others aren't."

Newton 8th most accurate QB in Wk 1

Per this PFF article, Cam Newton ranked 8th most accurate QB, last week. You'll note they compute their %s by adding dropped passes as if they were completed, thereby measuring just how many times a QB was on target. Counting the 5 drops he suffered, as if they were completed (the assumption is that it's no fault of his they weren't), he comes up with 29 completions,of 37 pass attempts, for an adjusted "completion" % of 78.4. So much for criticisms of his accuracy, huh? The link above shows the Top 10 QBs, by adjusted completion %, and the Bottom 10, too.

GREG HARDY called NFC South Breakout Player of 2011

The 4 ProFootballFocus staff writers were asked to name their breakout player for each Division. 2 of the 4 named Greg Hardy. Also in this article, you'll find positive comments on James Anderson, as another possibility, and Cam Newton, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, and Eric Norwood also get a mention.


In the Green: The Best of CSR 2 wks ending 6/30/11

The top Rec'd comments on CSR the past two weeks

Great video interview with new RB coach, John Settle, featuring an understandable breakdown of...

Great video interview with new RB coach, John Settle, featuring an understandable breakdown of blocking assignments on a power running play. And while we're at it, here's the article on his successful background. Looks like he's a real find as an AC.

Rosario better blocker than King?

According to our good friends at ProFootballFocus, Jeff King ranked near the bottom of all TEs in blocking efficiency. What surprised me was that Dante Rosario ranked near the top, for TEs over the last 3 years. Perhaps this will end the apparently mistaken assumption that King is the superior blocker. If the new coaching staff agrees with these stats (as subjective as they may be, as with all things PFF), then King's days here may well be numbered.


In the Green: The Best of CSR 2 wks ending 6/15/11

Here's the latest installment of the Best of the Best (5 Recs minimum) from the latest 2 weeks' postings. I've not included those posts associated with the Panthers All-Time Greats, as these were...


In the Green: The Best of CSR 2 wks ending 5/31/11

In the the green: the top 'Rec'd comments for the past two weeks on CSR


In the Green: The Best of CSR w/e 5/15

Not many posts with 5 Recs this past week - but what there were were 'cherce',


In the Green: The Best of CSR w/e 5/8/11

Our second week of the Best of the Best, to emphasize the popularity of those posts, from the past 7 days, that were turned green from receiving at least 5 Recs. By the way, if I missed any that...


In the Green: The Best of CSR w/e 5/1/11

Guys and gals, this is a trial balloon that I'm flying here.Whether it becomes a regular feature will depend on your reactions, and those of the Editorial Staff. What I've done is scan each FanPost...

Greatest Sports Memories

This is entirely unrelated to the Panthers, and for that, I hope you'll forgive me, as I'm normally against that kind of thing. But it thrilled me so much, I wanted to share it with all of you. Many of you may not recognize all the faces, or the situations, as I do, but that won't matter - the ecstasies you'll share will overcome that. It is "the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat" and "where are they now?", all topped by one of the great all-time songs. I know FanShots don't get much attention, but I hope this gets seen. Take 6+ minutes from your Draft debates, and...enjoy.


Blitzing from the Backfield - Get ready for it!

Saw an interesting article from ProFootballFocus. They charted and rated 49 DBs who rushed the QB at least 30 times last year.  Then they added up all their resultant sacks, hits, and pressures...

Mike Goodson more elusive than Adrian Peterson?

From ProFootballFocus (I rec you read the whole article) One reason why the Panthers can afford to let DeAngelo Williams explore free agency is the excellent play of Mike Goodson. Goodson has always looked like a dynamic player in very limited playing time, but in an expanded role this season he excelled, doing enough to rank 5th in the ER with a score of 54.4. Goodson has clear flaws in his game (pass protection being the major one), but the same thing was said about Fred Jackson, and he has quietly developed into one of the league’s better all-around backs. In 2011 without Williams, the Panthers would have Jonathan Stewart (himself ranking 8th this season) as their lead back, but Goodson would provide a more than capable, and very dangerous, change of pace option behind him. Elusive Rating, Top 10 Player Team Att. Yds YCo YCo / Att. MT Rec. Rec.MT Elusive Rating LeGarrette Blount TB 201 1007 739 3.7 50 5 0 89.8 Fred Jackson BUF 222 939 646 2.9 42 31 9 58.5 Ryan Torain WAS 164 744 536 3.3 28 18 4 58.0 Darren McFadden OAK 222 1157 766 3.5 30 47 12 54.6 Mike Goodson CAR 103 439 288 2.8 18 36 9 54.4 Marshawn Lynch SEA 165 573 440 2.7 30 21 7 53.7 Adrian L. Peterson MIN 283 1298 877 3.1 46 36 7 51.5 Jonathan Stewart CAR 178 770 484 2.7 30 8 4 49.4 Mewelde Moore PIT 33 99 96 2.9 4 26 6 49.2 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG 276 1239 829 3.0 42 47 8 46.4

Rivera promises Clausen 1 thing: "the opportunity to compete"

From page 2 of the Chicago Tribune article: "The search is on for a franchise quarterback, and Rivera promises Jimmy Clausen, the former Notre Dame star, one thing: "There are absolutely no promises but the opportunity to compete."


Making a Case to Start Panthers Greg Hardy

One fan makes a case for DE Greg Hardy to start

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