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2013 TC Over/Under In Review

To review, this post was where we established the preseason Over/Under...here's the list if you're not a fan of clicking links. Over/Under (final true tally in parentheses) McCann GS at...


The "ZOMG we needz relieverz" rosterbation post

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your first rosterbation post of the regular season, 2013: The Braves currently have a number of relievers on the DL, two of whom are friending Dr. James...


Talking Chop Over/Under 2013 edition!

This was a lot of fun to write up for 2012, and hopefully it was as fun for everyone to participate in. The wrap up to last year's edition can be found here. Without further ado, let's get to it!...


Rosterbating with a mouse? Spring training rosterbation

Now that pitchers and catchers are at Disney, and Mickey is teaching Cristhian Martinez the gloved forkball, we're back to talking about players who are actually playing the game we all love. T...


OT: Fantasy Baseball Rankings Series, Starting Pitching

This is the last of the fantasy rankings series. I'm going to post the rankings and then come back and fill in the write-ups after the Super Bowl as I'm not going to use my time with my nephews to...


OT: Fantasy Baseball Rankings Series, Relief Pitchers

This is a controversial position, some fantasy players paying heavy for "proven" closers, some avoiding drafting closers altogether, assuming they'll get all the saves they need from the waiver...


OT: Fantasy Baseball Position Rankings, Outfield

Okay, this is the creme de la creme, the top, the absolute best. The title that used to be bestowed upon first base where you can basically take anyone in the top 15 and get one of the best of the...


OT: Fantasy Based Rankings Series, Shortstop

Shortstop: 1. Troy Tulowitzki - Every other year, Tulo gets 600 PA. When he gets those 600 PA, he puts up 30 homers, 90+ RBI, double digit steals, and the good average he has every season. While...


OT: Fantasy Baseball Rankings Series, Third Base

I mentioned in the 1B thread that first base is no longer THE elite fantasy position. This is one of them... Third Base 1. Miguel Cabrera - The joke all offseason was how playing 3B would hinder...


OT: Fantasy Baseball Rankings Series, Second Base

Second Base 1. Robinson Cano - Cano is absolutely the cream of the crop at the position and an easy first round pick. He has hit over .300 with 25 home runs, and 100 runs in every one of the last...


OT: Fantasy Baseball Rankings Series, First Base/DH

As does every position, first base is undergoing a bit of a face lift. The old guard that was top of the rankings for years have aged ungracefully (Teixeira) or moved to another position (Miguel...


OT (sort of): Fantasy baseball rankings series, Catcher

I put these out last season, and I thought it'd be time to get them going again this year. We'll do one of these each day through next Sunday, starting with Catcher. Before we start, a few basic...


Rosterbation resolutions for 2013!

via www.mtrmedia.com Welcome to 2013!! Now that the roster is fairly set, the only real question left is 3B/LF. Will the Braves pursue a guy outside the organization to fill that role,...


2012 Talking Chop Over/Under - Final Results!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend. I have finally had the chance to tally the final scores for the preseason over/under game. Below are the categories with the final...

Heyward wins the team's first postseason hardware


Congratulations to Jason Heyward, the Fielding Bible Award winner for RF in all of baseball! The only other Brave award winner in the award's short (since 2006) history was Andruw Jones in 2007.


4/7 Rosterbating wins = 1 World Series?

We've got one team decided for the World Series, and the Giants need a miracle to turn the tides in the NLCS, so it's time to do some World Series world class rosterbation. Let's start with a...

Cabrera removes himself from NL batting title


Melky actually did the right thing. We rip on him plenty, but good on him for doing this.

Big Fat Bartolo Colon PED suspension


Stole Johan's 3rd Cy Young, disappeared, and then reappeared with the Yanks last year. Now we know why he was suddenly pitching well again...

A true 2012 half-season All-Star lineup


I've made it very clear how little I enjoy the current All-Star fiasco, with it's terrible attempt to mix popularity and half-season performance to create a roster that's as likely to have Brian LaHair facing Jim Johnson to decide the game as it is to have Albert Pujols facing Cliff Lee. Oh, wait, that latter matchup can't actually happen in 2012. Yet another reason to not watch the idiocy that is the game. The Futures Game, heck yes, even though they snubbed a few guys every prospector would love to see, but the All-Star game would have to pay me to come watch it in person to get me to watch it again. That said, I was intrigued by who the "true" half season All-Stars would be, so I checked it out via FanGraphs' WAR system for each position in both leagues (those with a * have over a full WAR lead on their closest competitor): National League C - Carlos Ruiz 1B - Joey Votto* (biggest position discrepancy in all of baseball!) 2B - Aaron Hill 3B - David Wright* SS - Ian Desmond/Jed Lowrie (tied) OF - Michael Bourn, Ryan Braun, Martin Prado SP - Zack Greinke RP - Aroldis Chapman/Craig Kimbrel (tied) AL C - Joe Mauer 1B - Edwin Encarnacion 2B - Robinson Cano* 3B - Brett Lawrie/Adrian Beltre (tie) SS - Elvis Andrus OF - Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton, Austin Jackson SP - Justin Verlander RP - Joe Nathan


Pitch me a towel to clean up my rosterbation

The Braves are now short the ERA leader in MLB until at least mid-season 2013. Everyone panic and make moves for pitchers!! You want Dempster/Garza? Go for it! King Felix? Absolutely! Greinke?...


Premature Rosterbation - Looking ahead to 2013

So, I am a realist, as in I like to get deep into research and present scenarios that are realistic and possible. In viewing the trading deadline and what could transpire, I was very interested in...


Spoiling yet another anti-Chipper argument

So, Mr. Jones has decided 2012 will be his last wearing the Tomahawk across his chest. While Braves fans are waxing poetic about his loss to the organization, many fans of opponents are making...


TC over/under contest - Updated

I've done this with another message board before, so I thought it'd be great to do it here. Make your picks and at the end of the season we'll track who has the best numbers. To play, simply state...


Post/rank your fantasy team!

We're going to see plenty of fantasy team posts. To clean it up, post your team here, but be ready that others may be more than willing to evaluate/rate your team. My first 4 auctions below the...


OT (kindof): 2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

These are my 2012 rankings by position. Feel free to ask any questioning you may have about the order folks are listed in. I have all players according to preseason ESPN fantasy positional...


Braves 2012 - Who we've already got, the infield

Part two of the batch is a review of our infielders.


2012 Braves - Who we've already got - catchers

I've promised this long ago, so I thought it was time to finally live up to the promise! We'll start first with a review of the Braves we currently have in house for 2012. I'll start with...

My observations on a couple games in Wrigley


First, before anything else, Wrigley reeks baseball. I felt at home as a baseball fan just walking into the ballpark. I did not take in a game from the bleachers, but I did get two vantage points, and the stadium is great for it's view lines. I spent under $75 for two tickets to todays game, and I had an AMAZING view (I have pics, but it will take ages to get them all downloaded from the camera) right behind home plate. Next, my observations of the games: - Arodys looks FILTHY in person. Fans around me were constantly saying "Wow!" while he pitched - Speaking of wow's, Beachy's off-speed stuff had a similar effect today. - Heyward is hitting the ball on the best part of the bat, but he had some strong "at 'em" balls the last couple of days. He had a solid (though not quite all the way back) approach in the games. - I LOVE Uggla's heart. After his struggles last night and an earlier drop on a tough pop-up that he could have gotten, he was visibly upset that he couldn't make up for it on a perfectly timed, but not perfectly angled jump for a liner in today's game. He walked to the pitcher (I honestly forget if Beacy was still out there or not) and the fans around me assumed he apologized...yet the play would have finished Sportscenter tonight had he made it. He was also just about to jump out of his uniform on Brian's first-inning homer today he was so excited for the team. He may not do it pretty, but I think Uggla will bring a lot to the Braves for their price paid. I could go on a while, and I may reply with some others, but I just wanted to share these.


The Braves top 50

I thought I'd have fun doing some research on numbers in Braves history, but not the numbers you're probably thinking of.  I wanted to seek who wore different uniform numbers of significance in the...

Who are the best you've ever seen


Throwaway link, but I'm curious what everyone thinks is the best player at each position they've seen in their lifetime. Include the year you were born (or the year you started watching baseball). 1979 was my year of birth, and this would be my roster: C - Ivan Rodriguez 1B - Albert Pujols 2B - Roberto Alomar (toughest position for me between Alomar and Ryne Sandberg) 3B - Chipper Jones SS - Cal Ripken LF - Barry Bonds CF - Kirby Puckett RF - Vladimir Guerrero Rotation - Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Nolan Ryan Reliever - Mariano Rivera

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