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I see what you did there

From 82games: Minnesota '11-12 Production by Position Position FGA eFG% FTA iFG Reb Ast T/O Blk PF Pts PER* PG 16.3 .448 4.3 24% 5.3 10.7 4.3 0.2 3.2 18.1 15.0 SG 13.3 .470 2.8 18% 5.1 3.3 ...


Central Dogma

Wes Johnson...Michael Beasley... Derrick Williams... Anthony Randolph... 8' 10".....           8' 11".....                9' 0".....                  9' 1".... 7' 1".....             7'...


How they ranked last year

We all know a lot has been made about Ponder going too high. Personally I really like the pick, as if you watched some of the Gruden videos on four letter interviewing the QB prospects you'll...

Barcelona bad for Rubio?


Now that I've got you hooked, this is a nice 10.5 minute documentary on Rubio. Got to wondering while watching it if part of Ricky's recent (allegedly) willingness to come over is because he's frustrated with his development in Barcelona. Seems like he kept moving along until he reached Barca - then he became just another guy on JCN's team. The Twolves, what with their 30+ mpg and desperate need for a ball handler and creator of Rubio's ilk and willingness to feature him, might suddenly look far more appealing to RR.


The right choice? - or a long post on roster construction

Given how much we pined for Evan Turner for much of last year, it's been interesting to watch what's been going on in Philly this year, especially within the context of our own all to familiar...


Losing and Age

I'm posting this as a Fanpost simply so it doesn't get lost in Fanshot purgatory as I think it's incredibly important for context regarding this team. Tom Ziller has written an excellent post,...

Graphical Team History


Check this little visualization out. It shows every player to ever play for a team, who they played with, when they were an All-Star, as well as playoff/championships. It's kind of fun to compare the Wolves with, say, the Lakers or Spurs. Basically good teams have a lot of relatively closely spaced long 'bars', and bad teams (like ours) have lots and lots of turnover.

After the Detroit game I think Luke was saying that it’s just nice to have some pick-and-roll to run once in a while.


Kevin Love: Yeah that was great. Luke and I were talking after the game that we should just run that a lot. If we need to get things going, especially in those third and fourth quarters when we have droughts, I think that that’s something that could be deadly for us. And I think [that's true] with me and Mike and I too, once we figure out how to run that pick and roll.


What would a team built around Love need to look like?

Kevin Wesley Love is playing absolutely amazing basketball right now. In fact, he may be playing himself into being untradeable. Since 2005, here's a list of players in their first three years who...

Twolves on TrueHoop


"Every moment of clarity is tempered by a dilemma; every solution is balanced by some new puzzle. Love is a strange synthesis of the romanticized, blue-collar banger and the new-school, finesse European big man. Beasley radiates a goofy joy that both animates and confuses his play. Darko is a quixotic riddle, a symbol both of unbounded possibility and of crushing disappointment. Corey Brewer’s enthusiasm and gangly limbs charm while his manic unpredictability baffles. I could go on. So what fascinates about the Timberwolves is the tension between dreamy aspiration and the awkward, often unlovely process of coming into being."

The road to Darko's awesomeness...

8 paved with offensive efficiency. Check out the per36 numbers and advanced stats between Darko and Marc Gasol. They are nearly identical with one big, huge, super obvious and notable exception: Marc Gasol - .646 TS% Darko Milici - .462 TS% Marc Gasol's efficiency allows his team one huge advantage over Darko, and that is that he requires fewer shots/touches to make his presence felt. This is the next step Darko needs to take in his development - score the same number of points per game but with a lower usage rate.


Morning Fun - comparing Love and Amare

From the always enjoyable Bleacher Report - an analysis of Kevin Love. The opening salvo: During the recent contest in Los Angeles between the Lakers and Clippers, commentator Ralph Lawler...


Already better than last year

I'm a big believer in scoring differential. Over time there is no better predictor of future wins (or losses) than scoring differential. The problem with using it to understand a team in real time...


It's a four man game

Sorry for yet another post - I know I've put up a bunch of stuff over the last 24 hours. I'm not trying to bore you all or needlessly take up your time, it's just that there's a number of things...


Talking of trades, what are our assets?

There's been a lot of trade chatter lately, given Darko's absence last night, Tolliver's injury, as well as Pek, Webster, and Flynn being out lately. Furthermore, there's the Iggy option (which I...


Visualizing assists

Have y'all seen this? Pretty interesting tool from Hoopism. The only downside for us is that the data is all from last year, so it's kind of hard to draw much from it because we have so few guys...


Iggy market

Thought this was interesting. Essentially the rumors that Iggy is being shopped are starting up in Philly. This one points to Cleveland, with picks being sent back in return. Sounds like Philly...


DMC and the Dark One

Just thought I'd post this after the Kings loss to the Lakers. In two games versus the Lakers (numbers are two game combined total): DMC - 47 minutes, 20 points (.426 ppm), 12 rebounds, 1 assist, 1...


A necessary rant

I didn't get to watch the game tonight (I was working), and I haven't read any reviews yet (so I don't know what happened), but I did catch some score updates on my phone and thus was planted the...


Artest on Beasley

From the excellent A Wolf Among Wolves: Michael Beasley has been hot the past few games and his sweet spots are obviously around the elbows. I noticed that you… “He’s gotta get another sweet spot. ...

Beasley now a top 5 scorer in the NBA


Per minute, Beasley only ranks behind Kobe, Kevin Martin, Monta Ellis, and KD. I'm sure it will go down over time, but again continuing my campaign to add context to what we're seeing - dude's scoring quite well compared to his peers. At some point the conversation needs to begin turning to how everyone else is finding/adapting/embracing their roles. I'm looking at you, Darko, Wes, Corey, and the PGs.

Theus on Beasley (from AWAW)

I know you’ve [Theus] been working with Beasley a lot. Can you talk about the way you’ve seen his game change in the past few weeks since he’s started to become more successful? We talk about straight lines. I saw him as a guy coming in here that shot a lot of off-balance shots. We talked about how a game develops over the course of your career, the differences between an older veteran and a young player. The biggest difference is wasted motion. I said, "Right now you’ve got a lot of wasted motion [even though] it looks good." And I used myself as an example. I was less flashy but more productive as I got even into my thirties because of the wasted motion. I was telling him that he does a lot of things that are off-balance, so we talked about straight lines. Drive in a straight line, get your shot in a straight line. We talk about not snapping his arm back, and getting a full extension of his arm [on his jumper]. He’s worked very hard at trying to fit into this system and play within a concept and really find his niche. Because in the beginning of the season we didn’t really know if we had a go-to guy. And that’s something that’s not given, it’s earned. And he’s earned that.

Top ten duos in the NBA

Over the past six games, Kevin Love and Michael Beasley have been the best thing this franchise has seen since KG, Cassell, and Spree first stepped out on the court together. That got me thinking -...


It's not "How is this not us in 2 years?", but rather...

...but rather, "Welcome to the realities of building a championship roster in the NBA." And what exactly am I talking about (hat tip to TrueHoop for originally posting this)? This was one of those...


The Wolves plan, in pictures

This post is a reposting of a comment I made here. It is my response to the following quote from NorthDakotaTwinsFan. Enjoy!


Epic Love hate

This is ridiculous. Thank you Bleacher Report. Essentially the author argues that Love's 30-30 night deserves an asterisk because D'Antoni used stupid rotations and Love weighs more than other...

SG trade target


Well, here's a name I didn't think would be available. What do y'all think? We got some nice future first rounders that might be appealing to NO. "You wouldn't have expected to see [Marcus] Thornton's name on this list. Not after the second-rounder averaged 14.5 points per game last season as one of the league's breakout rookies. But Thornton is averaging just 14.8 minutes under new Hornets coach Monty Williams. He's not playing poorly, mind you, but playing time continues to be scarce thanks to three recent additions to the Hornets' backcourt: Marco Belinelli, Willie Green and Jerryd Bayless. Thornton, it appears, is the odd man out. The Hornets aren't eager to part with the 23-year-old, but word is they are prepared to do so if a suitable offer materializes. One problem, though, is that Thornton on his own can't bring much back in return since he's making only $762,195 this season. The flip side: Thornton will undoubtedly appeal to several teams because he produced like a starter as a rook and costs so little." The details - he's young (just 23), isn't necessarily an iso guy but very good at a lot of things (says DX), and per BBall-Ref is basically producing this year exactly what he did last year - he's just not getting the same minutes. He is shooting fewer threes and taking fewer free throws this year, despite his identical 17 shots per 36. So what say y'all? Who's watched the Hornets? What's the dish on this guy? Worth exploring as a SG option, or simply not good enough above and beyond what we already have?

Word is that handling rookie forward DeMarcus Cousins is proving to be an even bigger job for coach...


Word is that handling rookie forward DeMarcus Cousins is proving to be an even bigger job for coach Paul Westphal and his staff than expected, even after the Kings hired Cousins' high school coach (Otis Hughley) in hopes of keeping the 20-year-old -- freshly relegated to a bench role -- plugged in. One source close to the situation told that Cousins was fined recently for clashing with members of Westphal's staff. I've also been advised that it's not one-and-done as far as such clashes go, which has created a level of tension that -- anticipated or not -- obviously isn't what the Kings need when they're already operating at such an experience deficit on top of their serious defensive frailties. No one doubts the potential possessed by the Kings' precocious tag team of Cousins and Tyreke Evans. But as one veteran scout warned me during summer league in Las Vegas, when tales and hints of Cousins' volatility and immaturity spread quickly: "It's always risky to have two young divas on the same team."



From the man with countless 'close personal friends' and a rep for getting his facts straight, a vodcast. "Sid is sick and tired of certain sports media outlets publishing stories without getting the facts straight and naming their sources."


Because I wish there was more to talk about

I just rediscovered's +/- stat thing. It has some interesting results, or maybe not that interesting. For example, our best duo's are: Beasley and Tolliver, +17 in 37 minutes Love and Wes,...

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