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Winning > Losing

Apologies for the maybe mildly condescending post title, but given some of the reactions to yesterday's win, it seems like there might be a few people around who don't realize this. I'm going to...



The preseason doesn't matter. Like, at all.


Juan Castillo and the 2011 Eagles, Part I: Uh-Oh.

This is basically a book. It's gonna be two posts; most of my thoughts about the team right now are gonna be in the second one after I finish the recap. I've gotta get some stuff out. Deal with...

ESPN's Insider Scouts Inc preview...


For those of you who don't have Insider, here's my favorite, verbatim and sic: 5. Matchup to watch: Atlanta OT Jason Peters vs. Philadelphia DE Trent Cole: The Eagles are excellent at pressuring the quarterback, and Cole has been the leader in that category over the past two seasons. He has explosive quickness and deceptive power coming off the edge. Peters has outstanding size and athleticism for the tackle position and utilizes consistent technique to keep his opponent at bay. Look for this battle on the edge to be extremely intense between to athletes use to performing at a high level. Wow, guys. Wow.

Rocca to the Redskins


The biggest blunder the Eagles made all FA culminates in this moment. it's going to be rough to see him punt 25 times against us this year. /s


One More about Kolb/Vick...

Then I promise I won't mention Kolb anymore if he gets traded once the league year starts. I haven't been around too much lately, so people haven't had to deal with my often-contrarian BS, but I...

Randy Moss


If the FO gets a chance to sign Randy Moss for the league minimum or close to it, do you do that deal?


What if we ACTUALLY traded Vick?

I  have been reading a lot of these offseason wish-list posts the last few days, mostly because there have been a lot of them.   A lot of them include some really cringe-worthy stuff, some of them...


X360 BGNChise Reminders/Rule Changes EDITED 9/5, late

Play your games everybody.  Today, or tomorrow.


XBox Madden League (UPDATED 8/29, 1pm)

The other thread got a little crazy, with some debates about some stuff that isn't really relevant to setting up a Madden league.  So, in this one, if you're interested in setting up an Xbox 360...


Regarding Hank Baskett

So, I've noticed that Hank gets an awful lot of hate from this blog (and others, but it seems like even more here).  And I just wanted to ask, sincerely, why?  I don't understand how everyone...


Eagles Memory: My First Game

Alright, so I'm writing this knowing I don't really have a snowball's chance against that really moving first story that got posted, but I think it's an experience that deserves retelling.  For the...


Birds Suffer Second Worst Overall Rating Dropoff in Madden 11

Today, I'm making my first fanpost; it falls firmly in the category of "totally irrelevant, but arguably worth mentioning since it's the offseason and news is sloooooooow." The Overall Team ratings...

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