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I love a good debate, and enjoy playing devils advocate at times if needed. I get a good laugh from those who vent, but prefer to see reason win out as it makes it all the more sweeter in the end…. Unless I was the idiot lol.

Big Panther’s fan since I learn we were getting a team. I was stoked when Bob Christian scored our first Touchdown diving in a preseason game diving to the end zone. Panthers are and will forever be my team

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Charlotte Bobcats
  • NFL Carolina Panthers
  • NCAAB North Carolina Tar Heels
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
  • NASCAR Dale Jr.
  • MMA Forrest Griffin and Machda
  • Boxing George Forman all down hill after him.
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Cam Newton’s greatness is being overshadowed by a lot of needless criticism


Frank Schwab for Yahoo's Shutdown Corner shows that at least one NFL annalist is saying what we fans have been for the last few months, and also wonders just what is up with all the Cam Hate.

If you do not want to laugh, be mindlessly entertained, or if you fail to pay dues...do not watch this.


If you're looking for the next hot prospect in the draft, it is not this link. Nor will you find anything remotely pertaining to football. Oh ya... number 15 sort reminds of a certian CSR editor... p.s. when said editor figures it out "It puts the banhammer in the bucket!"


Steve Smith sees the end coming

Steve Smith's Interview, for the Panthers website was a quiet one by his standards. The title "Steve Smith: Hard lessons learned in 2012." could have well struck on a name for his biography "Hard...

Cam face to face with Hannah Storm.


Cam speaks on doubts, Ray Lewis and the way he helped made him mature, aswell as how his boyhood idol affects his persona. ;-( They grow up so fast. sniff sniff.

Page 2 thoughts from David Flemming about the Juggernaut


"And he is all ours."--Team offical. "There have been a lot of guys taken as high as Cam in the draft and they just didn't care like he does. He has something extra -- it's his hatred for losing." Shockey


Bye-Bye Chud?

What do rumors, cigarettes, and discussing Denver qbs have in common? They are often a waste of breath, are hard to quite, and will leave you blue in the face eventually. A rumor or a...


Who are these Panthers?

   Simple question many possible answers.  The Carolina Panthers are entering their mid-teens now, and boy have they been rebellious these last few years.  Turns out however Big Daddy had a plan...


Matt Williamson: Panthers could look very different in 3-4 weeks. See Rice and Miller a great fits.

 I just finished enjoying the 40 minute podcaste NFL Today for 7/14, on ESPN with Matt Williamson, former NFL scout breaking down the free agent WRs and TEs that will be on the market this season....


Was the lockout just hype?

  I am not one of the conspiracy theorist who believe pennies are made for the purposes of transmitting your finger prints to the CIA…. everyone knows it is the nickels to do that for the NSA, but...


The three most heard anwsers to whom will be Carolina's 2011 season starter.

   There is a big debate just around the CBA corner that will leave many Panther Fan’s holding their collective breaths for the answer. It will be the same debate that will garner much of the...


The Nightmare cometh.... one way or another.

   There was something Cam Newton said a few months back that sort of hit me again today as I thought of  what the Carolina Panther offence would look like under the tender mercies of one Robert A...


A few suprises...

   I was surprised to see that Kerry Collins retired when in a way the Titians team would have been his for the year, as his arm and knowledge would have been used to protect Locker.  Then again...

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