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Have to say - it's really amusing to listen to Patriot fans bitch about the penalty that cost them the game

The Pats have mostly just skated by up until this game, and got lucky that an Offensive Pass Interference penalty was called on the Jets player who caught a pass in the end zone. On a side note - wouldn't it be nice if we could play them in Denver someday, instead of (seemingly) always having to travel to New England to play them?


Duds and Duds (with an apology to sadaraine for stealing half the title of his excellent posts)

Footballs get handed out for wins and great play. Unfortunately, this isn't that kind of post. Today, I'm awarding an Albatross to those who deserve it most. Let's start with coaches. A smelly...

According to, Adam Weber has gone to the Tamba Bay PS.

That's too bad. Would have liked to see him stay with the Broncos (and replace Hanie)


Tonight's Eye-catching Bronco Players

Defensive players who caught my eye while watching (and rewatching) tonight's game: - Trevathan - seemed like he was in on about 20 tackles - Jackson - played very well on the D-line - Steven...

Top games of last year has just posted its "#6" best game of the year for last year, and it's us versus the Steelers in the playoffs. I could watch the highlights of that game every day, multiple times each day. How it didn't get any higher than #6 is beyond me - I thought it was just about the most exciting play I'd ever seen!

This is probably kinda like throwing a match on a pool of gasoline, but here goes I've been...

This is probably kinda like throwing a match on a pool of gasoline, but here goes I've been thinking about what I would do as a GM to best help my team next year, and rather than a top level DT that I hear a lot of people clamoring for, I think I'd make a different choice. Or I'd at least check to see if it was possible. I'd look into what it would take to move up far enough to get David DeCastro. Current mocks show him going somewhere between 12 and 19, so it would not be a cheap move to get him. Here's my reasoning: - By adding Mike Adams and Tracy Porter to the defensive backfield, and with another year's experience for Quinton Carter, Rahim Moore, and Syd'Quan, we significantly improved in that area over last year - This draft is deep at DT, plus we have Ty Warren coming back along with some others, so yeah, it is still a very weak area, but we found Bunk last year, so maybe we can plug the gap for a while again. Maybe some of the guys could just lug a couple of concrete highway barriers out on the field when we have to play defense. - We have great guys on the ends in Von and Elvis, plus solid players in Ayers and Hunter, and Mays against the run on 1st and 2nd downs - Peyton is, or was and hopefully still is, a great QB, and needs to be protected. Fortunately we have a line which is good in some spots, a little weak at LG, and short on depth, but played pretty well together last year and Peyton makes quick decisions which help an OL look good - DeCastro is a star at OG, and is experienced at calling line signals for coverage. Beadles would make a good backup for him or Kuper, if Kuper has difficulties rehabbing from his injury - Look at the success that New England has had with a great offensive line. Sure, they have Brady, but we now have Peyton. They have Gronk and Hernandez; we now have Tamme and Dreesen to go with the young TEs Thomas and Green I don't know what it would take to accomplish a trade that would get DeCastro, but I'd take him over anyone else right now, given the signings we've had during the FA period. Wouldn't it be great to have a superb OL,under the direction of a great QB, for the next several years? What do you think? Let the flames begin!

Nice article by Eric Winston on being released in Peter King's blog

Sounds like the kind of quality guy we'd like to have on the Broncos!

Jeff Saturday has apparently signed with Green...

Jeff Saturday has apparently signed with Green Bay.

A different QB possibility - one not named Manning? The Texans released Matt Leinart (I know, I...

A different QB possibility - one not named Manning? The Texans released Matt Leinart (I know, I know, but hear me out). Leinart is a left-handed QB with experience, and Gary Kubiak liked him as a backup to Schaub, so could he be a decent backup to TT, assuming that Manning goes elsewhere? What do you guys think?

Justin Bannan was released by the Rams today. Do you think EFX have any interest in bringing him...

Justin Bannan was released by the Rams today. Do you think EFX have any interest in bringing him back to Denver?

Any chance we could use an experienced receiver?

How about one who has caught 1,00 passes in the NFL? One who can block as well as any receiver in the game and is an acknowledged leader to young receivers on how to train and perform like a real...


Double-take cartoons - the TT love-hate continuum

Link: Extremists at work! (grin) Watching the Broncos this year has been exhilarating, frustrating, and entertaining. Many highs and lows, but I'll mostly remember the highs - the ends of so...


As the guy said last year, "Can't Wait!"

Now that the Texans have won their game against the Bengals, they get to play the Ravens. If we beat the Steelers with all of their injuries, we would then play the Patriots. I'd rather have us...


Holy S#*t!!!

Great game, especially in the second half! I was on the edge of my seat for almost the entire game. Some miscellaneous thoughts: - We had a Thomas sighting today! Demaryius Thomas, that is. - W...


Team MVP so far?

The defense is orders of magnitude better than last year, and players that nobody thought much about have stepped up (e. g., McBean, Ayers, Woodyard, Williams, Colquitt).  Some retreads have...


Running Back options?

The injury to Moreno sounds potentially disastrous, as described by the MSM.  The injury to McGahee, our best running back, maybe less so, but might still cause him to lose time or be less...


Waiver wire operation

I've been looking at the NFL, Fox, and ESPN transaction lists to see if the Broncos have claimed anyone, and I noticed that the Saints, Steelers, and Packers have all posted additions to their...


Deja vu, all over again

Got home tonight to watch the recording of the final preseason game, and thought maybe I was looking at an old 2010 game by mistake.  And even worse was what appeared to be a serious injury to S...


Red Chip, Blue Chip - Bull Chips!

Don't know how many of you look at the website, but Michael Lombardi, currently en flambe with Broncos fans over his articles on a certain young QB, has posted his ratings of the top...


One Defensive Lineman?

Seems odd to me that the only defensive lineman selected by the Broncos was near the bottom of the 7th round, and he's 50 pounds or so lighter than interior offensive linemen on opposing teams. M...

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