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User Blog

Chip Kelly to NFL?


Le'ts start filling up that Brinks truck!!


New Training Camp Body!

I have some information that the Bills are bringing a former player to compete in the defensive backfield. I can't say the name or I could be fired from my job, so I will say he was previously on...

Jones Hit


Some people don't know how to put the shoe on the other food. If this was a good player from any other team the world would be ending

The Ville Leino Show


Here's a little bit of Ville Leino

Apparently "Phoenix" doesn't like our signing


Lame fans disagree with our signing and seem to not know our team well :P



I think one of the biggest problems with Miller is that he gets played way too much. Yes, I know that starting goalies are supposed to start all the time and play pretty much every game with a few...

NHL 12


Looks pretty awesome! I LOVE HOCKEY!!!!


What to do With Derek Roy?

Hello sabres fans, I've been thinking since about December or January, What do we do with Derek Roy?   I've noticed along with others I would imagine, that when Vanek and Roy were paired together...

Rogue Scout on QBs


A great read! Furthers my like and excitement for Jake Locker

Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert


He's a little insight into both Gabbert and Newton. I agree with both of these guys...not too much to argue against them.



So I gotta say, I see no reason why we would send Jhonas Enroth back down to Portland. I think he should be our backup until the near future and should get around 30 starts next year.  At least we...


What to Do With Clifford Junior

I gotta say, I loved C.J. in college. When he and James Davis formed Thunder and Lightning, I was a huge fan of that team. They ran over everyone! However, since Spiller has left college he is no...

2011 Free Agents


The folks at footballsfuture made up a list of the notable free agents for this summer

Darron Thomas


After reading this story, I wouldn't mind that we didn't get Luck this year. Maybe next year we can draft a hardworking guy who has the work ethic and poise to possibly be great.

Vince Young to AFC East


Will the Bills possibly pursue Vince Young?


Tyrod Taylor

I'm watching the Virginia Tech game right now and I'm a pretty big fan of Va Tech.  Over this season, I've noticed that Tyrod Taylor has shown a great deal of poise and playmaking ability under...


QB of the Future?

I'm just curious why no one is talking about Kellen Moore. In every game I've watched him play in, he's been very efficient and has the poise to stand in the pocket and he seemes to have the arm to...


First Overall Picks

So I was thinking today, what will happen if the Bills get the first overall pick?  Then that got my thinking, who/when have we had the first overall pick before? I did some research and found...

Buffalo Bills schedule analysis - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN


An overview of the Bills 2010-2011 Season Schedule

Closer AFC East look at blogger mock draft - AFC East Blog - ESPN


Tim Graham has the Bills Picking Clausen at 9 after a run on tackles


AFC East

Does anyone else get very discouraged when teams in our division make crazy trades for guys that we could have done the same for? Just curious, because when I see arguably the best WR in football...

Gruden's QB Camp: Tim Tebow - ESPN Video - ESPN


Gruden thinks he looks good and so do I


Gaither and Draft

So I was thinking about this during the Easter ceremony at the Vatican. I feel that if the Bills trade their 2nd or 3rd Round pick to the Ravens for Gaither that we would definitely benefit from...



I know this really isn't a big deal with all the talk leading up to the draft but I was thinking today about how ugly our uniforms are. I feel that we have some of the worst in the league in terms...

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