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Transfer Season - Squad Size Analysis (Updated!)

This is another annual look at the Arsenal squad and how the squad limits will affect the transfer season. Arsenal can only suit up 25 senior players, so where's the hope in thinking we'll buy 6-7...

Football Finance Fiasco!


This is really sad for the sport in general. Not sure what the solution is, but the problem is very real and needs to be addressed.

Classy Response about Disallowed Goal from Altidore


I know there is disagreement about whether he fouled Sagna or whether advantage should have been called, but it is nice to see him put it to bed. No point in whining about it. Like many other Americans, I've enjoyed the upgrade in his game, and I hope he uses this experience as motivation to torch the rest of the league.


A look at our squad

I did this last season as well, but I figured it might make sense to see how our squad is shaping up in regards to the registration requirements. Homegrown players who will likely make the team...

Ramsey loses Wales Captaincy


Not sure if this is good or bad. Might be nice to be 21 and not captain and focus on development. Hopefully then he can retake the armband in his mid 20s.

Denilson to Italy?


Maybe we'll actually get something for him...

Bartley to Swansea


Maybe Miquel stays now to be 5th CB instead of going on loan. Would have liked to see Bartley go on loan for a year to see how he handled the EPL (article wasn't clear it was a loan).

Podsednik Released


Now's the time for Sabean to pick him up. 1. He's older 2. He's free

I was reading an article about RHCP's support of a Russian punk rock band who was jailed for...


I was reading an article about RHCP's support of a Russian punk rock band who was jailed for basically being a punk rock band and thought that Mr. Kiedis' mustache looks like another famous lip warmer.


My thoughts on how squad limits affect our chance of keeping RVP

So for those of you, like me, who are hoping that RVP can be persuaded to stay at the team (a la Wayne Rooney in 2010 or Kobe Bryant in 2007 to name a few examples) if we can build enough talent...

Arshavin likes our chances


"'I think our schedule is not so bad, that is why if we win all our games we have a good chance to be champions,' Arshavin told Sky Sports News." The only problem with that statement is that if we win all of our games we will be champions. We are down 5 points with a game in hand. If we win that we are down 2 points. We still need to play ManU later on, and in beating them, we will gain 3 points on them and have a 1 point lead. That being said, I think it is to our advantage to focus on one front, while they are playing on three. Hopefully all those high-profile games will spread them too thin.

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