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The Death of the BCS?


What changes to the BCS have really been made by Bill Hancock and the conference commissioners? Is this truly the playoff college football fans want?

Tortious Interference and You: Roadblocks to Texas A&M Joining the SEC


Tortious Interference and You: Roadblocks to Texas A&M Joining the SEC

Advanced stats, "Moneyball" help Manny Diaz Measure Team's Performance


It's behind ESPN's pay wall unfortunately, but Bruce Feldman sat down with Manny Diaz to talk about Diaz's interest in advanced football statistics and how he uses them to better understand what makes a defense work. It's intriguing stuff, SB Nation's own Bill C. gets a shout out, and it perhaps marks a departure from Muschamp's philosophy. Though I think Muschamp's famous quote "stats are for losers" is a bit misconstrued (as the context of the comment related to the juxtaposition of statistical success with winning games), there is something there. I suspect some of you won't be particularly enamored of this statistical development (particularly given the warm embrace of Muschamp's luddite rallying cry that I've noticed), but I for one applaud Diaz for seeking any advantage he can find, even when it comes from the depths of the *gasp* internet.

Recalibrating What the NCAA Tournament Means


Does the NCAA Tournament really crown the true national champion?

The Last Night of the Longhorn Empire


Tracing the current seeming collapse of the Texas Longhorn football program to the 2010 National Championship game.

Urban Meyer stepping down at Florida Gators


Uhh....what? Orson/Spencer with a predictable reaction. In other news, Urban Meyer for offensive coordinator at Texas!

Pundit Roundup Would Rather Not Talk About Last Weekend


Weekly college football media critique.

Pundit Roundup is Abridged


Roundup of college football punditocracy.

Post-Game Epic Fail Commiseration Thread


Well, it wasn't the worst loss ever.  Remember that time UCLA beat us 66-3?  This was way better than that.  I mean, we lost by significantly fewer than 63 points this time. Payback's a bitch,...

Pundit Roundup Pours out a Forde


The Media Narrative of College Football: Preseason Polls and the future of ESPN.com

Pundit Roundup is Back and This Time It's Collaborative


Weekly roundup of the media scene in college football, with a discussion this week of the Texas Longhorn media narrative and the problem with media-contrived false dichotomies.

Kevin Durant: Live at Madison Square Garden!


A Texas fan's report on Kevin Durant, certifiable NBA superstar, against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

J'Covan Brown to Start vs. Nebraska


J'Covan Brown will start in place of Dogus Balbay today versus Nebraska. Money quote from J'Covan: "I've watched film of T.J. (Ford) and D.J. (Augustin). I saw how they ran the team. I texted Coach (Barnes) yesterday and said 'I'm ready to be that guy.'"

InsideTexas Says Muschamp Met With Tennessee This Morning


Refrain from melting down for the time being. Lots of faulty sources out there so far (this one has "historic ties to UT Men's Athletic Department", whatever that means) and even if it's true, it doesn't mean anything. Yet. Follow the ongoing story at SBNation. [HT to BMC237] UPDATE (PB): Howevah, same Inside Texas source (Ross Lucksinger) saying Muschamp turned down TN offer. Interesting to see what's what when this all settles. UPDATE 9:30 PB: Lucksinger's latest: "Recruits have been contacted and told Muschamp is staying." And with that, we're done updating unless it's from Belmont. FINAL UPDATE (PB): It's over. Muschamp stays, is happy right where he is. Whoever was sourcing Lucksinger was plain wrong. Hooray for needless scare.

The Folly of "What Might Have Been"


Explaining the folly of dwelling on what might have been for the Texas Longhorns in the National Championship Game had Colt McCoy not gotten hurt.

McClain and Woodson Expected to Play, But at What Capacity? - Roll 'Bama Roll


Update on Rolando McClain's and Rod Woodson's stomach viruses, which apparently came from bad tacos (which of course is an oxymoron, as there is no such thing as a bad taco, only tacos that make you more sick than other tacos). They will both play tomorrow, but both have been held out of practice and may have some trouble with stamina and cramping in the game as they struggle the rehydrate. As you all have heard numerous times, hydration for a game is a week-long process so it doesn't bode well for the Tide that these two have been (presumably) puking a few days before the national championship game. Bad luck for Alabama....or was it....

A person with direct knowledge of the tension between Leach and Texas Tech said that Craig James...


A person with direct knowledge of the tension between Leach and Texas Tech said that Craig James used his position at ESPN to lobby Texas Tech coaches for more playing time for his son. "He called the coaches and implored them to play his son more and insinuated he would say good things about them on the air if they played his son more," said the person, who was granted anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the issue. "At one point Leach said to James, ‘The next time your father leaves any of us a voice mail to that effect we’re going to play it to the entire team.’ " The person said Leach’s attorney sent a letter to ESPN executives informing them of this. An ESPN spokesman said that ESPN was not immediately available to comment.

Texas Tech Fires Leach as Football Coach - NYTimes.com

Mike Leach Has Been Fired


Welcome back to mediocrity Texas Tech. Also, in case you missed it, here's a series of e-mails from former players and coaches supporting Leach and calling Adam James out for being a lazy pansy with a score to settle. It's clear which side of this I reside on, but feel free to disagree in the comments. UPDATE: Tech fans are not exactly pleased with this development. UPDATE THE SECOND: According to Dave Matter at the Columbia Daily Tribune, "the alleged "electrical closet" that Leach placed Adam James is where Pinkel did his postgame interview at Texas Tech in 2006." Which of course led to this from EDSBS. UPDATE THE THIRD: Stewart Mandel weighs in with a well-written piece. I'm normally not a person that craps all over ESPN, but I think in this case, it's very important to read the perspectives of people who don't work for the same company as the man who just purposefully got Leach fired.

Quick Gardner-Webb Recap (95-63 win)


Gardner-Webb Basketball game mini-wrap up.

Stoops Pretty Much Just Throwing Players Under the Bus Now


It's not Stoops' fault the team sucks this year! It's the players' fault for sucking at football! In seriousness and fairness, Stoops is technically correct in the sense that, to a certain extent, he can only do so much and the rest is on the players to execute. But should he be making that point to the media? Uh, probably not if he wants to recruit well ever again. Put that alongside his treatment of Bradford in the past year and the fact that he has both no chin and a double chin at the same time as reasons not to trust old Stoopsie. Seriously, it's reaching an Aggie-level meltdown in Norman (and ironically enough, an Aggie win over OU might send it over the edge). It's becoming very entertaining.

Texas #2 in the BCS: A Quick Look


Analysis of Texas' rise to #2 in the BCS.

Here's the ABC coverage map for the 8pm game tomorrow night. As noted on the map itself, if you...


Here's the ABC coverage map for the 8pm game tomorrow night. As noted on the map itself, if you are getting the Oregon/USC matchup on ABC, the Texas/OSU game will be broadcast on ESPN2 in your area. Which totally sucks if you live in Maine and don't have cable.

Phenomenal Chuck Klosterman Essay on Football


It's an excerpt from his latest book, Eating the Dinosaur. And it's pretty freaking awesome.

The BCS Numbers Game Rises From the Dead


An in-depth look at the BCS numbers to see what threat Iowa poses to Texas in the BCS standings.

Sam Bradford plans to enter NFL draft after surgery


Not a surprise at this point, but it's pretty much confirmed now. It sucks for him to have a wasted year like this, so I'm sure the temptation to stay another to make up for it was great, but I think most would agree that he's making the right decision. In retrospect, he's making it a year too late, but hindsight's 20-20. Can't blame him for wanting to play ball for his childhood team and win a national championship. Best of luck to you in the NFL, Sam.

Second Half Open Thread: Texas at Missouri


Let us always speak again about what just transpired.

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