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Spurs Mid (pre) Season Report

The new season is about to begin and the Spurs have plenty to look forward to. There are more than enough questions about the team that I'm sure we're all eager to find out the answers to. I'm sure...


Scouting Nando De Colo

The last week or so, I've had the same conversation on other Spurs blogs about Nando De Colo and the level of effectiveness he might have on the Spurs. A lot of people argue that he's not a true...


BJ Wonders: The Movement

The Spurs just finished suffering one of the toughest playoff exits in recent years. A fully healthy squad lost four strait games to a team that they seemed to have had figured out and many...


BJ Wonders: The Future

They say that when the great oak falls a new sprout begins to rise in its place. Thus is the state of the San Antonio Spurs. A great oak, whose branches have started to fall from it's bough, that...

Holt, Fisher to resume CBA discussions Monday

Could the be the good news we were waiting for? Hopefully they can work something out this time.


BJ Wonders: The Offseason

They say all good things must come to an end, and this is exactly what happened to the Spurs dream-like season. Take a quick look around the internet and you'll find many stories and articles...


BJ Wonders: Spurs Awards

At the end of every season the NBA gives out a number of awards to players who outperform their peers, in various situations, throughout the regular season. Unfortunately, none of these awards seem...


BJ Wonders: Fan Confidence

I wasn't happy about that last game, I'm not sure if any Spurs fan was. No matter which way you look at it a 30 point loss is a 30 point loss. Our defense was lazy. Our offense was not engaged. We...


BJ Wonders: Final Stretch

All Star weekend is over and boy was it fun to watch. There was so much to enjoy over the weekend. Gary Neal and Dejuan Blair both having good games in the rookie challenge. Blake Griffin jumping...


BJ Wonders: The Record.

The Spurs have historically been one of the most underrated teams in the league. They have always been content with living under the radar waiting to pull the chair out from under the rest of the...


Allocation of Minutes: The Great Debate

With training camp under way, it's exciting to think of the battles these guys are having with each other to gain minutes in the rotation. With all the talent we have on this roster, it can be...

Jacque Vaughn is the Spurs' biggest offseason pickup?

Looks like the JV could be taking over for Pop once he leaves. Excited, are we not?


A Look At the Off-Season: Are We Better or Worse?

One year removed from the Spurs' most active summer in recent history, the team once again finds itself at the start of training camp, filled with uncertainties, as well as anticipation. This time,...

Rumor: Warriors could move Ellis to Knicks

Hopefully this happens to dispel all the rumors about Tony. I'm keeping my hopes up.

You guys probably already saw this video but just listen to the crowd every time he grabs a rebound...

You guys probably already saw this video but just listen to the crowd every time he grabs a rebound or scores. Priceless


Offseason thread (again)

The 2009-2010 season is finally over, now comes the interesting part. It's the offseason people, time to get the answers to the question "What will the Spurs do?" Honestly, it's about about time...


What will Tim do with his contract?

 In an off season that has already brought us the success of a Spurs draftee, some  heated discussions and even a few drug poker references, it's obvious that we have a lot to talk about....


Tiago Splitter Scouting Report

Tiago Splitter. if you don't know who this is don't worry because you will hear this name mentioned constantly over the next few months. Every Spurs fan who knows about Mr. Splitter is praying that...


Better to Use What We've Got

With every season's end there is much debate about what went wrong and even more speculation about what needs to change for the following year. Everyone has their own opinion on what the team...


Winning: It's Good For Your Health

  The Spurs have just had, perhaps, the most difficult two week stretch of games of any team this season. Despite facing some of the best teams in the league, the Spurs played hard and picked up...


Our Team Needs Us

The remaining schedule for the Spurs is hell. HELL!!! They need our support to make things happen, especially with the french guy out.


How should the draft go?

Since this season hasn't gone very well so far I thought I would look ahead. Haven't watched a lot of college ball so I wanted to know what you guys thought of this year's prospects. 


Don't Forget Who We Are

Ok, the rodeo is gone and we barely got out of it with a winning record. The season has not gone exactly how most would have liked. Everything seems so gloomy in Spursland. Still, these are our S...


Are Spurs fans afraid of rebuilding?

It's an 800 pound gorilla but really just a big monkey.We like monkeys don't we? 0.o The last 12 years have been good for the city of San Antonio. The city won all four of its championships...

The Return of Spurs Basketball | 48 Minutes of Hell

I thought this was a good read. Somewhat inspirational


Poll: Can Tony be the franchise player during the post-Duncan era?

I've said it before that when The Big Fundamental leaves, the team will belong to one William Anthony Parker. But we all know that Tim Duncan has been the face of the franchise for the past 12...


Why I love the Spurs

I always hear people saying things like "I've been a Spurs fan all my life." and "I remember when the Spurs were..." Unfortunately for me I can't say either of these things. I only recently...


No love? I say no problem

I saw a FanShot by Big50 entitled "Spurs get no love". It showed that only 7% of people thought that the Spurs would win the championship next season. I started to get mad at the 93% of fans who...

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