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How Much Better Will the Twins' 2014 Rotation Be?

Community member bl4ckduck runs through the projection systems to see what, exactly, Twins fans might be able to expect from the team's starters in 2014.


How Much Better Will This Year's Rotation Be?

A fantastic FanPost from community member bl4ckduck goes in depth on the 2013 Minnesota Twins rotation.

McPhail wants back in baseball - don't get your hopes up.


Wouldn't it be nice, though? Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing him make a run at commish.


WAR: What is it good for? or Predicting Wins: A Pedestrian Analysis

Greetings fellow armchair analysts! If you've been looking at the AL Central standings lately, they aint pretty. 40% of the way into the season, we are 26-39 and not showing too many signs of...


Top Ten Reasons to Love Matt Capps

I know saying abjectly mean things about Matt Capps is all the rage right now, but I've always rebelled against the norm, even when it's not the prudent thing to do. Just look at this mug and tell...

This is why I love my fantasy baseball league


What else do I post but fickle humor? Enjoy!


Poll: Where should Mauer play long-term?

I know this debate has been going on since around 1999, but there have been enough comments in posts lately where it seems relevant once again. Let's hear it, TT: where should Joe Mauer play...


Have you all nicknamed Cuddyer yet?

Twins fan here. I'm just checking in to see how you all are treating the man of many talents, Michael Cuddyer. Apart from being an amazing magician (they're illusions, Michael) and pillar of any...


I have tickets for Twins @ Os Tomorrow

I live in DC, looking to drive up to Camden for what I can only hope is a Twins win. Anyone interested in joining? Need 75 words, so let's in Cap Hill and want to get there early to...

Nats pick up Lidge


For a fraction of what we're paying a DC resident I must say I'm mildly excited to watch the Nats play this year (for a fraction of what tickets at Target Field cost).


Acquiring another bat that could fill in at DH

Have you looked at our lineup lately? We need another bat, badly. Our team cannot absorb losses of a Professional Hitter™ and Cuddler® as easily as getting Willingham and hoping Morneau returns to...

Punto signs with Red Sox


This has been glossed over in light of the Willingham hype, but I still love and miss LNP. He loves the game and plays each game like it's his last. He's good enough where you can cheer for him and bad enough where the other players on the team realize that getting bench for Punto is quite the insult. Be good, Nicky.

Cubs looking to unload Soriano


As we all brace to lose Cuddyer and dread trying to figure out what RHB can replace the void he and Elmon left behind, would it be a reasonable chioce? He has a career triple slash of .274/.323/.506 which would be godlike among our lineup last year and even Soriano's nothing-to-write-home-about .244/.289/.469 (26 dingers if that matters to you) last year would have been a welcome addition. He's due $54 big ones over the next three years, but if we get the Cubs to eat $10 per year, that would be $8MM/year for a bat (and glove) comparable to The Cuddler. I'm no expert on what if would take to trade for him, but seeing what the Cubs paid for Garza it may be within the realm of feasibility that we could trade a Slowey/Blackburn type. So what say you, yea or nay? What would you trade for him? How much salary would they have to eat?

Backup cather: Posada?


Maybe we need a Yankee to defeat the Yankeees...


Offseason rosterbation primer

EDIT: Thanks for the recs, folks. For the eleven of you who want some sort of contest, I will draft up a mock of the contest (and maybe have an admin look it over), then we can have at it until...

Neshek DFAd


I know this is a bit contrary to our "the FO hasn't made a single decent decision this year" motif, but for what it's worth, it seems like Neshek's been unable to regain form since our slaughterhouse, er medical staff had its way with him.

Opening day roster: what happened?


Staggering when you take a look at it all at once. 5, count 'em, 5 starters who've held together. The Twins were so damn good in spring training, yet we've managed to suck so badly this year. Then I realized: you can win spring training games without a complete roster, which is what we've had all year.

Inge: A legit backup catcher option?


The Tigers just DFAd the guy, who is owed $11.5 MM through 2012. Let's take a gander... Defensively In 376 games behind the plate, he's had a .995 fielding percent, thrown out 34% of stealers, but has a suspect 5.16 CERA and hasn't legitimately been a catcher since 2008 (although he's in his mid-30s, so he should be able to squat enough for our purposes). Offensively Yeah, he's having a career-worst year at the dish which, sadly, looks just like any other backup catcher. His career numbers aren't as impressive as I remember (career OPS of .691), but still put Butters and Rene2 to shame Butera This year .177/.208/.272 Career .187/.222/.284 Rivera This year .181/.244/.264 Career .212/.249/.311 Inge This year .177/.242/.242 Career .234/.304/.387 So what say you, worth kicking the tires? Any chance we could throw in an expendable prospect to get los Tigres to eat some salary?

Sweet Drew: He's so HOT right now!


So there I was minding my business managing my fantasy baseball team, when all of a sudden this pops up. Hilarious. Good for you, Butera, but I think I'll pass. At least I can take solace in the fact that he's still at 0% ownership.


A pal for Nishi?

Remember how we have a Japanese second-baseman on our team and he has pretty much nobody on the team with whom to relate? Go for it? It would be the nice thing to do, especially since we have him...


Shameless fantasy baseball plug (sorry)

Yahoo league with pretty normal rules, but need two players to fill out the league. Live draft Sunday at noon. Email me if interested.  Somewhat competitive (our league...

Nishioka Fan Dance


Let's not that we as fans also need to get ready for the upcoming season, I mean, short of learning Japanese... Thanks go to Sethspeaks

Nathan recovering well from Tommy John surgery


The man is a beast. I can't wait to have him back this year.

Braves non-tender Cabrera


I know we won't have much money to play around with this off-season, but he may be a decent pick-up. Not sure if he qualifies as a cheap, speedy outfielder, but is it worth kicking the tires on this one? He's only 26.

More Thome Lovin' -- The Unappreciated Slugger


Written by a friend of mine from high school. I've been sifting through Jimmer's stats a lot lately and he's so impressive. Great article which implicitly argues why his $1.5 MM pickup was the single best offseason acquisition. Also, I award about 20 man points to Thome for straining his abs because he hit not one, not two, but three giant taters in two games, two of them over 450 feet. Even his body can't always contain the manliness.


Yet another overanalysis of our bullpen (extra innings rant)

Nevermind looking at bullpen splits and observing that Twins relievers have the lowest ERA in the AL. Nevermind that our FO has been very good about acquiring great bullpen arms in spite of...

Van Mil to Angels to complete Fuentes trade


Rest easy, PTBNL, while record-breaking in height, is Loek Van Mil and not someone to get too worked up over. Not sure if this is big news since he was already DFAd More adept writing can be found here

MLBTR: Lowell would like MN if traded


Mike Lowell gets mentioned again with the Twins. Do we really need him? Do we really want him? Is he worth the asking price? Can we really live with LNP on the bench?

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