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News of cuts coming in -- Dan Gronkowski to be cut


Not that surprising to me, with the team wanting to go for the younger guys with more potential.

All Players Mailed Playbooks


I know this was a concern of many fans around here: Tim-The 17 all got playbooks. And the Broncos were able to use that small, "non-lockout" window to deliver/overnight playbooks to the other 60 or so players on their roster.

Von Miller Press Conference


I love his attitude. He wants to take on the "bad guys" for Mr. Ayers and Mr. Elvis Dumervil.


The Good News

Well there's a bazillion fanposts coming out right now so I hope mine doesn't get lost in the shuffle. In light of all of the negativity that's going on right now... I wanted to talk about the good...

Beadles back to LG, Harris returns at RT


Looks like we're back to where we are started. Anything to get this team going, especially if Harris is fully healthy.

Broncos Cut LeKevin Smith, Bring in TE Daniel Coats


Interesting that we'd be bringing in a 4th TE. I wonder if there is a corresponding move coming with one of the other TEs. Also, glad to see that Vickerson is healthy enough the we don't need Smith anymore.


Where do we go from here?

There's obviously a lot of speculation going on in Broncos Country about what is going to happen the rest of the season after the week 7 debacle against the Raiders. After such an egregious loss,...

Peter King's Article on Tebow


In case you still haven't gotten your Tebow draft fix yet...but the story about Tebow and McD's meeting is really interesting. Football IQ seems to have been a huge factor in our selection of both Tebow and Thomas.

Arrelious Benn wants to play in Denver


I'd be pumped if we got him in the 2nd round.


And with the 11th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select...

Well, I'm not quite knowledgeable enough about the late rounds of the draft to have any clue about who we are going to select with our 4th, 5th, or 6th round picks. But I have been studying the...

Broncos bring in .... Tim Tebow


Just when we though the Quinn trade would put the Tebow rumors to bed. Although I wouldn't be shocked if we picked him if available in round 3, he definitely won't be because Jacksonville needs to take him and several other teams could be interested. Thoughts?


Robert Ayers in 2010

With the release of Andra Davis and the speculation that Mario Haggan will be moved into the primary LILB slot, I wanted to do some more research into Robert Ayers, who looks to be the starting...


An explanation for cutting Andra Davis? and other thoughts

I just noticed this is Woody Paige's article from yesterday:"The potential linebacking corps of D.J. Williams, Elvis Dumervil, Mario Haggan and second-year outsider Robert Ayers — backed by Wesley...


Brandon Marhshall's Tender

Hey guys. I'm new around here, I've been lurking around since the end of this last season but now that the draft/free agency is staring I've been commenting more. With Brandon Marshall being...

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