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Not A CoachPoach 2014 Update. Nope, not at all.

Nothing to see here. Nothing at all. from the story: Virginia Tech fired coach James...


impromptu UConn gamethread

- hey, we're wearing the legible black jerseys - Cash just missed a 3, but, he was able to jump this time. i'd estimate him to be at 70% - no Justin Jackson - NO SHABAZZ NAPIER - 15:58. Cheikh...


Bearcats Vs. The Bubble

A dark cloud appears to be floating above the tract houses of Bearcat Township. A season that began fraught with promise seems to be slowly derailing, framing a fanbase with discontent in the...



- I'm growing a wee bit worried about Mr. Opper, who hasn't been seen or heard from since we got blown out 10-3 by Rutgers. (yes, I know a one score margin does not typically constitute blowout. I...


CoachPoach 2012: The Short List

- just read the CBJ to KY getting serious article (link: )and wanted to throw this up...


Musings On (What Better Be)A Beatdown

13:40, 1st. up 16-11. - Titus Rubles' pump fake is MIGHTY. hell, i missed the dunk looking the other way - thing about this new pace: our turnover numbers are damn near doubling, but they don't...


Know Your Victim, Er, Opponent: Tennessee-Martin

The Cincinnati Bearcats begin basketball season today facing the highest expectations in damn near a decade. As a guy who still vividly remembers looking across the stands at Wofford and having the...

Butch Jones has a question.


Butch Jones has a question.

LOLCats: Butch Jones has a question.


LOLCats: Butch Jones has a question.

New Logo

Your favorite UC blog is getting a new logo soon. And if this isn't your favorite UC blog, CHANGE YOUR MIND.


Hey! Basketball! - David Nyarsuk is now a Cincinnati Bearcat.

via Today in Bearcat Protectorate (because you're not a nation when you have to write blog posts on 'attendance issues'), as most of you are watching the new kick-ass promo with...


Hey! A Basketball Mention! - The Non-Conference Schedule Note: The Talented And Inherently Awesome Mr. Opper hasn't weighed in on this yet. When he does,...

we have a Yancy sighting. s/n: he's a good 20 pounds lighter than March

we have a Yancy sighting. s/n: he's a good 20 pounds lighter than March


HoopScoop ranks the top coaches in college basketball.

and they're only slightly convoluted. And by slightly I mean "extremely". No. 1 Mike Krzyzewski (Duke) No. 2 Jim Calhoun (UConn) No....


February 14, 2011

we were 6-6 in the Big East and had just lost to St. John's in what i remember now as the sloppiest game in the history of organized basketball. we had lost three of four, everybody was yelling...

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