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User Blog

"Rock M Homesick Blues"

Trrip is at the diamond Dreamin’ ‘bout the season I'm at the ocean Tryin’ to find a reason A man with a grill rack Got a job, laid off His triplets are gonna cost JST hates his boss Look out Roy...


Fishing with The Fins: A Tale of Two Trips

Normally, FinJr and I go deep sea fishing together at least twice a year (and maybe an inshore trip or two as well). We do tons of other stuff together, but there’s nothing we look forward to...

A ROCK M CHRISTMAS CAROL: Choose Your Own Ending

And so now we come it at last, Dear Reader. Ebenezer Gaknar has been afforded a chance almost no one ever receives, but what will he do with that chance? Yes, he still has his visit with the Ghost...

A ROCK M CHRISTMAS CAROL (Installment Three)

With sleep now totally out of the question, Gaknar threw aside his bed curtains defiantly and marched into the adjacent parlor, ready to beat the next apparition back to life with a fireplace...



And with a strong gust of wind, that made Gaknar shield his eyes momentarily, the Ghost of Falcons05 was gone. Never to be seen in this world again. There were times when Gaknar thought he could...



Falcons05, to the Rock M community at least, was dead as a Harpo’s goalpost. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I’m going to relate. The ban hammer was...


Fishing with the Fin Family

Our plans were set. Three days in Galveston with the Five Fins: Yours truly, the FinWife, FinJR, my daughter (newly liberated from Kansas), and Wahoo--my dear grandson. Does Galveston have the...


Galveston Tuna Safari, May 2013 (Part Two: That's the Way [Tuna Fishing] Go)

"Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing...


Galveston Tuna Safari, March 2013 (Part One: Backstories)

I have no idea if this topic holds any interest for the Rock M Nation community, but I thought I'd throw it against the wall just in case. And since SBN has yet to launch Pelagic Fish M Nation,...


YOUR Top Five Albums For the Rest of Forever

Okay, admittedly, this is not at all an original idea. However, I still think we might be able to have some fun with it. It's kind of amazing how spidery musical taste can be. Ever been...

Les MIZZOUrables: Master of the Blog

MASTER OF THE BLOG BILL C. My band of geeks My den of downright dorks My bunch of sad sacks, my always pissed at storks. My fellow True Sons Spend their workdays on my site Getting paid for God...


Obligatory 2013 New Year's Resolution Post: Choose Wisely

So, here we find ourselves enjoying another January 1st. It's a time for reflection and big changes--changes that will make us all better people; changes that will never live to see February....


Threadkiller in Antarctica: The Trilogy (Episode 3: There and Back Again)

Let me start by saying that not only has Saximus made a full recovery, but he has since been trained to assume most of my regular duties. There’s even talk of adding his picture to the Masthead of...


Threadkiller in Antarctica: The Trilogy (Episodes 1& 2)

Threadkiller in Antarctica: The Trilogy (Episode 1: An Unsensical Journey) Hey RMN, Here’s a picture of my colleague Claude-Michael and a covey of Adélie Penguins. We just got into McMurdo...


Our Handles 2, Electric Boogaloo: Guessing First Names

Okay, two disclaimers: 1. I have not attempted a Fan Post before, so I really don't know what to expect when I hit Publish; 2. This is pretty stupid idea in the first place. Having said that, enjoy...

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