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Stein: 2013-14 Salary Cap is $58.5 Million

Zach Lowe via Twitter: "Can confirm @Marc Stein tweet on projected $58.5M cap for next season. Hearing word/$58.5M # started dribbling out to teams Fri-Sat." Back in November, 2012 there was speculation (via Stern) that a 20% increase in league revenues would lead to a $69M cap (huge increase). $60M was certainly anticipated more recently. $58.5M is a very modest increase and will have a huge impact roster manipulation.

Blueprint for a Contender - Part 1

ix franchises represent models for the Blazers to aspire to in upgrading its roster for the 2013/14 season: the four semifinalists (Miami, Indiana, Memphis, San Antonio), Oklahoma City and LAC. ...

Claver - 7 pts/4 rbs in 15 min


He does it on 3-5 shooting, including 1-2 from three. What I found interesting was the way Claver was used - essentially as a stretch 4 - but often guarding the middle on defense. He didn't look out of place, but certainly wasn't the guy creating an automatic mismatch on the floor. He is a 15mpg role player on a depleted Spanish roster, but should find a few more minutes for the Blazers.

Pritchard new Indiana GM


Bird resigns citing health issues...Walsh takes over as President...


Dissecting the Champions

Winners set the standard. Understanding the anatomy of the ultimate NBA winners ostensibly gives us a blueprint for roster construction - a design to apply to personnel decisions. Understanding...


Batum and Salary - a Comp

Batum and his pending Restricted Free Agency (RFA) is a hot topic here on Blazersedge, and projections of reasonable offers are all over the board. Recently, a short discussion with Oden Mad, Oden...


Blazersedge Mock Draft 1.0 - #11 Pick

This will be a democratic draft, voted on by members of Blazersedge. Based on feedback, we can do updates once a week until draft time. The #6 Poll is posted separately, but with the same list ...


Blazersedge Mock Draft 1.0 - #6 Pick

This will be a democratic draft, voted on by members of Blazersedge. Based on feedback, we can do updates once a week until draft time. The #11 Poll will post separately, but will likely have the...

Batum's Mom Detained by Immigration


Might explain tonight's game, a bit....

Adande: Kurt Thomas Has Advice For DeMarcus Cousins

63's J.A. Adande, covering the Portland Trail Blazers vs. Los Angeles Clippers game on Sunday, asked veteran Blazers forward Kurt Thomas for his thoughts on the developing brouhaha involving Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins was sent home by Kings coach Paul Westphal for allegedly demanding a trade, something Cousins denies doing. ----------------------------- If the Kings wanted to look after Cousins' best interests they would find a way to get him to Portland so he could be around Kurt Thomas, the steadying locker-room presence on the ninth stop on his 17-year NBA journey. "This is a business," is what Thomas said he would tell Cousins. "You're not playing for just one team, you're playing for the 29 other teams. You've got to keep playing, keep your head. A lot of guys think it's all show. You've got to keep your head." ----------------------------- ed: text updated, bumped to front page

Evaluating Oden's "Ligament" Issue

What we know: One of Oden’s four primary ligaments in one of his knees is affected by something that concerns the Blazers with concurrence from Oden’s camp. Diagnosis was made by MRI What we do...

Howard lobbying for the Nets??


SportsCenter reporting this as "breaking news"...

Via Truehoop: Brandon Roy Doesn't Shoot Enough

(edited title so as not to imply this is Truehoop's opinion) of course - it's based on data since 2006 - but hey - we knew already. Right? Right? "Within the stipulated time frame, the top seven "undershooters" were Chris Paul, Brandon Roy, LeBron James, Al Jefferson, Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire and Vince Carter. Pretty surprising, right? All seven of these guys are known for their relatively high-usage offensive game (although Carter isn't anymore, for a variety of reasons), and yet they're considered the biggest undershooters according to Goldman's data."

Howard suspended for Blazer game

Howard picks up 16th technical - automatic suspension for Blazer game

Myth of the Roy Isolation Offense


Upon request - here is a link to a quick and dirty debunking of the Roy-isolation offense myth. The bottom line is that the maximum theoretical percentage of shots that could have been from Roy isolation plays is around 7% 15% of total shots/FTA. In that 7%15% you have to account for unassisted shots that weren't from isolation plays - such as those from the PnP where Roy drove or pulled up for a jumper.

Sources: Vince Carter dealt to Suns


ESPN reporting a big trade, where Orlando reacquires Hedo?!? Orlando in reactionary mode. Portland to follow suit?


What's The Best Statistic For Evaluating Player Value?

Great discussion topic and research from blacknoiseNW.  Bumped to Front Page. Please click through. -- Ben Golliver | | Twitter

espn worst newcomer


funny - Mathews doesn't get a single Worst Newcomer of the Year vote from ESPN pundits


Cunningham vs. Bass

Brandon Bass has been a mainstay on Blazer fan wish lists over the past few seasons - and for good reason.  Not especially tall, but strong and quick - Bass has a reputation as a high-energy bench...


Advanced Statistics and Player Evaluation

  This is a post to highlight a paragraph extracted from the APER article over at Hoopdata.  Consider this, all ye armchair statisticians: Another important thing to note in regards to advanced...


Wanna know what's wrong with Roy?

Look no further than his shot profile 2009/2010 vs. 2008/2009.  Brandon's inside attempts are down 12%, with his inside scoring down to 3.9 ppg from 7.0 ppg.  Brandon is scoring...


Making the minutes work

Hypothetical distribution of minutes.  Plenty of room for one or two minute tweaking.  Blake takes the most obvious hit.  That doesn't hurt the Blazers.  Bayless, Rudy and Martell all beneft from...

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