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GDT 3/31/2012 Rays vs Red Sox (aka Boston Trash)

I don't know why you people don't have GDTs for spring games, but I want one. So here it is. 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words 75 words...


OTTOTD for 10/3/11: You better have a good reason

We have 2 alds games coming up this week.  If you live in the area and aren't going to at least one of them please provide a good reason in the comments section below.  Failure to comply may result...


OTTOTD 9/21/2011 I hope Jon Lester gets cancer again

Hey boston fans!  Please feel free to comment!   So I just turned in my full thesis draft for a format check.  Final page count:  162. /cue LOL DRAYSBAY ISN'T LIVEJOURNAL talk I hope for some drama...


OTTOTD for Sept 7 2011: DPIR Tries to Explain Himself

DPIR was told to write a 1000 word essay explaining his failure.  So he did that and took a few shots at other people along the way.  So here's the deal:  If this post gets 10 recs he'll be...


dobber, SRQ and Suttree Visit the Trop: Round-table Chat Edition

Earlier today the two hobbits and a troll (I'll leave you to figure out who is who) ventured out from behind their computers and went to a Rays game.  Now, I know this concept is unfamiliar to most...


OTTOTD 7/1/2011 We need this before you guys turn the stadium post into a garbage heap

(It'll be bad enough going to a dump in a few years for games) Good news of the day: Authorities say...


OTTOTD for June 23, 2011 *insert original idea here* TBO editor: With all that in mind, would you be interested in a teaching at a...


OTTOTD for 6/6/2011: I had to check 3 times to make sure I got the date right

Upfront warning:  Kotchman talk is disallowed in this thread.  Hell, I should warn myself for even mentioning it.     Stories to watch today: h...


OTTOTD 5/31/2011: Short week. Better get posting!   I'm sure no one there would have anything negative to say! Gov_Tilt_Head May 31, 2011 7:07 AMAnother Teahadist gets his due. ...


Post-game thread for 5/29/2011: Rays take 2 of 3 against the Indians, win 7-0

Quick recap: Hellickson had a very strong outting.  His final line:  7 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.  All on just 95 pitches.  Of those 95, 57 were strikes.  He relied mostly on his fastball and...


OTTOTD 5/25/2011: Shocking news out of our state's capitol   Florida Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating has dropped to a new low, although he's been on...


OTTOTD 5/11/2011: The one without talk of the Rays' first basemen.

Effective for this OTTOTD, talk of an unnamed ground-ball hitting player that plays first for the Rays will not be allowed (and I don't mean Dan Johnson).  Please shit up any front page story with...


Post-game 4/30/2011: Rays win 2-1 (in extra innings)

  via   WALK OFF WILD PITCH!!!!    Shields had an amazingly good game but gets saddled with a no-decision because Ben Zobrist couldn't handle a groundball in the top of the...


Post-game thread 4/27/2011: Rays win 8-2

  via  3 hours and 18 minutes in snow.  Thank you outdoor stadiums.   I'll never get tired of typing "Rays win" Instant recap: The Rays went ahead early with a busy 1st inning...


OTTOTD 4/25/2011 I like the new layout we're sporting

(I don't like the new layout we're sporting) If you did manage to find this, congrats and welcome to another wonderful monday.     How was everyones weekend??   Here is something interesting, from...


Dobber's Magic GDT for 3QC Exiles

via   Game notes:   Zobrist hit a 2-run homer (right handed) in the 1st that ended up being the only runs scored by either team. Shieldsy looked absolutely dominant pitching the...


Post-game thread 4/23/2011: Rays win 6-4

via Game notes:   Jose Bautista was pretty much the entirety of the Blue Jays game today (you know, until the 9th) -- 2 HR, 3 runs scored.  Never made an out.  Someone test that...


OTTOTD 4/21/2011 The day after (also, casey kotchman still sucks)

Lightning suck.   Also I love the casey kotchman articles.  Lets have one every day all season so I never have a chance to stop thinking about how awesome he is for the team.   You guys better make...


OTTOTD 3/23/2011: The march to 69,420 ends (hopefully)

Months of posting has brought us to this important day.  938 comments gets us to the offseason goal.  And just in time since the there is about a  week until the season starts.     Who will be the...


OTTOTD 3/16/11: Today on

Education news stories are the best.   Posted by (dropnusa2012) on 03/16/2011 at 08:00 am. First, make them brats in school wear uniforms espcially if these students are an example of the student...


OTTOTD for 2/14/2011: James shields is a future HOFer

This is a confirmed FACT from my spreadsheet (james_shields_HOF.xlsx).   In other news, it's valentines day.  This doesn't matter to any of you as you are all confirmed human garbage monsters.  But...


OTTOTD 2/2/2011: "I'll just put this here" Edition

There is only one correct answer to this poll, choose wisely or be ridiculed for years (days) to come.


OTTOTD 01/20/2011: The "The water company will always blame leaks" Edition

Dear people of tampa bitching about absurd water bills, Just so you know, the water company will always blame leaks.  There might not be a leak at all, but this does not matter.  Hell, it might be...


OTTOTD for 1/13/2011: Hmm... I can't think of anything clever

Fail. Welcome to the hallowed OTTOTD for this wonderful Thursday morning.  If you haven't already, you should go back and read yesterdays OTTOTD and earlier days as well.  Both will...

Sources: Edsall to Maryland


Not really Bulls news, but relates to BE. Can't say I blame the guy.


OTTOTD December 29th, 2010. "How's the book coming?" edition.

Dear book club members, What is your progress on the book?  We still on for Jan 3rd? Sincerely, dobber(INSERTANOTHERWORDHERE)


OTTOTD 12/1/2010 Exciting link ahead!!!!    In an unusual traffic-related death, a crash between a scooter and a wheelchair...

6 teams to get invites to Pac-10, CU possibly invited already.


Looks like more on expansion. Didn't expect them to move this fast. Nebraska might hold the key here. The following days could be full of change for CFB in general. Edit: And on another note, looks like Nebraska is way ahead of me and has accepted an invite to the Big 10. Know more in the AM. Link:

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