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Pedro working with Feliz.... This is good.


Give me some of that Pedro Change + Feliz Fastball, can we do that?

Marteen es muy ready por el season


Sounds like he's healthy, strong and armed with a new two seam fastball. I expect a really solid year this year that puts him poised to make a run at the majors in 2012

"Why would they do that to such a pro?" one GM asked. "Wouldn't they be better moving Young to...


"Why would they do that to such a pro?" one GM asked. "Wouldn't they be better moving Young to second and making [Ian] Kinsler the DH, [for] just chemistry's sake?" Has to be Dayton Moore, right?


Max Ramirez and Rapada DFA'd


Glad one them of was Rapada, but I wish they had dfa'd Guillermo Moscoso instead of MaxRam. Makes sense because he likely wont make the roster out of spring anyways, but I do think Ramirez is still a better prospect than Moscoso who seems destined to simply be a another AAA arm.

Rangers sign Carlos Truinfel's brother


for 300K, looks like a smaller guy, plays SS... Decent amount of money so he probably has some upside.

Tommy Hunter Beer Bombs Craig Sager


I thought this story was hilarious.

Competitve advantage of spending on the draft/valuing prospects gone?


I go over and read Royals Review sometimes and found this gem of an article. Some great analysis of what is happening with the amatuer market now that almost all ML teams have recognized the market ineffiecency of before and have begun to spend pretty big on the draft. Also gives a great analysis on what that means for small market teams like the Royals. The Rangers, however, can dodge the small market label, and should only grow more into a mid-major type market as they continue to field winning teams over the next few years.

Two great articles over at BBTiA on last nights game and Lee

Absolutely loved Josh's article on luck and Joey's refutation of Evan's article about the heat causing Lee to sign elsewhere.

Chris McGuiness Article


Apparently he lead the NCAA in walks in '09

The Rangers are calling many clubs and inquiring about starting pitching. That includes Mariners...


The Rangers are calling many clubs and inquiring about starting pitching. That includes Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee, according to industry sources.


Elvis Andrus is Married


Elvis Andrus is Married

according to Facebook, 2 hours ago... Yes I stalk him

A couple of Greenberg links

Greenberg article on texasrangers.com Durret with Greenberg I am getting more and more excited about what Chuck Greenberg is going to bring as an owner besides the fact that a dead corpse that...

Suck it Seattle


"Elvis Andrus has just performed a miracle" ~Eric Nadel


Projecting the Defense

Since we are doing all the projections for all the pitchers and hitters, what are your projections for us defensively? Some of it is obviously subjective as there is no perfect way to measure it,...

JD is pulling a "Red" from Shawshank...


Ben Rogers with hard hitting reporting... I cant deny the fact that I do love having JD as our GM. We need the JD applaud .gif. He's done good work the last few days with the enviroment surrounding him... Being proactive in a destructive situation, props for doing solid work JD.

Dad catches foul ball, his little girl throws it back...


priceless... Thats just an awesome capture of emotions that parents have everyday. A great human moment.

World Cup of Baseball On MLB channel


Victor Rojas doing quality play by play, Justin Smoak playing 1B.... In game one, against Venezuela, Smoak absolutely demolished the baseball, 2 HRs and 3 extra base hits in first three at bats. He ended up 4-6 with 2 2Bs and 2 HRs... Yikes The US lost in extra innings 13-9. They are playing Germany today. Tourney is being held in Germany


MiLB 9/7

Im tired of not having thread  and its Perez day!! Hickory Bakersfield Frisco - 630 - Marteen apparently, last game of the year OKC Player page...  BODFN ds s ds fs fs fs gapsd g aspg sg pgs...


MILB 8/28 - 8/29

8/28 ARZL: Ed Escobar - Tim Smith and Engel Beltre making second start Spokane: Thompson - Looking sharp so far Hickory: Brigham/Pimentel  - Pimentel sharp again Bakersfield: King Richard...

Matt Murton DFA'd


LF who is a lefty masher, Id be all for him platooning with D-Murph in LF in the future. He'd be a better option than Boggs who isnt really a LHP masher. We already have a crowded OF, I know, but id love to pick him up as he could be a very useful player for us, especially if we move an OF this offseason.


Chris' struggles are over and Hank is done (this isnt a long statistical analysis with a bunch of graphs)

 Chris Davis is actually a vampire, now, his vampiricism is more like the vampiricism out of Twilight, he doesnt get burned up in daylight, but instead, he's only slightly affected by it....


MILB Thread 8/24

  ARZL: 9PM - Melo? - I see Melo as a mini-Font. His peripherals so far this year are eerily similar. Also, Tomas Telis, i like this kid, hitting 320ish, hopefully his walks go up to where they...


LAA/MIN and Saturday Afternoon Trade Talk

For those who dont know, the LAA/MIN game is on Fox (at least in Dallas it is) Here's a link to the LAA/MIN gameday if you'd like to follow along: h...


Baserunning: Why have we lost runs due to this?

I found this snippet from Joey at BBTiA rather interesting: MLB.com's Daniel Pauling recently lauded the Rangers' basestealing prowess thus far in 2009, which has manifested to the tune of the...

Tommy Mendonca Signs


I like this guy and i like this pick... I hope he can be a Mike's replacement at 3B in a few years.


Minors 6/26

  Just to get this up there. Full night of games tonight, here is what we got: AZL - 9PM Spokane - 9 PM Thompson - 2nd start Hickory- 6PM Boscan - already throwing a shutout through 3 IP B...


Minors 6/21

Lots and lots of games today. The Arizona Rookie League stats today, I really have no idea who is on that roster so it will be fun for me to read those box scores to find out who's on that squad.  ...


Minors 6/15

  Lots of minor league action, including a Hickory double header.   Here's what we got: 4:00-  OKC Box - Corey - Bleh, at least we get to see if Maxram can continue to come out of his extended...

Benson to relief?


It looks like Benson will be getting the Jennings treatment soon. Probably for the best, as Benson can take Mendoza's spot as long reliever when he's deemed ready and we can leave Feldman in the rotation.

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