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ESPN Insider: Late Blooming All Star Predictions


Look Who's at the top! 1. Wesley Matthews, Portland Trail Blazers 2013-14 WARP rank: 34 The only thing that keeps Matthews from leaping into the league's top 20 players is his below-average volume, as he sports a career usage rate of 19.1 percent. With the Portland offense understandably focused on Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge, that's not going to change. However, Matthews deserves credit for being an efficient supporting player, one who could post eye-popping averages should he ever be asked to carry a larger load.

Strangely named Teammate


Unfortunate name of Luke Babbits team mate, see if you can find it. ( Use Translator)


10 Years of Blazer Draftee's graded (01-04)

While watching the Phoenix game on Friday night, I saw a lot of Blazers draftees on both sides of the ball. Thinking back to the past decade of drafts and how they effected our team make up today,...

Ranking the Top 10 Power Forwards in the NBA


After Kevin Love was quoted saying he believes he is the best 4 in the game ( In a humble, Eli Manning type way) Bleacher Report did theTop 10 Power Forwards in the NBA right now. You'll see some familiar faces, in maybe, a surprising order.

Sport Science: Derrick Williams


Be interesting to see how he adjusts to the NBA 3 point line, but still, 56.8 % from the college 3 point line is pretty dang good.


ESPN Trade Machine

I have seen so so many of excellent trade idea's on SB Nation over the last few months, and like many of you I ask myself: Why don't these GM's do this obvious trade? Its perfect, great for...


The All Star Team of Non All Stars: West

  The idea is pretty simple. The best team that you can put together of players that will not make the All Star Team this year, from the Western Conference. 10 Reserves, but you must have at least...


Brandon Signs

In celebration of what we knew was coming anyway, I'd like to send my congrads to Brandon. About time you started making some good money Im glad to know you gonna be around for a while. i might...


Below the radar w/ signing

Some things we may have overlooked about the signings effect on the team positives Firstly we now have two completely different PGs. If we would have gotten captain Kirk from the bulls we would ve...


Too early summer league awards

though i agree its too early to be grading a week long summer league, here are some of the league awards givin out by espn. Even though they dont have jerryd on the sophmore team i wouldnt be...


Pooh Jeter

Now this kid is an interesting prospect, he has better numbers than rubio did in the same league and from what i have read has some serious talent. I watched him last night and was impressed with...


Bayless in game 1, not as good as it seems

  J Bay I watched the whole game online yesterday, and though the announcers were very high on J Bay, He still has a ways to go before he could put in valuable minutes at the point guard position....


Big Baby to Portland?

Davis hasnt exactly had the phone ringing off the hook for contract deals, and since the celtics traded for rasheed wallace his play time seems to be dwindling. With no offers on the table a not...

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