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Tickets for Sunday AT Washington Captials


Folks - If anyone is interested I can acquire 2 tix to this Sunday's game. Good seats, section 419, $75 each. They are NOT mine, so I would put you in touch with the owner - I'm meerly helping him out. Looking for answers fairly quickly, as he's exploring all options to give them away. If interested, we'll coordinate getting in contact to make the transfer, but for the record, you'll get stuck sitting near me for the game. Remember, this is a 12:30 start gsme! THX- Bleed'n Blue

EC is the deal of the season!


... and this is why I put very little stock in the knowledge of "mainstream" sports writers.


Quarter Poll

So we're hitting the 1/4 through the season for most teams, the standings are starting to coalesce into wet jello, and while there are still a couple of surprises, most of the "expected" teams are...


The Great Line Shuffling Debate

So we've finihsed the "extended" road trip and are finally coming home. I don't think I'd be going out on a limb by saying that NY has been outplayed the majority of the games, and that penalties...

Defending The Blue Line


BSB team-mates, if you have a moment, please stop by this site. This is not a plug for any personal agenda, but a growing, reputable cause put together by some great folks. Thanks.


Wake the &^%* Up People!

  I’ve been reading and blogging on BSB for over 2 years now and have never seen this kind of display of apathetic, excuse making, sympathizing, cavorting with the enemy, or "insert obnoxious...

"But the more people talk, the better I play. You can talk about that. If you want to talk about...


"But the more people talk, the better I play. You can talk about that. If you want to talk about the celebration, go ahead. I'll just keep playing and doing whatever the team needs me to do." -- Canadiens' P.K. Subban on his celebration after netting the OT goal that vaulted the Habs into the playoffs Someone needs to beat the arrogance out of this kid.

NHL.com Geico Quote of the Day

Back to Hockey

Ok, so the Matt Cooke sideshow is behind us.  Lots of debate (and some annoying Trolling) about cheap shots, "old time hockey, the instigator, Messier, fighting and the NHL suspension rules ... BUT...

Brad Richards showing concussion like symptoms




A Response to Mario

For those you who have been living in a shell for the past week, and didn't catch the fiasco that unfolded on Long Island Friday night, there has been quite a buzz amongst the NHL brass, Penguin...


Line Combinations and Goal Scoring

As I sat there watching the Rangers work their asses off only to lose, yet again, to Detroit, I had a couple of thoughts about the Ranger game.  This team's identity is to work hard, never quit and...


FEDEX possibly out 2-4 Weeks

Newsday.com (Steve Zipay) reports, "The Rangers summoned Chad Kolarik from the AHL during last night's game to replace Brandon Dubinsky, and were forced to make another move when Ruslan Fedotenko...


Observations and Musings from a night with the HABS

First, let me say I'm not breaking down the play by play of last night's game.  There is enough of that going around concerning the PP's lack of effectiveness as well as suddenly the PK.  Unless,...

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