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Gasp! An article about Don Nelson void of baseless hyperbole.


Especially interesting quotes from the Larry Brown and Dan Issel videos pointing out why they think Nelson is a great coach. Nice words Magic Johnson as well. Al Harrington was apparently unavailable for comment.

Now That's Just Kicking A Mascot While He's Down . . .


Oklahoma City Thunder mascot Rumble the Bison has been named NBA Mascot of the Year. The honor was given to Rumble by the league's mascots at their annual meetings in Las Vegas on Wednesday night.

Article About "No Homo" and Hip Hop Culture


Hip hop and the NBA are culturally intertwined so it shouldn't be surprising that this issue has popped up on GSoM from time-to-time. I could have written a Fanpost about it, but because of the sensitive nature of the subject, I thought I'd "slip it in" as a Fanshot. No homo.


Rebuttal to Adam Lauridsen's: "Amare Stoudemire: Corey Maggette Redux?"

Why am I posting a rebuttal to another blog here? Because Adam Lauridsen is still listed as a GSoM front-page writer and the Merc's blog system isn't set up to handle the length of argument I want...


Is There Any Reasonable Circumstance Under Which Crawford Opts-Out?

I can't really think of any. To me this is really cut-and-dried. I am only asking this question because I keep seeing Crawford opting-out as a factor in trade threads and possible 2009-10 line-up...

Vanity, thy name is "Your Name". I'm sure someone thinks this is cool but I have never been accused of being "someone".


Vanity, thy name is "Your Name". I'm sure someone thinks this is cool but I have never been accused of being "someone".


Assist to Turnover Ratio: Why?

I have always wondered what the value of Assist-to-Turnover Ratio was. More specifically: Why that particular ratio?  I understand that it is supposed to be indicative of a player's ability to make...


Who's Your Favorite Warrior now?

With the Departure of Jason Richardson, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Ike Diogu, Zarko Cabarkapa and Adonal Foyle the 2007/08 Warriors roster is going to be full of players that we have little...


Why are the Bucks being praised for their "Courage"?

Disclaimer #1: I know this was somewhat discussed  DJ Fuzzylogic's Yi post: The Global Economic Logic to Yi's NBA Destination, but I wanted to focus on how the Bucks have seemingly seized the moral...


Puttin' some mustard on Seattle. P.J. to be new coach.

Retread in Seattle. The Seattle SuperSonics have scheduled a Thursday news conference amid reports that the team has hired P.J. Carlesimo as its...

33 apologist in denial

Weird article. Just basically telling Pacers fans not to be jealous. That's sad. The only point the article tries to make is that the Warriors didn't benefit as much as we think they did from the...


Reasons Dunleavy is unlikely to go to Clippers

Or at least what the L.A. Times Clipper beat writer thinks would be prohibitive factors. The guy didn't mention the base-year issue though, which is kind of big . . . still an interesting...


Weekly Don Nelson Interview

Here is a link to the Don Nelson show on KNBR (every Thursday). It's better than the average coach's show in that Nelson tends to be very candid. In this last installment he talks about the fact...


Buy Out Dunleavy's Contract Instead of Foyle's

He is a below average NBA starter making a ton of money that cripples the Wariors financial flexibility.He does a lot of things OK but nothing particularly well on a consistant basis. He's...


Best and Worst Warriors Theme Songs

Hearing the new Warriors theme song on the radio during the preseason made me think of two things: That guy's voice sounds a lot like the guy from "Snap" in 'I've Got The Power': h...


Dunleavy: Put up or Shut Up . . . or Just Shut Up

From today's CC times:"And at Monday's media day, he didn't exactly spare the feelings of either Montgomery or Eric Musselman, saying of his two previous pro coaches that, 'I never really felt like...


Andris Biedrins Finally Living Up To Hype . . .

by logging 1 minute in today's Summer League game against the Cavs, scoring one point (from the line!) and, not suprisingly, picking up 1 foul. It's heartening when a player actually lives up to...


Think Jim wants to trade 2 for 1?

I've been watching W's games on TV since 1989 and I think Jim Barnett is one of the best color guys in any sport. But dude really wants the Warriors to trade 2 for 1 at the end the quarter. In a...

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