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displaced 'cuse fan/alum living in northern California who spends entirely too much time at TNIAAM

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SU Football National Title Run? It's not as crazy as it sounds...really

Now that the 2012 regular season is in the books, anyone who's an SU Football fan has a had a coulda-shoulda-woulda moment or two. You know, like how we SHOULDA beaten Rutgers if...and if Brandon...


Thanks a lot for 0-5, Agg-holes

Been holidng onto this one for awhile, so bear with me folks while I vent a lil' bit. For the purposes of this rant, I'm going to pretend Nassib is joining me in my frustration*: via c...


Phillip Thomas vs. Kevyn Scott (poll)

Forgive me while I completely ignore the other disheartening story going on... Phillip Thomas by all accounts is done at SU, which otherwise would be a pretty big story. First and foremost, I'm...


SFBTN: Ball Security Follow-Up

Not long ago, I made this fanpost discussing SU Football as we know it under HCDM. This came just prior to that incredible win over WVU, one in which we may need to savor for a long time, because...


Syracuse Football By The Numbers Special Edition: Ball Security

if we've been paying been any attention to what Scott Shafer has been saying in that time, we know stats are for losers. But there's one stat I've been paying attention to since HCDM & Co it's this: Turnovers. or Ball Security.

Mrs. Bloodyyank44 and I before SU @ USC last week. The Orange Nation grows a little more every...


Mrs. Bloodyyank44 and I before SU @ USC last week. The Orange Nation grows a little more every day...


My trip to the LA Coliseum

This is the fanpost where I blatantly ignore the really really really big story regarding Syracuse and selfishly focus on my own adventures for the weekend, in case you're interested. Honestly...


20 More reasons to believe we can beat USC!

Okay, this is the part where I keep drinking the Kool Aid, continue to ignore our record on the west coast and anything negative that has happened regarding SU Football team over the last two...


Syracuse Football By The Numbers: Why Syracuse Will Go Undefeated... 2015 Wait, that was shocking tidbit of intel I just released there, I'm supposed to preface stuff like that with a spoiler alert. SPOILER ALERT! No good? Okay, well lets just get...


Glass half-full approach to SU Football

 - Syracuse is 2-0.  I don’t care how we got there, that feat deserves recognition, period. Except I'm not done yet. The last time 2-0 happened the current SU players were in grade...


So I watched some football this weekend

and God does it feel good just to say that much. That SU is 1-0 (dare I say knocking on the door of 2-0 for the first time in ages), the Big East is 8-0 - I could not be much happier with this...


Syracuse Football By the Numbers: Expansion of the Otto-Man Empire

Now that I've given the great state of NY its due, it's time to look outward and onward. Next up, I'm looking at the out of state players. A couple things first off: - Out of state players make up...


How to NOT get your ass kicked off the SU Football team

Some practical DO's and DON'Ts for the SU Football Program. Feel free to add any you think of...this is just my way of venting my frustration over this weekend's events. DO accept whatever...


Syracuse Football by the Numbers: New York's College Team

WARNING: This fanpost his heavy on facts, research, logic and reason. Light on fluff, speculation, perception and nonsensical hooey. If you don't like that stuff, turn away now go back to...


Why I believe the Big East will be great in 2011

Hey guys, this is my first fanpost here at BECB. Let me just say I'm looking forward to the upcoming football season and interacting with you all. As much as Iove the Orange, I love the Big East...

ESPN picks Syracuse as a surprise team for 2011

under the radar teams set to emerge in 2011...Syracuse makes the cut

New Football Commit

Harold Brantley, 6-3, 280 lbs DT from Hershey, PA. Offers from PSU, Rutgers and WVU. Zero gold stars, for those keeping track.


Syracuse Football 2011: The year of the Offense(?)

It's that time of year again...where football season is still oh-so far away and I start dreaming up ways Syracuse once again dominate College Football, if not the universe. Surely I can't be...

Just got this flyer in my inbox...guess SU athletics realized we weren't interested in waiting all...


Just got this flyer in my inbox...guess SU athletics realized we weren't interested in waiting all summer to buy tickets.


Tressel out at OSU = time for HCDM to invade Ohio

I'll admit that I've been paying more attention to this situation than any self-respecting 'cuse fan should...but this has been brewing for sometime now, and the only reason I care to bring it up...


Football Ticket Question

I know we're 3+ months away from football, but I was curious to know what AWAY game ticket prices were like at SU athletics? Looks like they won't be on sale until August, but I want to be first in...


Welcome Back Floyd Little And What This Could Mean For Syracuse Football

Floyd Little returns to Syracuse always makes a nice little nugget for a story, whether it's to attend a game, meet with a team or have a slice of pizza at the Varsity. The fact that he's returned...

Syracuse Football fronted at

So hurry up and take a gander will ya? Before they change it to some SEC garbage.


Hey Dan Lyons

Once again excellent work with the Spring Coverage. My annual summer football-craze has now officially taken over my brain a full 2 months ahead of schedule. (So...uhh...thanks for accelerating...


Top 5 Syracuse Sports Memories of all time

Forgive me fellow magicians if this has been done before... Since we're on the downhill slide into the summer dead season, I thought I'd start a thread looking back at the most memorable moments...


If you thought Syracuse lost in the second round of the tournament, you just weren't paying close enough attention

Actually, Syracuse didn't even make it out of the first round. But how could this shocking revelation be true, you say? We all witnessed the Orange dispatch Indiana State with relative ease,...

Jon 'Bones' Jones becomes youngest ever UFC champion

brother of Art and Chan - who also stopped a robbery earlier in the day. Can we offer this guy a football scholarship? Please?


Duke Basketball Player - OR - is the I am Legend "Darkseeker" apocalypse upon us? You decide.

Not that I really like paying attention to Duke basketball, but I just happened to catch a couple shots of Mason Plumlee skimming through various articles. Besides having one of the most snobbish...

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