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The Road to 42


While as a fan it is always meaningful to remain optimistic about our team, I think it also behooves us to plan for next year and beyond. This post presents my own personal views on how this plan should be designed.


Baseball America's Top 10 Prospect Lists

The Dbacks Top 10 via Baseball America: 1. Tyler Skaggs 2. Archie Bradley 3. Adam Eaton 4. Matt Davidson 5. Didi Gregorius 6. David Holmberg 7. Chris Owings 8. Stryker Trahan 9. Andrew...

Baseball America's Midseason Top 50


I thought this was a nice time to get a quick refresher that even though the major league club is going through a slump right now, the future still remains incredibly bright. Dbacks Notables: #7 - Tyler Skaggs #16 - Archie Bradley #33 - Matt Davidson Trevor Bauer wasn't on the list because the Dbacks promoted him. He would have ranked higher than Skaggs.

Future Expectations: Tyler Skaggs


This week, we'll move to a pitcher who is clearly one of the top three prospects in our system, and almost universally regarded as a Top 25 prospect in baseball. I don't know about you, but I'll...

Future Expectations: Andrew Chafin


The Diamondbacks are rich in pitching, that much is well-documented. However, oftentimes hidden behind the Big Three of Trevor Bauer, Tyler Skaggs, and Archie Bradley, is an interesting prospect in...

Future Expectations: Matt Davidson


What can we expect from our top prospects once they reach the majors? An in-depth look at what Matt Davidson could provide as the 3B of the future for the Dbacks.

Trevor Bauer's AAA Debut


So yeah, this Trevor Bauer kid is pretty good. Initial caveat is that I'm not a professional so take anything I say with a grain of salt. But at least for me, for today, I thought I saw a truly...

Baseball America's Top 100 Prospect List


The industry bible on baseball prospects is out. #9 - Trevor Bauer #13 - Tyler Skaggs #25 - Archie Bradley #97 - Matt Davidson

Arizona Diamondbacks 2012 Draft Pool


Not sure if this is behind a paywall, but Jim Callis at Baseball America has calculated the Dbacks draft pool for next year to be at $3.8 million. While at first glance it seems like the new CBA has had a drastically negative impact on our potential to spend in the MLB Draft (last year we spent over $11 million), we have to remember that last year was a pretty unique situation, where we had two picks in the top 7. In fact, in 2010 and 2008, we only spent around $4.5 million in the draft (in 2009, we spent a lot in the draft due to our multiple picks in the Top 100). Given our draft position in 2012, $3.8 million seems perfectly reasonable to me, and likely close to what we would have spent regardless of whether there was a new CBA or not.

Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects


I believe this is the first of the major "independent" Top 100 prospect lists to come out (so not including the MLB Top 100). The list is blocked by a paywall, but here are the major takeaways for Dbacks fans: #19 Archie Bradley #21 Trevor Bauer #25 Tyler Skaggs #31 Jarrod Parker (sorry I had to) #82 Matt Davidson It is important to read the list while keeping in mind that Keith Law is generally regarded as valuing upside more than anything else. Overall, Keith Law ranked our farm system as the 6th best in baseball.


What It Means To Be A No. 1 Starter

I just read a comment by a poster named auclairkeithbc at Minor League Ball, and wanted to share it with the posters here on the Snakepit. It seems like sometimes fans like us get frustrated when...


GM's Around Baseball

Somewhat due to the Jim Hendry firing, and the statement by the Ricketts that they wanted a GM who was both comfortable with scouting and sabermetrics, I was inspired to do some mini-research on...


Groundball vs. Flyball Pitcher

There's been some interesting debate lately, on various posts and gameday threads, regarding the relative value of a groundball vs. flyball pitcher, especially at Chase Field with our current...

Trevor Bauer Continuing to Crow-Hop His Way to Success


Awesome article giving tons of juicy details about Bauer's two inning start today for Visalia. Can't wait to see him pitch for the Dbacks next year, hopefully as part of our rotation straight out of spring training.

Baseball America's Updated Top 50


Jim Callis provides his personal update of the Top 50 prospects in baseball, with new draftees included. Callis would have placed 7 of the recent draftees in the Top 50, including Trevor Bauer at #12, and Archie Bradley at #32.

Don't FIP Me Off


I actually saw a comment on this at Fangraphs and it really amazed me how flawed of a statistic FIP is. I didn't think this got enough attention on Fangraphs, and I'm not sure if people realize how...

NL West Arms Race


A look at the current state of NL West pitching, and what the future may hold.

The Joy of Pitch F/X: Measuring Movement


This post was inspired by a long exchange of commentary between me and Baltimor over the game-winning home run Wily Mo Pena hit against David Purcey of the Detroit Tigers on a hanging slider.Will...

The Baby 'Backs Report: June 20


A report on the Dbacks minor league farm system. And a wish that Collin Cowgill wasn't a part of it.

Baseball America Chat


Great chat this week from Baseball America, with plenty of commentary on top prospects in the Dbacks system. Parker, Skaggs, Holmberg, Corbin and Goldschmidt all get mentions.

Why Decision-Making Matters


The happiest day of the 2010 season for me was when I woke up one morning and heard the absurd rumor that an Edwin Jackson for Dan Hudson trade was in the works. I remember being so excited, and so fearful that the trade wouldn't go down, that for the longest time after hearing about the trade, I refused to comment on AZSnakepit because of the stupid and semi-superstitious thought that my comment would lead to some butterfly effect that somehow ended up causing Kenny Williams to pull back his offer. Kenny Williams didn't pull back. Jerry DiPoto pulled the trigger. And here we are one year later, our team in the midst of a tight playoff race, and the White Sox falling apart. Luck in baseball matters. Consistently good decision-making matters more. Obviously Dan Hudson by himself isn't the reason why we're in position to contend for the next five years. But every fifth day he takes the ball on the mound, I thank my lucky stars that I'm a Dbacks fan, and that our organization doesn't make the same poor decisions so many other teams choose to make.

Baseball Prospectus on Tyler Skaggs


Not sure if this is behind a pay wall, but a nice scouting article from Baseball Prospectus detailing some of the premier left-handed pitching prospects in the minors. The skinny on Skaggs is that he's got a prototypical pitcher's frame, a fastball that sits 89-93 mph that projects to be plus, a curveball that is already a legitimate plus pitch, and a changeup that is improving and shows a lot of potential. Essentially though, Skaggs is one of the best left-handed pitching prospects in the minors, in the company of the likes of Martin Perez (Rangers) and Mike Montgomery (Royals), who are very well-regarded prospects.

A Toast.....

13 Dan Haren, one of the greatest that ever donned Sedona Red.

MLB Draft Top Ten Board


MLB Draft Top Ten Board - Which one of these prospects will be future Diamondbacks?

16. Jarrod Parker, RHP, Arizona: Still coming back from 2009 Tommy John surgery. Stuff is there,...


16. Jarrod Parker, RHP, Arizona: Still coming back from 2009 Tommy John surgery. Stuff is there, command isn't, although six walks in his past 20 innings (versus 17 in his first 23 innings) is a positive sign. Just be patient.

Keith Law - ESPN

Diamondbacks Draft Rumors


Ten days left...who do the Diamondbacks Draft?

What Prospect Followers are Saying about the Dbacks


Interesting comment thread from Minorleagueball, where they are attempting to assemble a prediction list for Baseball America's Midseason Top 50 Prospects update. The consensus seems to be that Skaggs, Goldschmidt, and Parker are Dbacks prospects who have a chance to make the list. I feel reasonably confident that Skaggs and Goldschmidt will make it (as long as they don't implode within the next few weeks). Not sure if Parker will, since even though it's expected for pitchers coming back from TJ to not have the same control they used to exhibit, Parker hasn't really improved his control much since coming back from TJ. BA reportedly is in love with Parker though, so it's definitely possible for him to be on the list.

Diamondbacks Farm Round-Up: May 21st


The farm didn't have strong showing tonight, as three of our four affiliates ended up taking the L. Overall, we were outscored 24-14, despite Reno and Kevin Mulvey's valiant effort. Snakelet of the...

Danny Hultzen - Fitting Into the Diamondbacks Future


Why the Dbacks should pick Danny Hultzen at #3 in the upcoming 2011 MLB Draft.

The Baby 'Backs Report: May 15


Sometimes, when it gets too depressing to watch your major league team play, the only thing you can look forward to is the future. A weekly report on the minor league prospects of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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