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Great Read on Noel Mazzone's Offense


An interesting analysis and history of Noel Mazzone's offense, and why Dennis Erickson -- the pioneer of the "single-back spread" -- hired him as OC two years ago.


Sarkisian is a bad hire -- and guess who's behind him

One of those people? Pete Dalis, our football genius emeritus. In fact he's the one who floated the idea to Simers. I don't know the others involved, but I assume they are related to his mindset,...


Despite DG's Failure, Football Hire Must Not Be Rushed

With all the horrible publicity and anxiety surrounding our incredibly ill-conceived coaching search, I fear our fanbase is drawing the wrong conclusion about what should be done now. Every day...


Why We Should Hire Dan Mullen

A Bruin alum lays his detailed arguments re. why UCLA should strongly consider pursuing Miss. St. head coach Dan Mullen.


Memo to Chianti Dan: NO on Jim Mora Jr.

Reasons why Jim Mora Jr. should not be considered for the position of UCLA football coach.

More Bad News: New Mexico hires Bob Davie


Could life as a Bruin fan get any worse? This is what happens when you procrastinate, Dan!!!

Mike Leach on UCLA


"UCLA will always get top-ranked recruits, and it's in a quarterback mecca. The one thing about quarterbacks that can hurt your team is not being able to make a decision. That's a quick way to make them both mediocre. There are only so many reps in practice, and you invest them with someone who's going to develop with the players who are around them. It's not hard to find good plays to run. The hardest thing is to make choices about which plays to run, what's going to be your identity, then you repeat that over and over. See, the one thing you can control on offense is your package, and what you're going to be good at, then you repeat that every day. Defenses don't have that luxury." This interview with Leach, who is in Los Angeles this weekend, is very interesting. I will leave it at that.


Being at the Rose Bowl: The Soul Test

I don't want to pile on. I'm not even angry. I've had time to adjust ever since that punt from the 37 yard line symbolized everything that has always been and was to come. I just want to report...

Baron Davis Helping Lavin Recruit Against UCLA


Well here's a doozy. Baron Davis popped in during elite recruit Kyle Anderson's official visit at St. John's to tell him what a great coach Steve Lavin is. Yes, the same Baron Davis. Kris Johnson and possibly other ex-Bruins were also involved in the magical weekend "reunion." From Anderson: "Baron talked about Coach Lav, how he helped him get to where he is today." Would that be an overweight, overpaid, lazy cap-killer who's never won anything? I wouldn't normally get worked up about a Bruin helping out his former coach, even if it is against UCLA, but this is so disingenuous of Baron given what he's said about that same coach in public not too long ago.


When to Go for It on 4th Down

Statistical analysis on when football teams should go for it on 4th down.


[Update] Saw Greg Robinson with DG at basketball game last night

UPDATE (BN Editors): Note this has been shot down on BruinReportOnline. Per Tracy Pierson the note about Greg Robinson being around Pauley is "completely false." They shook hands and spoke right...


What Our Offense Still Needs

Nestor's prediction that we'd have to throw for 200 yards to beat Texas might seem a tad off now, but after listening to CRN's presser today I think the spirit of it still stands for the rest of...

UNC Problems Really Are Worse than UCLA, Haiti


"Our massage therapist told me, 'You know, coach, what happened in Haiti is a catastrophe. What you're having is a disappointment,' " said [Roy] Williams. "I told her that depends on what chair you're sitting in. It does feel like a catastrophe to me, because it is my life."


Premature Departures in the Ben Howland Era

It's the million dollar question with our program. It's haunted us for years. It has nothing to do with the zone defense, or with the aberrational confidence in Mr. Dragojevic (which is maddening...

Andy Katz on UCLA Basketball: "Still Alive"


Article on state of UCLA hoops this season in a PAthetiC-10: Howland said Anderson will play this weekend. And while there might be overall angst in Bruin nation, the reality is UCLA is still very much alive in the chase for Pac-10 regular-season and tournament titles. Who would have predicted that possibility after Anaheim in November? It was hard to predict that the Bruins could be an NCAA tournament team. Now, if they were to get in, we won't even begin to assume the seed since it would have to be double-digit. But at that point, who would care?

Tennessee fan's reaction -- squirt and burn!


Tennessee fan's reaction -- squirt and burn!

"Little did we know at the time that the running back was Edgerrin James, the tight end was Bubba...


"Little did we know at the time that the running back was Edgerrin James, the tight end was Bubba Franks and the two receivers were Santana Moss and Reggie Wayne," Aliotti said.

LA Times. Come to think of it, Miami was later scrutinized for not making their roster public until AFTER the 11th game of the season, so Aliotti's ignorance of the players on the opposing team is somewhat understandable.

UCLA Football Still a Bunch of Clowns


So they ditched practice today. Awesome.


Starting Bobo as Point-Guard, and other thoughts on saving this season

I think we need a thread to absorb all the brilliant ideas out there on how to fix this sickened basketball season. The more we struggle this season, the more of these ideas we are bound to hear....

Drew Gordon interview (post-suspension)


Drew Gordon interview (post-suspension)

Ben Howland is the perfect coach for a situation like this.


Ben Howland is the perfect coach for a situation like this.

Ed O' Bannon

The Bobby Bowden Tragedy

For that's what it is. Here is a great coach becoming utterly disgraced and detested because of a fatal flaw -- an inability to age gracefully, and be aware of one's limitations.  Reading this r...


Some Morning Thoughts and Questions About the Victory

Nothing like the morning glow of a great football victory, which gives you confidence and peace of mind the rest of the week, and makes it much more pleasant to watch the remaining weekend of...

UCLA stinks this year.


UCLA stinks this year.

Bill Simmons, on his podcast. He continued to question Howland's coaching without even remembering his name or that past praise he has heaped upon him.

To Punt or Not To Punt?

On the strength of the great and useful detailed football discussions on BN in the last few weeks, I'd like to ask the more pigskin-savvy members of this site about the most controversial call on...

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