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Bills offseason and other random thoughts

Been a while since I've been able to spend a lot of times on Rumblings other than just perusing the site during my lunch.  So, here's what has been going on in my least the thoughts fit...

Wilson: Tebow was not target


Similar to Nix's comments. Could be to save face, but I'm not sure Ralph is the one who would be sent out there to create a "smokescreen". Also a Tebow pick in Rd. 1 doesn't seem in line w/ Nix's comments about how to build this team.


Caption contest II

OK, with the Olympic break here, I thought I would be the perfect time to have another caption contest (or two) to kills some of the time we have until the next Sabres game.  Perhaps the Sabres...

Sabres goalie quiz


On what may be the greatest website of all time (non-SB nation related, of course) is this quiz of the Sabres. Some I can't believe I forgot about, and some I wish I hadn't been reminded of. Post your score and lets see who "wins".


What do the Bills need?

As the Bills search for a new Head Coach and promise a "total overhaul" of the front office, one of the top tasks will be to identify areas where new starters are needed.  The Bills appear stocked...


Dumb like a fox?

Darcy Regier has been vilified for letting talented players slip away.  While the short term pain of these moves has been undeniable, it would appear that he has made the right moves in each...


A Question about Jim Haslett from a Bills fan

As a former Bills player, Jim Haslett is getting a lot of play as a potential candidate for the Buffalo Bills head coaching vacancy.  Over at Buffalo Rumblings, there is constant debate about...

Decade of Disappointment


Haven't explored too heavily, but looks like it could end up being a pretty good site. I wish it was just easier to pin all of this on one person or draft choice, but the fact is, the blame is spread pretty thinly. We want to blame Wilson, but he did try to take a step back not that long ago.


Backup Goaltender

Patrick Lalime did himself no favors last night in his attempt to get more starts as the backup goaltender of the Buffalo Sabres.  He allowed 4 goals on 27 shots, and I would argue that none of...


Caption Contest

OK...let's see your minds go to work.Don't know if this has been done before, but I thought it could be pretty fun to see what the creative minds at Die by the Blade could come up with as a caption...

Sabres' Kaleta scores a winner with foundation


Another reason to love Kaleta. He works hard, does the dirty work, is a local guy, and now this. Great stuff and a must read.


The Darcy Regier era: Worst trades

The Darcy Regier era: Worst trades   As a follow-up to the generally well received post about his greatest trades, I’ve decided to do a commentary about Darcy’s less than stellar moments in the...

Grier Still a Millionaire


Seems like a reasonable price for a guy like Grier. He'll get you a point every 3 or 4 games, kill penalties, and lay the body on guys when given the opportunity. That, and he is supposedly a vocal leader in the locker room. The Sabres need a few guys like him. Hopefully the Rivets, Griers and Gaustads of the team can get on the Roys, Pomminvilles and Hechts to perform at a more consistent level.


The Darcy Regier era: Greatest trades

Editors Note:  This was an outstanding fan post and deserved front page recognition.  It is an excellent post about a topic that is very relevant after the Grier signing.  It looks like the Sabres...


Alright people

I just noticed that 157 people have voted in the Mike Grier poll.  157!  I had no idea that that many people visited this site on a daily basis b/c none of you comment!  Don't just lurk!  Comment! ...

National Football League goes after big game in landmark American Needle case


Fascinating read if you are a Supreme Court nerd and sports nerd like me. Even if you aren't a Supreme Court nerd, the ramifications of a pro-NFL ruling in this case could be profound.

Ruff is content with standing Pat


The title says it all. I know that is what he has to say....what worries me is that this is what everyone said last year and they pretty much stood pat.

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