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Buehrle and his Pit Bull


If you read the South Side Sox article about Buehrle you will know that Buehrle has been a very vocal critic of bread-sprecific dog bans, specifically, Pit Bulls. Buehrle owns a pit bull and chose to live 45 minutes outside of Miami because of his dog. He would have to live across the border to keep his dog. I can't imagine AA doesn't know this. I like getting Buehrle in this trade, but I wonder is he'll be a Jay about as long as Napoli.

Jamie Moyer Released


Jays should pick him up, we're too young and inexperienced!

Is Brett Lawrie one of the greatest fielders ever?


The knock against Lawrie when we traded for him was his defense, yet he is on a record pace for dWAR at the start of a career. The numbers are not as outstanding using FG's WAR, based on UZR, which doesn't give credit for the shift, but still great.


OT - Racism

Maybe this would be better as a fanshot, but I'm not sure how long it will end up being. I found it interesting as I scanned through my newsfeed that there was both bad news and good news on the...

Tom Tango's Picked up on jessef's Pitch Diversity Piece


It will be interesting to see what discussion ensues over there.

Hayhurst - Off to Italy and a new book


Dirk will be playing in Italy this year, and has a new book hitting the shelves at the end of the month. The NYTimes article hints that a Hayhurst Jay's book is in the offing


An All-time Bluejays 25-man Roster

Tom's post today about adding any single player from the past to the current roster got me thinking about an all-time 25 man roster. I used peak season as my criteria, and constructed the staff as...

HighHeatStats has a new permanent home


HighHeatStats - which is the successor to the blog at Baseball Reference, finally has it's new home. BBB readers are most welcome. Andy, John Autin and Raphy do almost as well as Tom and his team do here.


Bluebirdbanter 2012 Season Prediction Contest - Preview

Based on the reaction in jays182's "Month By Month Preview" fanpost, I will be running a 2012 Season Prediction Contest, somewhat expanded from what I did last year. By the way, last year's...

Best, most Rational Comment of the Prince signing I've read yet


On Tangotiger's blog, there was a thread about the size of teh overpay on the Prince Fielder contract. MGL is Mitchel Lichtman, co-author of "the Book" with Tom Tango and Andrew Dolphin. (the entire thread is interesting, but MGL hit the nail on the head with the linked comment.

High Heat Stats' Under Appreciated Players of the 1980s


The Link is to #9 on the list, Jim Clancy. Number 7 on the list is Mark Eichhorn: We have only seen 10, 9 8 and 7 so far, but we've been told that Dave Stieb is on the list as well.


OT - Merry Christmas

Thumbs up to the BBB community here. It is nearly impossible to find good, intelligent sports discussion on TV and radio. However, here at BBB and other sites where I post such as highheatstats,...


AA's Unwillingness to Spend - I'm Fine with it

I'm getting tired of reading people say that the Jays should spend large sums of money.I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Listen to The Jays Talk and it won't take you long...

Jeff Mathis: the worst active major-league player


Andy and High Heat Stats (the blog that used to be at Baseball-Reference) has looked at the numbers, and they aren't pretty There's also a posting about Bautista's great WPA this past year.

Why I want the Jays to sign Buehrle


...of course, not at any cost, but I love this quote: "What I will miss more than that is the person he is. And you guys know what I’m talking about. When you talk about teammates, good teammates, supportive teammates, guys who have fun in the game, know when to be serious, know when to check somebody but know when to make somebody laugh, this is the guy you want. There’s much more that we’re going to miss than just every fifth day from Mark," said Williams at a hotel restaurant at the general managers’ meetings.

"Jock Tax" another reason that makes it difficult to sign FAs


Toronto has one of the highest tax rates on income for MLB players

Baseball-reference closing down it's blog


My daily rotation of baseball blogs has been this site, fangraphs and baseball-reference. Sean has decided to focus on the data side of the business, which is 99% of the traffic. The blog will resurface elsewhere and Andy apparently has registered a domain name and should announce today.

How Well Will Prince Fielder Age?


I admit I'm biased, but I loved this analysis.

Eric Thames on pre-game with Wilner


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Thames as the first Jay to be on the post-season pre-game. He reinforced what has seemed to be apparent: He's a nice guy having fun playing the game he loves.

Nice Gesture by the Rangers


Nolan Ryan knows how to do things right. The 6-year-old son of the man that died after falling reaching for a ball tossed to him by Josh Hamilton. Hamilton is also the kids favourite player and caught the ceremonial pitch.

Darin Mastroianni called up


Darin Mastroianni has been called up to the Jays and will start tonight. Rasmus is out of the lineup. (Original post had Johnson to the minors, this is not technically the case he just isn't on the roster as of yet)

Diamondbacks Interested In Aaron Hill


..and there's a Press Conference called for 3:30.


Elias Rankings Updated at MLBTR

The projections done on the Elias rankings have been updated and posted today at MLBTR. Of most interest to Jays fans:  Hill is...


"Rasmus' dad to be integral resource in Toronto"

Here's the link at Bluejays: click here My views, and poll, after the jump.


Dave Cameron at Fangraphs

One of my favourite writers on baseball matters, Dave Cameron of Fangraphs and U.S.S. Mariner fame, is faced with a battle that I hope none of us have to face:  Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  He posted...


FAN590 Hosts

This came up in the post game thread for Morrow's win over the Evil Empire Friday, and I decided to create a new FanShot to have a place for a discussion about the quality of the hosts on the Fan....


MLBTraderumors Elias Rankings May 30, 2011

Tom: Here I am struggling with a post about Aaron Hill rating as a Type-A and how this could play into picking up his option, I look on the site and bluejaysstatsgeek has beaten me to it. Anyway,...


Bleacher Report - 50 Greatest Walkoff Homers

I haven't bothered to unsubscribe from Bleacher Report, although I should, since the research is as deep as a sidewalk puddle on a hot summer day, and the writing is excruciatingly bad.  However,...


The All Star Ballot is out

You can vote for for Jose Bautista, Rajai Davis and Travis Snider in the OF, an infield of Adam Lind, Aaron Hill, Yunel Escobar, and Edwin Encarnacion (Yeah, right!) with J. P. Arencibia behind the...

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