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Wenger says Wilshere a "doubt" for Euros

This pretty much means that Wenger won't be bringing Wilshere back this season at all. I think we pretty much had a gut feeling about that though. Without playing for a whole year, I really doubt that even under Capello, he would have chosen him for Euro's no matter how good he is, you need that full match fitness before hand, and Wilshere hasn't had any in eight months. If whoever manages England here soon though picks Wilshere for the squad, I'm going to be extremely pissed, and I don't think I'll be the only one...


IKTS Crazy Week Report/Week 27 Fixtures

So yea... While watching Arsenal on Wednesday, I decided to drink and watch the game. Then my roommate decided he wanted to join in. Then Arsenal starting winning, creating a reason to drink more...


IKTS Week 25 Report/Crazy Week (26) Fixtures

So this next week of fixtures is going to be a long one... Because the FA Cup is in play again, we have games pretty much on every day from Friday though next Wednesday. Onto the report! Week 25...

Stan Kronke revealed as a finalist for LA Dodgers purchase

Lost out to a buying group that consists of many different people, including Magic Johnson. The winning bid was announced to be $2 billion, a record amount for any North American franchise. So what does this have to do with Arsenal? Well, it has not only to do with Arsenal, but any of Silent Stan's sporting assets. I get the feeling that he only views Arsenal as a pawnable item, looking to get some sort of profit off of it before it's sold off once again... Remember, he's a real estate mogul, and whats the primary objective of a real estate mogul? Breaking a profit...


IKTS Week 24 Report/Week 25 Fixtures

Late night entry... Week 24 Podium: T-1st: Loose Seal and Match Day 5 - 11(1) 3rd: silverace99 - 9(2) Season Top Three: 1st: Flashpacker - 210(36) 2nd: silverace99 - 206(29) 3rd: b...


IKTS Week 23 Report

What a crazy week... bearcatcardfan crushed everyone by almost double, everybody scored a correct prediction for the first time, and we even had a five way tie for third! Week 23 Podium: 1st:...


IKTS Week 24 Fixtures

Putting these up early, before I forget... Regular weekend of football for a change. I Know The Score - Week 24 Fixtures: English Premier League fixtures for Saturday, March 24th, 2012: Chelsea vs....


IKTS Week 22 Report/Week 23 Fixtures

Sorry for posting this extremely late, hopefully all of you regulars can get your picks in on time. If not, we'll have to possibly arrange some alternatives (If half of you guys don't insert picks,...


IKTS Week 21 Report

Valiant effort by the Arsenal today (tonight?), played their hearts out and can hold their heads up high. Hopefully the injuries to Walcott and the Ox aren't too bad though, we've got the Geordies...


IKTS Week 22 Fixtures

Putting these up today because I probably won't have Week 21 done until Wednesday or Thursday. We have some weird times this week due to the FA Cup, so they run from Saturday through Tuesday (L...


IKTS Week 20 Report/Week 21 Fixtures

So this week is the last Arsenal bonus fixture, I think I'll add the CL final and FA Cup final as the last two. Sorry for posting these late, I was busy dealing with the Leap Day Blizzard.... Week...


The Heir Apparent to the Wenger Era (and the odds)

We all know that Arsene Wenger is going to move on eventually. Whether that happens this summer or a couple of years from now, nobody truly knows except for Wenger himself. So when it comes to the...


IKTS Week 19 Report/Week 20 Fixtures

So I'm trying a new format for this, because honestly, who wants to read a whole paragraph about this? Actually, it's mostly because I'm getting too lazy to write out a whole paragraph anymore, so...

More news on our new kits for next season

Reportedly, those black bands on our sleeves and the collar are actually a navy blue. Also, the report out there is that our away kit is going to be primarily black. There's no pictures of the away kits so far, but odds are great that this will be the home kit for next year, kind of like last year and the year before.


2/18-2/19 Weekend Football Open Thread

I've been meaning to get one of these up for some time, and now I can (thanks for cutting me some slack college). We've obviously got some FA cup matches and some other domestic leagues as well....

Podolski plans to leave Cologne this summer

Disappointed by "broken promises", Podolski plans to move abroad, and odds are that Arsenal and Wenger are going to be more than interested. Hopefully we don't low ball this one...


IKTS Week 18 Report/Week 19 Fixtures

Well, the first part of this week long sweep went pretty good for almost everyone, the second part, not so much... It took some painfully simple math and a lot of writing, but I finally got this...


Villarreal struggling, chance to snatch up Giuseppe Rossi?

With the Yellow Submarine struggling (as they usually do year after year to begin with...), they may not make it out of relegation form. In the event that they do drop to the Spanish 2nd level,...

Federal authorities shut down 16 sports streaming websites

Bad news for us who don't subscribe to Arsenal Player, FSC, etc. Being a college kid, it's not like I have the money lying around to pay $100+ dollars for a subscription so this really hurts any chance I have of viewing Arsenal games unless they're on ESPN3 (like this weekend, luckily). While a lot of people are against piracy (including myself, I even purchase all of my music legally), there has to be an adequate solution to being able to view out of market games. My solution is to stream them team by team, and charge a few bucks a game so you get to pick and choose which ones you want, still offering the year long package for those diehard fans. What do you guys think?


IKTS Week 18.5 Fixtures

Here are the fixtures for this weekend's matches...(Home teams on the left) English Premier League Fixtures for Saturday, February 4th, 2012: Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers Norwich City vs. Bolton...


IKTS Week 17 Report/ Week 18 Fixtures

Pretty low scoring week all around, especially with the eggs that Chelsea and Liverpool dropped, and our natural bias going with Arsenal. Also after the defeat to Swansea last week, I don't think...


Late Night IKTS Report, and Next Week's Fixtures

I would have had this up earlier, but I've been busy protesting around campus about the potentially disasterious effects of SOPA/PIPA if it passes (If you don't know what this is, look it up, read...


IKTS Week 16 Fixtures

Apologies on my part for missing the bonus match and posting these like four days late, I'm at home for winter break between semesters and I'm just working my ass off 24/7 so I occasionally forget...

Arsenal make an "official" bid for Suarez, and no, not the racist one...

This one is from Argentina and currently plays for Anderlecht as a forward. I don't know much about this version Suarez, but at the very least he isn't suspended for eight matches... I've seen "official bid", "strong bid" (like this source), and "confirmed bid", so I guess all we can really do is hope for the best, we need the forward help anyways


IKTS Week 15 Report

Well, that was a hectic week. Not surprisingly, we didn't really have very high scores considering how many games were played within six days. Pretty much everyone of the top six teams took an...

Minor League Keeper Thoughts: Chicago Cubs

An interesting look into our minor league players from a fantasy baseball perspective, from over at Fake Teams.

A bid for Lukas Podolski

No sources listed (it's Soccernet, what else would you expect?) except for a mention of reports out of Germany, so if anybody is willing to dig into German sport articles and translate. These aren't the only reports though, they seem to be popping up everywhere and it makes me think that 1.) We're trying to build up a decent squad to attract even more people and to keep our current stars (RVP) from going elsewhere, or 2.) We're preparing for the possibility of a departure of RVP. Either way, we desperately need the forward help


IKTS Week 15 Fixtures

Here's the fixtures for Week 15 (Friday, Dec. 30th all the way through Wednesday, Jan. 4th). It's going to be quite a hectic week, and depending on how many people insert predictions, I may...


IKTS Week 13/14 Report

This will be seperate from the Week 15 fixtures because it would be way too long. Sorry for the delay, holidays... I Know The Score - Week 13 Results: (Tiebreaker based on correct predictions) 1...


Our January Transfer Christmas List Special!

It's exactly one week until Christmas, and two weeks until the start of the January transfer window, so we all know what that means... RUMORS! It's our favorite love-hate relationship in football,...

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