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I won't say I'm starving, you always fed me enough to live: And I won't say I'm angry, I'll still take all that you will give. And I still cry when you are bleeding, isn't that a kind of love? A...

Orlando Woolridge dead at 52.


Hearts go out to Swipa's family, even if he's chilling in Hollywood.


When Defense of an Icon Goes Bad

Note: this is not an attack on Calipari, who most of you know I'm not too fond of. While I do think that there are very valid criticisms to be made of Calipari both as a game-day and ethical coach,...

ESPN Feature on Pat & Tennessee


These are the sort of things that, I think, you're duty-bound as a Vo to read.


With Due Respect to Rick Reilly

[Bumped from the FanPosts. -Y2] (But not really.) So, I can understand the need to defend the counter-argument in a debate. To at least mention the other possibilities. But in his ESPN article all...


(Note: Comments are NSFW. Article is fine. Run Home Jack has uncovered the ailing of Tennessee Football.

Tennessee vs Cincinnati 2nd Half Open Thread

  Our QB is Better than your Better. Now, see, I've got to fill in some blanks to make this long enough to post. Defense has come up big on two 4th and shorts, but seriously why would you try...

DawgSports: Your Move, Stud

"You stared at me in bewilderment, unable to comprehend why you were on the floor and why the whole room was suddenly staring at you. I wanted to shrink away in embarrassment, but I would never give up on you that easily. So I helped you up and dusted you off, determined to help you regain your confidence and get rid of those big-party jitters. I whirled and twirled and curled, dancing my hardest for you. I tried to help you, but you always did the most inexplicable things at the worst times. Occasionally, we would be in sync, but those times always seemed accidental, as if you were just busting moves at random to see if one of them would work on me." Absolute writing gold from DawgSport's Cherokee's Grip. Definitely worth the whole read, and probably a few dozen more recs than it has. There's been a lot of comparisons made between Mark Richt and Phillip Fulmer, and I think I finally really understand them. It almost makes me want to root for Georgia secretly this year. Don't worry VolBrian: almost. Besides, we've got a young jock of our own, and this club's ripe for the taking by a man with stars on in his back eyes.

A Modest Propsal: SEC growth goes National


Based on a highly unscientific internet survey of invested fans, I present three troll-based solutions offered free to Slive and whatever poachers he can round up as a token of my undying esteem and hubris: ... 2. That as long as the SEC is apparently willing to do away entirely with the "East" portion of its title, it dispense with the "South" as well and spurn A&M in favor of inviting the far-flung high-profile teams of West Virginia and Boise State. Cultural fit matters! (HT: edsbs)

UT's Smith honored by SEC


Tennessee tennis player John-Patrick Smith and Alabama gymnast Kayla Hoffman have been named the 2010-2011 Roy F. Kramer SEC Male and Female Athletes of the Year by a vote of the league's athletics directors, Commissioner Mike Slive announced today.

Swiperboy's Latest: USA Troops (Thank You)


Swiperboy's Latest: USA Troops (Thank You)


Selection Sunday Open Thread

According to the Bracket Matrix the SEC is looking at having the following teams selected: #3 Florida, #4 Kentucky, #5 Vanderbilt, #9 Tennessee, #12 Georgia, and Alabama is the Last One Out....


SEC Bubbleology

Stats ripped from here. 1. Florida: 21-5 (10-2) RPI: 13 SOS: 15Last seven: 6-1 Remaining Games: UGA, @UK, Bama, @Vandyvs RPI top 50: 8-1Key Wins: Kentucky (RPI 16), Xavier (RPI 24), Vanderbilt (RPI...

UT Staff Member receives Naismith Sportsmanship Award.


The greatest thing about this story? Is it that it isn't a joke, and that Tennessee does have someone like this involved with their program? Is it that none of us have ever heard of the person? Probably none of those, it's most likely the fact that, again, we are reminded that the power of sports isn't in the great way we feel after our team wins but in the way it brings people together to affect the world for the better. Well done, Hallie King.

15 National Championships and counting.


15 National Championships and counting.


The game's 40 minutes long, and Tennessee stopped at 33, fall to Oakland 89-82.

We knew this was a good team, Oakland. Playing Michigan State close, playing a tough schedule, Pre-Season Mid-Major player of the year in Kieth Benson. But Tennessee is better. This Tennessee team...

Why do we care? Army, Navy.

Let’s not pretend that this any other game: it’s Army-Navy, and no other game means more to the fans, players and alumni associated with each program. Take Alabama and Auburn, for example. If that pair entered the Iron Bowl at 8-3 and 6-5 — as is the case tomorrow — the game would be important, it would be for bragging rights, but it wouldn’t be, well, vital.

College Football Alphabetical, Week 13: So Appalled


S is for Surprising. The pleasant surprise of the SEC East down the stretch has been the Tennessee offense and Tyler Bray, the freshman QB whose relationship with receiver Denarius Moore borders on the telepathic. (Not that their conversations are that interesting. "Hey, get open." "Okay, done." "Cool, bro. TD." "Thanks.") Bray threw for 354 yards and a pair of scores against Kentucky, Moore had over 200 yards receiving, and Derek Dooley is bowl eligible in a year that started out with complete program disaster for the Vols. They're not even close to horrible, and for that Dooley should be lauded.


UT Loses to Indianapolis 79-65 in Exhibition

If there's ever a time to lose a basketball game, with regard to identifying problems and needing them to get fixed, a game that doesn't count is undoubtedly best. The optimist in us will cite the...

WILLIAMS: "We’re Tennessee. That’s all the motivation we need. You have to take pride in this...


WILLIAMS: "We’re Tennessee. That’s all the motivation we need. You have to take pride in this program, for all the guys that have played here before us. You have to keep playing like a Vol, no matter what your record is. As long as we come out and give it our all, at the end of the day, we’re playing like Vols. This is a great place, and it means a whole lot to me. We’ll be back, man. We’ll be back."

Senior DE Gerald Williams on Wendesday with Wes

THOMPSON: "I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s me. I’m Donovan. Nice to meet you.’ She took a picture and...


THOMPSON: "I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s me. I’m Donovan. Nice to meet you.’ She took a picture and everything."

UT BLOG: LaMarcus Thompson on "Wednesdays with Wes" [UPDATE by Joel -- Again, this is must-read stuff. Fantastic.]

GVX: McRae has eligibility restored


"I just found out from the compliance department today that I’ve been cleared,’’ said McRae, a 6-foot-5 wing who has been allowed to practice while UT officials worked on reinstating his eligibility to play in games this season. "Put it out there in bold letters, please. "Do you know how many times I was asked about that?’’


ESPN Continues to bash Tennessee.

A few weeks ago I threw up a link to Jemele Hill's article that called for an immediate suspension of Bruce Pearl from coaching -- before, it should be noted, the full investigation of the UT...



Yeah, okay, it's nothing as serious as the ticker on ESPN made it out to be, like the title of this fanshot, but Bruce Pearl is working without a contract as legal people try to get his new one worked out. The contract was terminated the day before Pearl's press conference on September 10th, and was done so because Bruce broke the last contract he had. It's pretty simple stuff, and nothing I think we should worry about, right?

ESPN: Bruce Pearl case calls for a suspension


I don't exactly know where to begin. The conclusion of the article is fine, I suppose, if that's your thing but the logic used to get there is broken, misleading, and reeks of a horribly written opinion piece. Omitting or slanting facts in the investigation aren't really needed to prove your point in this case, so when you choose to be more biased it really speaks a lot to your confidence of a writer. But it is ESPN, after all. I think I'm going to have to drag out a fanpost with this sometime.

Vol's' Jones: Peterson is not Superman


Tennessee’s Gerald Jones, who missed the Vols' last three games after breaking a bone in his hand in the opener, said he’s like a "kid at a candy store" in anticipation of his return to the lineup and his matchup with Peterson.


Play-by-Play of 3rd Down vs UAB

(This is an extension of some research done by Hooper.) I'll pull a Joel and go ahead and put my impressions here first, in case you just want to skip the data: I don't fault Jim Chaney's 3rd-down...

TKK Likes UT over LSU


Something’s got to give when two teams whose offenses and defenses both appear to decline after 30 minutes of play face off on the gridiron. Maybe it’s because I strongly suspect that Les Miles will spend the second half staring longingly across the field while thinking he wouldn’t have to wear such a huge hat if only he had hair like Derek’s, but I can’t shake the feeling that "Dooley’s Junkyard Vols" are about to score an SEC upset on the road.

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