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On the Issue of Terone Johnson

I'm seeing a lot of unbridled criticism and support for the brothers Johnson in the comments, and I thought I'd weigh in with some perspective. For the record I don't think Ronnie needs defending;...


E'twaun to get more playing time

According to ESPN, the Orlando E'twaun Moores Magic just traded J.J. Reddick to the Milwaukee Drafted Glenn Robinsons Bucks. J.J. and E'twaun have been jousting for PT more or less all year, so...

E'Twaun lighting it up in Summer League opener


3'Twaun put up 16 w/ 4 assists, listed by C's website as best performance (along w/ Sully). Didn't say anything about JJ. Link on the RHS of page of Red Button throwing one down,

Possibly more good news for Hummel


So according to ESPN the T'Wolves are looking to give up Derrick Williams in order to get Pau Gasol. I haven't watched much of Minny, but given that Williams is only 6'8" I imagine he spends most of his time at the 3, which will be Robbie's position in the pros. If this trade were made (rhyme not intended) then Minnesota would be a better team and Robbie would have that much less competition for PT. They're also supposedly trying to move Beasley, although who they would get for him (and at what position) I don't know.


pathetic, and you ought to be ashamed

Okay, I'm irratated about the refusal of the refs to allow defense against Zeller, or to concede that just *maybe* a loose ball out of bounds might go to Purdue; but that's secondary. What I'm...


Actually feeling kind of bad-ish for the Hoosiers

According to The Crimson Quarry writer John M. Maurice Creek suffered another major injury, a torn  Achilles Tendon. This bothers me for a couple reasons: 1.) Empathy- We know what its like to see...


student tickets

I'm an incoming transfer student and I was wondering how to go about applying for student tickets. I was supposed to get something in the mail about general school info. but I was accepted 2 weeks...


Corruption at Indiana Elite/2012 IU Recruit Perea?

First time poster, (Hello,world!) long time lurker. Reading an article on espn.com about possible improprieties at Indiana Elite (whoulda thunk it?) and their seemingly a little too close for...

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