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Let's not blame Nellie so soon

I've been saying how he really sucks as a coach too but lets take a look at what he's done so far: 2006-07 Right when Nelly came in he played the mad scientist and got us into the playoffs with...


Possible Anthony Randolph Blockbuster trade?

The Golden State Warriors have yet to receive an attractive offer for Anthony Randolph, according to Yahoo Sports, which means teams may still be scrambling to put together a package for the...


Another front office mistake...

Another one bites the dust... Thanks to our beloved front office we've yet again blew up our team. This seasons future looks like a complete bust already after only the 1st quarter and it's of...

The Warriors are having fun again w/out Jackson


Front page of ESPN. It's great to see Ellis getting recognized for the monster games he's been having.


I think it's time that we finally hand over the team to Monta

There has been so much talk about Monta the past couple of months that we forgot how good he really was. We signed him to a $66 million contract for a reason, and that reason was because we wanted...


Is it just me or are you guys also noticing

That the coaching staff, players, and fans are showing way more excessive body language and facial expressions whenever a foul is being called? Yes, I'm trying to make a point that everyone is...


Imagine if Lebron signed with the Clippers next season

I just read on ESPN insider: "Leading the way in cap room? The New Jersey Nets. Depending on what the cap settles at, they could have between $21.3-24.9 million in cap space. They're followed in...


Kings to SJ? (unreliable source)

One of my best friends dad works for the city of San Jose and he said Sacramento Kings is going to come to San Jose for at least 1 year before they are bought out by a new owner as we all should...


How are your feelings towards "Captain" Jack? -poll attached

After all this media attention Jackson is getting I want to know how people feel about our captain now that he wants to be traded. Yes, he may be the "best" or rather most complete player on a...

TK at it again *RUMOR* Monta could get traded to Mavs for scrubs


So the most hated blogger of all time is at it again. Poor old Tim has outdone himself again and knows that he'll get his hits if he blogs about the most controversial subject the fans have been discussing lately. Here is what was posted on ESPN insider rumors. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News thinks Monta Ellis could be traded to the Dallas Mavericks if they would send short-term deals back and if the Warriors would be happy taking a major talent hit just to dump Ellis' contract, which has 5 years and $55M remaining. Kawakami writes, "For all the energy the Warriors have placed in telling us that Monta is their centerpiece and all the sweat issued to dispute my reports that he's unhappy ... well, I could very much see Don Nelson working hard to trade Ellis."

Rookies sing happy bday to Randolph


I know it's old but I feel like I haven't been getting an adequate GSOM fix lately so I had to search for things on my own and came across this... Maybe someday this footage will be part of a HOF video ;)


Another Conference with Riley and Rowell coming up in person

As most of you know the Dubs organization held a conference call a few weeks ago with season ticket holders so that they can answer any questions that fans may have concerning the direction the...


Conference Call coming up with Rowell and Riley this Thursday

So I just got off the phone with another warriors sales rep and he was trying to get me to renew my tickets again for like the 5th time even though I made it clear to them that I didn't have any...


Enough of this drama, lets look to next season!

So ok I'm pretty tired of seeing all of these drama for your mama posts. I know the teams in a pinch right now but come on guys they are obviously trying their best to fix this team for next...


Monta for Boozer?

Since Monta "wants" to be traded do you think Utah would give boozer up? I mean come on, Paul Millsap is putting up pretty much the same numbers; all he needed was the playing time. Think about...


Monta Addresses his Scooter accident

So Monta finally talks to the press about his scooter accident. This was posted on ESPN insider. Here are some quotes from Ellis. "While management and I do not agree on their actions," Ellis said...


Game Vs Portland today

So today they are playing the almighty Portland Trailblazers. These guys look like they can do some serious damage in the west this season. They have bodies that we don't do too well against. But...


Bored... Pre-season line ups

What do you guys think would be a fun line-up to tryout during Pre-season? I haven't seen many new threads so been bored. Lineup 1: PG:Anthony Randolph SG:Jackson SF:Magette PF:Harrington...


Monta Ellis - 08-09 starting pg

Monta is one of the most talented players in the NBA and honestly I don't think anyone can guard him 1on1. Monta can score on anyone and well Nelly knows that so of course he wants the ball mostly...


CJ Watson movement

Why isn't anyone talking about CJ Watson? This guy put up beast numbers while he was in the D-League and honestly... Basketball is basketball. If you can put those numbers up against people that...

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