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Send Lucas Hann to a Playoff Game

Lucas Hann has worked tirelessly for the Clips Nation community. He's helped to keep us abreast of breaking news, shared his insights, and given us plenty of material to debate and argue, all...


Rethinking Barkley

Could Charles Barkley Be Less of an Idiot than We Think?


Great KA/ESPN Piece on the Evolution of Blake Griffin

Since it doesn't look like anyone else has posted this yet, I thought I'd do it here. Our old friend Kevin Arnovitz today filed a pretty lengthy piece on Blake Griffin, talking about the team's...


Is Eric Bledsoe in a George Hill Situation?

Reading this article by Zach Lowe, which looks back on the George Hill-for-Kawhi Leonard deal, I was struck by how similar the Spurs' situation was to the one we're in right now with Eric Bledsoe....


POLL: Who do you trust to make the best decisions?

Some people here feel like it's a mistake to give too much say to a star player -- letting the inmates run the asylum, as it were. Others think that a certain Point God is truly almighty. So let's...


Kevin Arnovitz's take on Vinny

Always love seeing KA's perspective on big Clippers news. Some good inside info here, as well as his usual keen analysis. It's not all Vinny love or Vinny bashing but a good honest look at his...


One for the Oldest-School Clippers fans

Click this link for a great article on the Clippers origins in San Diego. This perfectly describes why I fell for this team as a 9-year-old kid in 1978, and how the legacy of pain and heartbreak...


Zach Lowe Absolutely Nails It

I'm excerpting the relevant graphs of his piece from today's Grantland (link to full article here), because he perfectly describes the situation facing the Clippers as the trade deadline...

Adande with a love letter to the Clips' offseason moves


How do the Clippers know they've arrived? When the guys famous for kissing Laker butt start puckering up to them ...

Grizz give away their bench


Instead of trading Gay or Randolph to get under the luxury-tax line, Memphis decides to see if it can win a title without a bench, handing Cleveland its best reserve big man and best reserve wing (the latter also the only halfway-decent deep threat they have besides Conley).


Three Reasons Why the Clips Are Better than OKC

I'm pretty sure the Mayans were right. We all died last week and now we're in Clippers Heaven. How else to explain the 14-game winning streak? Magic Johnson calling us the rightful heirs to...


No more Hollinger!

Everyone's least-favorite NBA columnist is leaving ESPN to take a front-office job with the Grizzlies. As a Clippers' fan, I can't help but view this as a two-fer. Not only does it mean that we're...


Kevin Arnovitz drops some truth on ESPN.com

Remember the good old days when we had TWO great writers covering the Clippers on a daily basis? Thank God Steve hasn't moved on to greener pastures yet, but I sure do miss KA. His latest E...

Arash on the Clips-Lakers rivalry


Interesting piece. Best part is the quote from Vinny near the top. My respect for him just went up.

Even that D-bag Markazi thinks CP3 is gonna stay


Try as he might, Laker-loving ESPN Clippers beat writer Arash Markazi can't muster a cogent argument for Chris Paul leaving the team, and pretty much admits that, barring catastrophe, CP3 will be resigning with the Clips at the end of the season.

Kevin Love: "I Am Kind of Becoming a Huge D-Bag"


After his game-winning shot and subsequent look-at-me pose against the Clippers last year, some Citizens began expressing the opinion that Love was turning into a cocky jag, while others suggested that it was a normal celebration of a big-time play. I have been on the fence about Love -- until reading this. To me, talking about your team (and, by extension, your teammates) this way when a) the franchise seems to be headed in the right direction behind two young stars, and b) you just signed a four-year extension and have yet to play a single game since is totally out of line. Love's ego seems to be growing larger by the minute, and apparently spending the summer with the fellas on Team USA isn't helping matters any. Count me among the haters.

Ramona on why CP3 chose Blake


God I wish we hadn't made that stupid trade in which we gave away EJ for a short point guard with a bum knee ...

Great breakdown of Blake's game on Grantland


For those who can handle the truth, Jay Caspian King breaks down Blake's shortcomings on the offensive end. He may be our deity, but he's also still a work in progress...

Very interesting dissection of the Clippers by Hollinger


Some of it seems a little biased or outdated (the stuff about the D ignores the recent improvement, and his PER love makes him a bit too harsh on Reggie), but most of it (his assessments of the offense, the bench, and VDN) seems right on the money to me.

Paul and Mo both out today, but both will make the trip to Utah


Bummer, but perhaps slightly better news than expected, since it seems like we could possibly get one or the other back for the tougher game on the road.

Great take by KA on last night's game


It's nice to have Kevin back in the fold. Sounds like the team has the right attitude about this: Don't be satisfied with a sloppy 19-point win, but don't be disheartened either, especially when you consider how little of the playbook they've had a chance to install and how little they've gotten to play together so far to get a feel of each others' games.


Bryon Russell and the Clippers' "hole" at the 2 guard

Among those still having a hard time being happy on perhaps the greatest day in Clippers franchise history, a lot is being made of the "hole" that the trade of Eric Gordon has created at the...


CP3: Your best and final offer

There are nearly as many opinions on the value of Chris Paul for 2 years as there Citizens of the Nation. But in general, there appear to be 2 main camps: Those who wouldn't trade Eric Gordon under...


Eric Gordon is "untouchable" = Eric Gordon is "below average"

Both are equally absurd statements. People around here have gotten so polarized and entrenched in their opinions that it's starting to remind me of the Dems and the GOP.EJ is not now and never was...


J.J. Barea for $3MM per or thereabouts?

With EBled potentially out for a bit, and in some ways more of a combo than a pure 1 anyway, is there any sense to maybe tossing a smallish, 2- or 3-year contract offer to Barea? I kinda hate him,...


[POLL] Straight up: EJ or CP3?

Yes, there have been other polls, but none of them went straight to the heart of the matter. If you had to choose between Eric Gordon and Chris Paul, who would you choose? We're not talking trade...

Who's Better: Blake or KD?


Whether or not you agree with the conclusion, an interesting read from ESPN Magazine's Chris Palmer.


When advanced metrics lie

The following is from Bill SImmons' latest column. Those of you who feel he is just a humorist who knows nothing about the NBA can feel free to ignore. But for those who might think that the author...

The big unanswered question: Was it Jax or was it John R.


Knife-wielding man arrested on court at Staples before Clips-Cavs.

Clips in on Crash


Bobcats want to move him by the deadline, and have "aggressively courted" the Clippers (whatever the hell that means).

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