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Ravens we know are never more


The Ravens looked awful in Houston. The Patriots looked about as good as the Jets. That doesn't bode well for the AFC, but gives plenty to talk about in the Monday Morning Jones.


'Bomani & Jones' decodes NFL player introductions

When Atari Bigby introduced himself on SNF as from the "University of Jah Rastafari," it may have been the greatest introduction ever. Here's a guide to translating what players really mean when they shout out their alma maters.

Monday Morning Jones: Were those the real Giants?


Were those the real New York Giants? How about the Packers? And can anyone on the Yankees get it done at the plate? That and the rest of the weekend in the Monday Morning Jones.

'Bomani Cares Squat' about the BCS standings

The first BCS standings were released Sunday night. Here at "Bomani & Jones," we figured we'd give you our own BCS Standings. Why not? It'll mean just as much as what we've got.


Bomani & Jones: The NFL's 5 most overpaid players

The "Bomani & Jones" list of the most overpaid players in the NFL. Here's a hint for No. 1 -- after getting $10 million guaranteed, he hasn't played a down all year. Now that is a man who should wear a mask on payday.

This week's question about Peyton Manning


The Monday Morning Jones covers Manning, the Steelers' stand in Week 5 and more.

Choking in Chicago


The U.S. team fell apart in the Ryder Cup. The Eagles held it together. And the Jets? It actually got worse. Let's wrap the weekend with the Monday Morning Jones.

What if Peyton is just average?


Will Peyton Manning get better? Can the replacement officials get any worse? And is this the week before it starts coming apart for the Jets? Those questions answered -- and more -- in the new Monday Morning Jones.


Peyton Manning: A Post-Surgical Timeline

New contract, no physical? Only Peyton Manning gets a deal like that in the NFL. 'Bomani & Jones' walks us through the last 18 months in Manning.

Steady As We Roll: Are Dominant 49ers NFL's Best Team?


It was a good weekend for the Jim Harbaugh coaching tree, with the 49ers and Stanford winning. But let's not forget David Shaw. That, two ways to look at the Eagles, and the rest of the weekend in the Monday Morning Jones.


Tips For The NFL's Replacement Refs

The NFL replacement refs are listening to coaches too much and not laying down the law enough. They are acting like substitute teachers. 'Bomani and Jones' brought in a real teacher to give some advice to the replacement referees.


Questions Answered: Peyton Manning, RGIII Silence The Doubters

Peyton Manning is back. Robert Griffin III is here. And for at least one day, Mark Sanchez matters a lot more than Tim Tebow. It's the return of the Monday Morning Jones.


'Hard Knocks' Still Worth Watching, Even Without Chad Johnson

The Dolphins wrote out the biggest star of this season's "Hard Knocks" before episode 3. What's left? Lauren Tannehill and Les Brown, the Little Engine That Could Be A Great Storyline. And Lauren Tannehill.

YOLOlympics: The 2012 Summer Games Needs A Nickname

The only thing missing from the 2012 Olympics is a good nickname for the Games. Bomani Jones attempts to give it one.

Bigger Than Bolt: Jamaican Track Is The Story Of The 2012 Olympics

The Summer Olympics have ended, and most people have missed what's really the big story. That, Rory McIlroy's weekend at Kiawah Island and the end of Chad Johnson's career (?) in today's Monday Morning Jones.

Usain Bolt Owns These Olympics

Despite what Michael Phelps and others accomplished in these Games, Usain Bolt is the biggest story the the Summer Olympics. Here are five reasons why.

Did Lolo Jones Clear The Olympic Village Hurdle?

American star Lolo Jones will attempt to clear a literal hurdle on the track, but did she get over the hurdle of being stuck in the Olympic village for a week?

Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt And The Greatest Olympian Ever

Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt are two of the most dominant Olympians ever. Is either the greatest Olympian of all-time? Time to answer everything from the weekend, except that, in the Monday Morning Jones.

Olympic Team Gets Stuck With Fake Nike Gear, And We Can All Relate

Every American teenager has experienced what can happen when your parents buy the clothes that "look just like" the gear all the other kids are wearing. Unfortunately, Egypt had to go through this first day of school routine in front of the entire wo

Olympics Opening Ceremony Taught Us 5 Things About The World

NBC used its coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony on Friday night to teach America five super important facts about the rest of the world.

Michael Phelps Is No Longer The Best, And That's Fine

The Summer Olympics are here, just in time for Michael Phelps and NBC to disappoint America. Everyone needs to get over both. That and more in this week's Monday Morning Jones.

Advice For Penn State's Bill O'Brien: Quit

A new "Bomani & Jones" to lend head coach Bill O'Brien some moral support, job advice (quit!) and suggestions on what to do if Penn State tries to make him pay that reported $4 million buyout.

The NCAA's thirst for blood

A four-year bowl ban, a $60 million fine, and 14 years of vacated wins leaves Penn State a ruined football program. The NCAA had the rare opportunity to rain punishment on a team, writes Bomani Jones, and they didn't waste it.


Kobe Bryant Vs. Kyrie Irving? Oh, It's Still On

If Kyrie Irving thinks his broken hand is gonna get him out of his one-on-one game against Kobe Bryant, then he is sadly mistaken.

Introducing The Homeboy Hall Of Fame

Never heard of the Homeboy Hall of Fame? Well you have now thanks to the latest episode of "Bomani & Jones".

Joe Paterno Earned That Statue

Joe Paterno was treated like a deity, but he was never perfect, even before the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Still, he deserves that statue on Penn State's campus. Bomani explains that and more in this week's Monday Morning Jones.


Dwight Howard Needs To Make Houston His Home

Bomani Jones explains why Houston is the most logical place for Dwight Howard to go.


The Dwight Howard Debacle May Finally Be Over

In case you forgot, Serena Williams is the best female tennis player in the world. Roger Federer's on top again. And Chael Sonnen...he just got his behind kicked. That and the rest of the weekend is in The Monday Morning Jones.

Big Pimpin': College Football Playoffs Still Don't Help Players

Fans rejoiced with the announcement that college football will decide its national champion with a four-team playoff. But with all the new money potentially flowing from the decision, will the presidents and commissioners think about the players?

Is Tiger Woods Back? That, And Other Key Questions From The Weekend


We just can't get away from asking that question about Tiger Woods, just like we can't get away from Dwight Howard and his foolishness. All that, plus more, in the Monday Morning Jones.

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