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Biding time 'til the next time somebody fires me. If you work here, please don't take this as an invitation.

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Watch 'Bomani & Jones' And Get Your Copy Of The Bobby Petrino Book Of Lies

With Bobby Petrino out of a job after being fired by Arkansas, Bomani Jones helps come up with a new way for the former coach to make some cash.

When Bobby Petrino Lies, And When He Tells The Truth

Most people thought Bobby Petrino was a liar. Now, with the release of a statement from the Arkansas State Police, we know what kind of liar he is: the kind who only tells the truth if there's no...

Bubba Watson's Memorable Masters Won't Distract Us From Laughing At Bobby Petrino

The fantastic finish at the Masters was the only thing that could top the building disaster at Arkansas. But we'll be right back to laughing at Bobby Petrino right after that.

VIDEO: 'Bomani & Jones' Offers A Helpful Guide To College Basketball Players


'Bomani & Jones' is back with a new episode in which he offers a handy guide to college basketball players who are "weighing their options."

The 2012 NCAA Championship Game Is All About John Calipari


Monday night is John Calipari's best chance to become a champion or spend one more year as "the best coach never to win a title." And he better. That and more from the weekend in the Monday Morning...

Watch 'Bomani & Jones': Great Moment In BEATEMDOWN History, And Most Hyped Backup QB Ever


On the latest episode of "Bomani & Jones", we relive UNLV's classic BEATEMDOWN against Duke and get introduced to the biggest backup QB in New York City.

Final Four 2012 Predictions: Kentucky, Ohio State Will Meet Monday

Who will play for the National Championship on Monday night? Bomani Jones answers that with his his 2012 Final Four predictions.

The 2012 Final Four Gets Dream Game With Kentucky Vs. Louisville

The NCAA Tournament has provided a perfect Final Four scenario with the biggest rivalry in college hoops -- Kentucky vs. Louisville -- taking center stage in New Orleans.


VIDEO: 'Bomani & Jones' Ponders How Tim Tebow Was Traded

This week's episode of "Bomani & Jones" imagines how John Elway was able to trade Tim Tebow, looks at the remaining NCAA Tournament field and more.

NCAA Tournament Opens Up Perfectly For Kentucky, Kansas While Duke Flames Out (Again)

The Monday Morning Jones offers the good, bad and ugly of the NCAA Tournament -- the ugly's mostly Duke -- and a look at the quarterback of the moment on the free agent market ... Alex Smith?

VIDEO: 'Bomani & Jones', Featuring The Hater's Guide To The NCAA Tournament And More


The NCAA Tournament has started. Everyone is excited! Except for "Bomani & Jones", which will be hating. Hey, everybody's going to lose but one team anyway, right? After that, we've got the most...

Is This The Least Controversial NCAA Tournament Field Ever?

The top three seeds in the NCAA Tournament lost in their conference tournaments. Here's why that doesn't matter, more on the NCAA Tournament, and why RG3 in Washington could be a perfect fit.

VIDEO: 'Bomani & Jones' Presents The Donald Sterling Black History Bonanza


The latest installment of "Bomani and Jones" has fun with the awfulness of Clippers owner Donald Sterling.


Peyton Manning Will Be Released; Let's Make Uninformed Guesses Where He'll Go Next

No one has any idea where Peyton Manning will play next year after the Colts release him. But people keep asking, so here are some answers. Whether they make sense or not.


Bounties Aren't The Only Reason The Saints And Gregg Williams Should Be Afraid

Bounties may be at the root of the Saints scandal, but they should be the least of the NFL's concerns on the matter. That, plus LeBron James' weekend, MLB's new gimmick and much more in this week's...

VIDEO: 'Bomani & Jones' Episode 1 Is Here To BEATEMDOWN


The premier of "Bomani & Jones" has arrived! In the first episode of this weekly show, Bomani discusses the knockout scored by Ryan Braun and the MLBPA against Bud Selig. And some other stuff, too.


The NBA All-Star Game And NFL Combine Battle For Weekend's Best Exhibition

What do the NFL Combine and NBA All-Star Weekend have in common? Both are more fun to talk about than actually watch. Here's that, and the rest of the weekend's sporting happenings.


What Are The Knicks Going To Do About Carmelo Anthony?

Following a loss to the Miami Heat on Thursday, the Knicks are now 1-2 since Carmelo Anthony returned from injury. So what are Jeremy Lin and Mike D'Antoni going to do to get the Knicks best player...


Linsanity Continues! And Nine Lesser Phenomena From The Weekend

We recap the weekend in sports, where the Jeremy Lin Phenomenon builds both on and off the court, Ohio State continues to baffle, the Clips improve, and much more.

The Most Lin-sane Thing To Happen This Weekend, And Nine More Thoughts


Believe it or not, Jeremy Lin wasn't the only guy to play this weekend. From Kentucky's dominance to Tiger's terrible round at Pebble Beach, here's a look back at the first post-football weekend of...


Ricky Williams Retires, Leaving Behind Enigmatic Legacy

Ricky Williams retired after 11 NFL seasons, five more than he ever intended to play. Still, we'll remember him as a person and enigma more than as a football player.

Super Bowl XLVI, Tom Brady, And The Confusing Pantheon Of QB Greatness

Tom Brady had a chance to join the class of Joe Montana. Instead, it looks like he's behind Eli Manning. Who isn't as good as Peyton. Whom Brady dominated. Are you confused yet?

You Down With JPP? Or Feeling O-L-D?


Like many of you, I'm trying to figure out what's so Whiskey Tango Foxtrot about the "JPP" song NBC played going into a commercial. See, it's like "O.P.P.," but it's "J.P.P." And if that wasn't...

Steve Weatherford: Your Next Super Bowl MVP?


Go ahead and laugh at the super-duper-hype punter, Steve Weatherford, if you want. But after that Tom Brady safety, you've got to credit him for those two points, right? There was heat on Brady,...

Josh Hamilton Relapses, But Is That Our Business?


Who else is uncomfortable with receiving an alert whenever someone sees Josh Hamilton take a drink?

Peyton Manning The Politician Is Cleared To Play


Peyton Manning, The Politician, is medically cleared to play. The problem? He still can't throw.

Don Cornelius Died, But Magic Johnson On Soul Train Will Live Forever


Don Cornelius, creator of Soul Train, died on Wednesday, but this clip of Magic Johnson on the show will live on forever.

The tragedy of Allen Iverson

After a judge garnished Allen Iverson's bank account to pay a debt, it became clearer that his tragedy is coming full circle. And that's heartbreaking to someone who grew up at the peak of his...

Is Eli Manning Better Than Peyton? And Other Questions Following Championship Sunday

Is Eli Manning better than Peyton Manning? Looking back at the day that was and forward to the Super Bowl with that question and six others from Sunday.

Joe Paterno's Death Leaves LaVar Arrington And Others With Lots Left To Say

As former Penn State Nittany Lions like LaVar Arrington deal with Joe Paterno's death, others are considering his legacy. The answer depends on whether you truly knew JoePa, or just what you were...

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