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The Wright Decade: Ten Years with the captain!

The first attempt to aquire a good 3rd baseman, 1970- The mets trade Amos Otis to the Royals for Joe Foy. 1971- Amos Otis becomes a star. Joe Foy is out of baseball. The second attempt...


The "Struggles" of Noah Syndergaard.

As most people who haven't been living on Mars with their fingers in their ears now know, Noah Syndergaard, has a 5.70 ERA in AAA Las Vegas. As most people who's name isn't Terry Collins knows,...


Trying to figure out the trade value of Bartolo Colon.

The way i (like/ love to) look at it is this... Last year Bartolo Colon had a 3.23 FIP in the AL. In 2012 R.A. Dickey had a 3.27 FIP in the NL. We traded Dickey for John Buck, Travis d'Arnaud , N...

Highly rec'd!


I'm Bomo who commented at the bottom.


Mets win game six 5-2!

New York-- Behind a brilliant pitching performance today by Jon Niese the Mets took game 6 of the 2015 World Series from the Angels by a score of 5-2! It all started in the 3rd inning when...


One week final draft preview!- The Mets final options! (Updated: now includes Mock draft!!!)

It is now exactly one week away from the 2014 MLB first year player draft, to the minute. This post is to see who the Mets might/ can take. This will be my last draft preview, here are my previous...

Fred Wilpon asked to sell the Mets.


A report indicates that Saul Katz nott only wanted to sell his part of the Mets, but also asked Fred to sell majority control. Unfortunately he said no. Fred wants Jeff to inherit the Mets. So we're stuck atleast until Jeff has control.


2014 MLB mock draft!

via I know i've been posting alot about the draft recently but i can explain. 1) It's fun. 2) I think i've been doing a pretty good job. 3) They are atleast somewhat...

More on Montero to Mets.


Of course we pretty much kew this already, but this shows that it isn't just speculation.

MLB mock draft.


Unfortunately it doesn't have the Mets taking Touki or Gatewood. Fortunately it has them taking...


One week later, my final draft choice(s).

Many of you may remember that, a little more than a week ago, i posted my top 50 draft prospects list. After that i have done some more research and have come up with my decision. Firstly i...


Draft preview. My top 50 players, and comparisons. Also important lessons on how the draft works.

The draft is one of the funnest parts of the year! We get to dream about our future! This list is the players on the top 50 But in my order. The scouting i looked on a umber of different...


What to do with Wilmer Flores?

In 2007 The Mets signed a five-tool shortstop Named Wilmer Flores. It is seven years later now and he has three of those tools, 1) He can hit, 2) He has some power, and 3) He can throw. But the...


5 Trades the Mets should atleast consider.

In this years free agency and trade market so far, the Mets have looked disapointed. It seems that, this year, you have to give, in order to get. So I suggest the Mets look into the following...


"The old ways are the best"-James Bond

1997-The MLB introduces interleague play between, the two separate leagues, the National league and the American league. Nowadays we are used to one league, the MLB. Inside this league there...


So the mets signed Chris Young. Now what?

The Mets have one new outfeilder, now what do they do? Well we still need some pitching, more outfieders and a shortstop. It seems the Mets greatest need is a shortstop. since we just signed...


AAOP: if money were less of an issue. and they spent up to 150M on payroll's again.

Well first we... 1)Rebuild rotation until Harvey comes back. A)Sign Bartolo Colon to A 1 year 8M dollar deal with a team option of 10M for a second year, with A .5M buyout. B)Sign Phil...


M.V.P.- what does VALUABLE mean?

The voters for years have been picking the m.v.p. by goodness of the team. but is it right? the award came about when a car company decided to give a car to the player with the highest batting...


AAOP: rethought etc. again...

I've done this before, so lets just get down to business. 1)Sign Shin Soo Choo- 6 years, 100m, about 16m per. 2)Sign Curtis Granderson- 3 years, 45m, 15m per 3)Sign Phil Hughes- 2...


AAOP: rethought, revised, and improved

1)Trade Vic Black, Lucas Duda, Peter Bourjos, and Cesar Puello, to Texas for... Elvis Andrus, and one average relief pitcher. trade Wilmer Flores, and Jacob Degrom to the Angels for Peter...


A mlb offseason game!!! (no prises)

pick the top 10 players this offseason who you think will get the most money this goes by total contract not year average. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A FREE AGENT!!! if you want to guess a...


AAOP: what the mets SHOULD do.

I think the Mets should 1)Sign Curtis Granderson to a 3 year deal worth 10m per year. 2)Trade Jon Neise, Wilmer Flores, and Matt Den Dekker to the Angels for Peter Bourjos, Tommy Hanson (1.75m paid...

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