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SIS: The government will FORCE you to get an RFID implant! #reds

OK OK I know this sin't Reds related exactly BUT it is because the reds are people in the United States and so are we and there are some thins people just need to know about. So i did some...


SIS: Who in the world was Ronald Torreyes

Granted, this is a very ignorant position I'm taking. But I've become a very casual fan over the last year or so because I haven't been able to obsess over all the little nuts and bolts like I used...


SIS - Happens to be the Home Run Derby edition

Tonight is some kind of home run hitting exhibition thing, whatever. Basically it means there's no real baseball today. Which is weird. So if you're used to coming to Red Reporter to waste time,...

Game 77: Part II


It's not my place, but there's way too many comments on the first thread. And hopefully at least another inning of baseball to play. 4-4, Bottom 10.


Jay Bruce is the hottest hitter in the National League

Oh hello Jay Bruce.


DO NOT CHALLENGE ME: Why Marty Brennaman is still a lot of fun

So by now I'm assuming most folks have heard about Marty's takedown of Cardinals Joe Pettini, Gerald Laird and "that infantile" Dave Duncan for Sunday's Coco Cordero incident. If not, click that...


Jim Edmonds sounds off on the Cincinnati Reds

  Jim Edmonds was a fan favorite during his time with the Cincinnati Reds last season. Perhaps no player has been as beloved since Pete Rose and Johnny Bench. Edmonds went on St. Louis radio today...


Top O' the Mortem: BK, Zsa Zsa hold on

We had no deaths after the last update and before the end of the year, so these are the final standings. BK gets $190, I technically get $20, although I'm never going to see NYCredsfan's entry fee...


Top O' the Mortem: Bereavementness is next to Godliness

In a matter of days we've had some big movement in our little pool: Elizabeth Edwards succumbed to a shitty and much publicized battle with cancer, and Bob Feller died tonight at 92. As we go into...


Top O' the Mortem: You've got to bereave

Since the last post at the end of the summer, there have been five casualties that have paid great dividends to some of our contestants. Most notably, Barbara Billingsley (aka June Cleaver) helped...


Top o' the Mortem: nlt-andrew makes his move

It was the most active coupla months in bereveament pool history. Most of the action came from three very popular picks: Sen. Robert Byrd, legendary basketball coach John Wooden and renowned evil Y...


USA-England World Cup thread

I'm probably the last person who should put up this thread, seeing's how I don't know the first thing about soccer, but if I'm gonna watch this thing it would be nice if there were some RR...


Top o' the Mortem: Easy Rider, Kids Say the Darndest Things and NOT Webster

Things started slow but picked up quite a bit of late. Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and Art Linkletter were among the recent falling stars, and with three correct picks so far, BK has taken the...


SIS: Your thoughts on LOST finale (SPOILERS likely)

I couldn't find a LOST discussion anywhere and, like most LOST fans, I am itching for a discussion. I have a ton of thoughts but am too tired to lay them all out, so I'll just hit a few points: 1)...


SIS: Misundahstood edition

This is a post about very serious business. Very serious business indeed. This is a post about going green, something we all take very seriously. But seriously, ever make a comment that you just...

Opening Day Game Thread: Part 4


Im no longer employed by the Red Reporter Union, but those guys don't seem to be around, so here you go.


Red Reporter NCAA Tournament Knockout Challenge

This post is meant as a companion to Caleb's excellent Redreporter Bracket Challenge. If you haven't set up your brackets yet, go to his diary fanpost and check it out. Instead of doing a bracket,...


Top o' the Mortem: 007000 and Operation Cyclone. Plus Rosters!

I've yet to receive all the money, so no picture of this year's official Bereavement Folder yet, but trust me, it will be pretty. Usually I go through every selection and make sure everyone's still...


Super Bowl XLIV

  It's only five hours away, and since pregame coverage started almost four hours ago, I don't think it's too early for a Colts-Saints thread. So here are some ideas to ruminate on before the...


Top o' the Mortem: Reminder

Tomorrow is the deadline for this year's bereavement pool, and I've still got quite a few outstanding accounts. So far, here is the list of folks from whom I've received picks AND money: boobsb...


Bereavement 2010: Top o' the Mortem

Here we go. Brian B showed us the way in 2009, scratching off 8 names from his list and taking home $180, the biggest pot in the history of the RedReporter bereavement pools. But this year's pool...


Bereavement 2010 -- Sign up now!

Here's another call-out for Bereavement 2010 players. So far this is who has expressed interest: boobsboobs' momboobs' coworker steveboobs' coworker briancrolferbrian bbrian b's wifetHanr...


Graveheart: The "B" stands for "Bereavement" plus a look at 2010

It was the most active year in the history of the Red Reporter bereavement game, but after a furious start to the year, Brian B waited out the year with few celebrity deaths in the past few months...



About three and a half hours from the Louisville-Kentucky men's collegiate basketball game that Dave from Louisville and JCH have looked forward to all year. This is the day when Preston Knowles...


SIS: Top 100 pop songs of the decade

There are plenty of people who know about lots of different music on here. I'm not one. I listen to pop radio and whatever my friends tell me they think I'll like.  So my list of the top 100 pop...


Spaghetti arms! This is my gravesite, this is your gravesite

It's only been a couple weeks since the last bereavement update, but there's been a lot of action. Most notably, the beautiful and talented Patrick Swayze; also Gertrude Baines, the world's oldest...


Graveheart: The bereavement shall never die

We've had quite a few passings since the last update. We must be getting a lot better at this, because there's a lot more names on the top lists, and it's only August. Nearly everyone's on the...


From a friend at Red Reporter

Hi all. My name's Rick, my friends and I are planning our annual roadtrip starting next week. We usually hit up a bunch of minor league parks along the way and make plenty of time for post-game...

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