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DBD 7.22.14 you down with dbd?

Army with harmony Dave drop a load on 'em DBD, how can I explain it I'll take you frame by frame it To have y'all jumpin' shall we singin' it O is for Other, P is for People scratchin' temple...


DBD 6.10.14 77 days until...

Cal football! Woo! Go Bears! Here is a list of Cal players in the NFL, per ESPN: Lorenzo Alexander Keenan Allen Tyson Alualu C.J. Anderson Bryan Anger Marc Anthony Brendan Bigelow Keith...


DBD 3.25.14 The DBD we deserve

Since it's nearly 9 and no one has posted a DBD, here is the DBD we deserve, not the one we need nor want. MEN'S STYLE BLOG SARTORIALIST MEN'S STYLE BLOG SARTORIALIST MEN'S STYLE BLOG S...



Cal vs Utah Valley in the NITCal vs Utah Valley in the NITCal vs Utah Valley in the NITCal vs Utah Valley in the NITCal vs Utah Valley in the NITCal vs Utah Valley in the NITCal vs Utah Valley in...


DBD 11.12.13 Recommend a website

No drawn out story today, I apologize (or you're welcome, depending on your perspective). All of us at CGB have diverse interests, passions, and browsing habits. If you could recommend one...


DBD 10.28.13 Greetings from SFO!

Today, I'm starting my next project (likely to be ~6-9mo) at a client in Seattle. Should be a good time! I'm especially excited because this is my first travel case and I've been wanting to do that...


DBD 8.08.13 Greetings from work

Dear CGB, Please tell my boss to finish his slides so I can go home. It's 2am and there's no need to be here. Also, please tell him that I'm totally not wasting time while he resizes font labels,...


DBD 7.12.13 An ode to #sharknado

Most of you have probably heard of Syfy. It's a channel that purportedly specializes in Science Fiction programming. In reality, it's become a popular destination for terrible straight to TV...


DBD 6.06.13 Snooze!

I got home at 1am last night (work, not fun, boo!) and had a 9am meeting. So, this morning I had a real reason to wake up on time. Still, when my alarm started playing this morning at 7am (r...


DBD 2.21.13 Extra, extra, read all about it!

Rapid fire breaking news from your on the scene CGB correspondent, boomtho. Some stories may involve CGB personalities - but who?! An older man was walking down the streets of Berkeley (OK,...


DBD 9.14.12 Friday funday

It's 8:30 and there's no DBD and I'm freaking out and I have to get to 150 characters or else there will be neither quantity nor quality, and don't even get me started on the inanity, BLARGH. /...


DBD 8.14.12 All hail the glorious DBD

Vacations are awesome, coming back from vacations is not so awesome. Even after a week, you get out of that "work rhythm" which lets you breeze through the day with as little crying and/or fitful...


DBD 7.11.12 Gifts!

Everyone loves receiving gifts. That is one of boomtho's theorems. Anyway, gifts are on my mind because my birthday is coming up and my friends & ms. boomtho have been asking what I want. I'm...


DBD 6.14.12 Herman Cain is a f****** magician

So, you guys have heard of Herman Cain, right? Successful businessman, GOP flavor of the month, weird ad creator? Yeah, that Herman Cain. Well, prepare yourselves, bunker down, sit down, grip...


DBD 6.5.12 Cruises for non-ancient people

Hi CGB, did you miss me? I was on a 3 day cruise from scenic, sunny industrial, functional Long Beach. I had gone on two cruises with my family before: a 4 day to the Bahamas (Carnival) and a 10...


DBD 5.17.12 CGB wordcloud

So, I imagine some of you have seen wordclouds. For the 0.1% of you haven't, they are visual depictions of word frequencies in a speech, block of text, etc. They're all the rage for corporate...


DBD 5.11.12 Small joys in life - work edition

Totally stealing from Rishi's DBD, but with a twist (no, not the honking, scarved double-breasted specimen we know as Twist). What are the small joys in your work life that keep you going during...


DBD 4.24.12 First dates

Hi there. My name's boomtho. [inaudible] What's that? See Gee Bee? Nice to meet you. That's a really unique name. Almost like some deranged honking lawyer took a lot of chicken salad and chocolate...


DBD 4.20.12 What are you doing this weekend?

I'm avoiding 2 things by making this DBD: Trying to save Rishi from having to write it; dude has been straight beastin' lately. Trying to avoid a "4.20 lol ston3r" DBD So, CGB, what are your...


DBD 3.15.12 Lost scenes from the LOLhio meet-up

An unkempt, smelly, grad student is standing on the curb (hi TBB!). Suddenly a ballista silver Audi rolls up and the window rolls down. "You TheBuckeyeBear?" a mysterious voice calls out. "Yes". "...


DBD 11.22.11 Black Friday

Captain obvious here, but Black Friday is coming up. Which means that lots of Americans will flock to malls to buy a lot of shit that they don't need. It truly is an American holiday. In this...


DBD 8.24.11 boomtho goes to Europe

Holyshitit's7:50andthere'snoDBD. /breathes OK, since this is all I can think to write up, here's what I did in Europe with my parents and little (wow he's 17) brother. From Munich:   Hella...


DBD 7.28.11 DBD II: Electric Boogaloo

This is the sequel to Twist's one word DBD that was posted on the 27th and titled for the 28th. This one has all the things you expect out of a high-budget sequel. For example, the last DBD didn't...


DBD 7.19.11 Cal Trivia

As promised, here's a DBD to help Twist out. However, I'm feeling particularly uncreative, so here are some questions pulled from the internet about our esteemed alma mater (oh shit I can say that...


DBD 6.22.11 Summer Movies

Summer is the time for brainless, blockbuster, CGI-on-steroids movies. Here is a list of some of said movies. Already released: Fast Five Thor X-Men Super 8 Green Lantern Pirates of the Caribbean...


DBD 6.17.11 Father's Day 2011!

Hi CGB, let's discuss Father's Day. Some questions for your perusal: (1) What are you getting, if anything, for your father, grandfather, father figure, etc? (2) If you are a dad, what do you...


DBD 6.10.11 CGB Happy Hour: The Preview

My sources ("little birds" as Varys would say) have gathered advanced intelligence of CGB Happy Hour may unfold. The scene follows!   [Scene: A pretty empty bar. A few random individuals are...


DBD 6.1.11 Favorite Vacation

Inspired by the Memorial Day 3-day weekend, I was thinking about my favorite vacations (or more generally, where I've been). I'm not some huge jetsetter, but I've been to the following places: I...


DBD 5.11.11: Thank you, Cal.

My last final was yesterday at 7pm. I'm not usually nostalgic, but it makes it real that it's all coming to an end. So, a list of things I'm thankful for, after the jump.  


DBD 4.11.11 CGB Drinking Games

So I was watching the HIMYM episode where they make a drinking game out of Robin's morning show. It got me thinking of what a CGB drinking game would look like, since CGB is definitely filled with...

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