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Thoughts on next years bench

We know next year we will definitely be looking to upgrade our bench. We have the worst bench in the last 15 years both offensively and defensively according to hoopstats. Our bench is the lowest...


Terry Stotts, league leader in rookie development

There seems to be an implication every once in a while in posts and comments that Stotts is sacrificing player development for a win now attitude. The evidence people continually bring up is the...


Should Portland retain Adam Morrison?

This is a little early but Morrison looked to be the best wing-player on our bench in our first pre-season game. He certainly was a better offensive spark than Nolan or Babbitt. Defense was meh,...

Are people still sleeping on will barton?

Best tidbit I missed earlier: Neil Olshey seemed to confirm this at Barton’s introductory press conference, when he revealed that Paul Allen had urged the front office to trade into the 20s to draft him and was overjoyed when he slipped to Portland in the second round.


Fantasy trade scenario

Let's assume Indy does the math and realizes they can't be financially viable with Hibbert and they can't be competitive without him. They decide they want to start rebuilding as fast as possible...


Why Indiana may not match

The issue for Indiana isn't whether the max-contract offered Hibbert is a good value or not. It's whether they can have a financially solvent team if they match. The problem is that while this...

revisiting Bowie (a dead horse from a new perspective)

Good article that argues that performance in college may be a predictor of NBA performance, more than size and how a player looks running. i.e. why Drummond might not work out.

OKC exploits Andrew Bynum’s weakness

Just wanted to post this link, because it's one of those rare articles that gives you a feeling for what's going on in a game beyond "so-and-so" went off for 25 points.


If the draft lottery were rigged

This is pure speculation and has nothing to do with the reality of the Draft Lottery or NBA. But if Stern was rigging the draft Lottery, what would we expect the results to be? I would guess his...


In defense of Felton

This may be a tepid defense at best, but I do believe that there are some issues with Nate that caused some of these problems. Felton admittedly was out of shape and at the start of the season...

Give Babbitt a run for his money

Maybe we should bring the Stache into training camp...


Let Greg Oden become a restricted free-agent

  This isn't an argument to get rid of Greg Oden, but I believe the Blazers are best served by not picking up the team-option this summer on Greg Oden.  It's obvious that next year we will be...


Trade greg?

Should we look at trading Greg Oden right now? As far as I can tell we would be silly to make a qualifying offer to him, so for all intents and purposes he's an expiring contract that we don't...


Taboo topic -- Steroids (w/poll)

I realize that this is a subject rarely addressed in pro-basketball.  In fact, of the 3 major sports in the US, the NBA has to be the farthest behind in discussion, regulation and  enforcement...

Teams should try to trade for Rudy

Like this article, especially if it increases Rudy's value.


Lockout question

When the Lockout comes, is there anything to prevent NBA players from heading over to Europe for a season? The main threat of the lockout is lost income for players. I could see a lot of...


Nate as a developmental coach

I've seen a lot of posts and comments that imply or flat out state that Nate is a very poor coach at developing young players(especially point guards).  However, I think the majority of the...


culture of Injury and what to change this off-season

Last year we saw a rash of injuries, and some can be attributable to bad luck, but even if it was only luck, the team could probably take a few steps to minimize lower the risk for next season.   ...

lakers great Karl Malone

A shout out to Portland Trail-blazer great Scottie Pippen.


New fan whipping boy(with poll)

Okay, In the last 2 years we've traded or let go Sergio Rodriguez, Channing Frye  and now travis and steve blake.  Despite Tominhawaii's efforts, Andre Miller hasn't quite taken the spot of the...


Trade Drawer - 6/29 - kick 'em while they're down edition

Just saw the post that Yao is most likely out for next season and may be gone for good.   If this is true, Houston may want to blow up the team and start rebuilding.  They don't have many assets...


6/5/09 Trade Drawer -Blockbuster edition

Looking at this rumor: Boston shopping allen, rondo What's the opinion on: Rudy, Trout, Blake, Bayless + draft pics for Rondo and Allen. I'm not sure if the salaries match enough to fit our...

Quick question: Are the Blazers now in possession of the 2010 Darius Miles Expiring contract? Or...

Quick question: Are the Blazers now in possession of the 2010 Darius Miles Expiring contract? Or the DMEC?


Trade paths and minutes

So once again like last year we will be faced with an exceedingly deep talented young squad and too few minutes to develop our younger players, if we want to get to a play-off like efficiency.   I...

rumor Dallas to trade for Chris Paul

If Cuban can try to snag Chris Paul, think of the package we could put together with cheap rookie contracts our MLE and cap space. I think if we could get him while keeping Roy, LMA, Oden we don't hesitate.


Early plea for sanity after losses--Home stretch and playoffs

I know Portland hasn't made the playoffs yet, but it's looking more and more likely that there is no way that Phoenix and Dallas can catch them.  So we're probably going to make the playoffs and...


Playoff Rotation- Answer to the Bayless/Rodriguez debate

It looks like we are starting to see what our play-off rotation is going to look like.  Nate is tightening up the minutes and I think we can see who will be in the final 8 man rotation.  S...

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