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Did anyone else see this? (Manning to KC related) Joel RT'd it.


Doug Gottlieb @GottliebShow yes RT @Jacobs71: @GottliebShow Did Florio really say on your show yesterday that he has a funny feeling Peyton Manning will end up in KC?

Great training/therapy today with @jcharles25. We're racing next week...


Great training/therapy today with @jcharles25. We're racing next week...

Twitter / Tony Moeaki

@Anthony_Becht Anthony Becht Like to recognize the retirement of a Great Coach Bill Muir.Was with...


@Anthony_Becht Anthony Becht Like to recognize the retirement of a Great Coach Bill Muir.Was with Bill for 9 of my 12 yrs.Best OLine coach I've been around.Congrats..!/Anthony_Becht/status/164826304716349441

Todd Haley to Pittsburgh?


Jason La Canfora Mike Tomlin has been making calls gathering info on Todd Haley. Could emerge as OC candidate with Steelers #insideslant


Intrigue! Drama! Gossip!

I am to the point where I just don't care anymore. People take things and blow them up. Just freaking go win football games.

We're the Wind Beneath Their Wings


We're the Wind Beneath Their Wings


Chiefs fan here

I'm not a fan of your team, Broncos fans. I probably wouldn't have ever come to this blog on SBNation to converse with some of you had the strange events of this year not happened. However, I am a...

The Fine Art of Getting Away With It (AKA why the Donkeys suck)


Consider Mark Schlereth, who spent six seasons as a Denver Broncos offensive lineman, protecting quarterback John Elway en route to two Super Bowl victories. In a 1998 playoff game at Kansas City, Schlereth and his fellow linemen coated their arms and the backs of their jerseys in Vaseline. The Chiefs' defenders couldn't grab onto the slimy Broncos and quickly complained to officials. It was quite a scene, Schlereth recalls, as officials used towels on the sidelines to wipe down the oily visitors in a game Denver would ultimately win, 14-10, on its way to a Super Bowl triumph. "Did I grease up my jersey, and use sticky substances on my gloves? You're damn right," Schlereth said recently. "What you call cheating is a fine line. It's an interesting line. What we did, in the locker room, is called being creative. Certain cheating is snickered at, or applauded."

Cornerbacks: A Glance at the 2011 Numbers


Guess who had a top ten corner this year? We did! But his name isn't Brandon Flowers.


Wondering about Mike Martz

You think he could be an option in KC for offensive coordinator?

Sounds Like LeRon McClain doesn't expect to be back...


@LeRon_McClain44 Last day in KC peeps. I promise this has been great** S/O to the #Chiefnation, my teammates, the amazing fans and to the Hunt Family* #44KC That sucks...

Jets Falling Apart


It does my heart good to see the J-E-T-S LOSERS YEAH! completely poop down their own leg this season. They were supposed to be DA BESTEST EVAR!!! Oh yeah, and anyone who obsessed over Sanchez, thank God we didn't get him.

Kyle Orton Talks About Being Back in Denver


Kyle Orton Talks About Being Back in Denver


The Logic of Keeping Kyle Orton

I know people have given their pros and cons of keeping Kyle Orton for next year, but I'm not sure they've condensed it into a post like this, so here we go. Orton came to the Chiefs whose offense...


Chiefs 2012 Schedule.

Looks like we play the AFC North and NFC South. Ravens, Bengals, Browns, and Steelers. Falcons, Panthers, Saints, and Bucks. Looks somewhat manageable.


Reason for Optimism in the Offseason

We'll get three impact players back. This year's rookies will have a full off-season with the staff. So will next year's. We'll draft relatively high, so we have the chance of getting a high impact...


Just Got Tix for the Raiders Game

Sea of red!! It's gonna happen!!


I was there...

It was amazing. No words can describe it. A QB that passed the freaking ball downfield?!?!!? A run game!!?!?!!?! A defense that shut down Aaron Rogers!!?!?!??!?! Awe and amazement.


A Glimmer of Hope? (Chiefs and Bucs)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are suffering some of the same woes as we are. They've been blown out a seemingly inordinate number of times and seemed to be ahead of schedule last year as well. The...


The Old Guard and the New Guard and a Different Perspective

I know a lot of people will immediately jump on Clark Hunt, Mark Donovan, and Scott Pioli because they are the evil front office upper management yadda yadda in the Chiefs organization. Now we have...

Chiefs Best Chance to Beat the Packers


According to NFL network. Speechless?


Stupid SB Halftime Shows

Are you kidding me, NFL? Madonna? Really? Is anyone else sick of the geriatric and or simply terrible halftime shows at the super bowl? All of these "artists" suck. They need some cool jazz at...


DBowe did nothing wrong or Collinsworth is an ass.

That ball was so far overthrown that he thought it was going to someone else. Thus he tried to stay out of the way. DBowe was then slandered by that dumbass Collinsworth on national tv. F the...

How Bernard Pollard got us Kyle Orton


I found this slightly interesting flowchart on Mile High Report (ht to BrandonCeezy).


Start Palko

I recant support for Matt Cassel. I know it's not all his fault, but something has to change. The team needs a change of pace. See what we've got in these other two QB's.


bossmanham Draft Prediction

A QB will not be taken in the first round of the draft by the Chiefs. That is all.


Cassel deserves some props for today's loss.

Okay, I'm a bit surprised that Cassel is being ripped for his performance today. He largely played some dang gutsy football today behind an extremely porous offensive line. At times, it looked like...

Crennel's defense is chief reason for Kansas City's turnaround


"The loss of safety Eric Berry robbed the Chiefs of their most important defender. Crennel took full advantage of the second-year man's athleticism and versatility. Berry would cover receivers and tight ends in the slot, but also creep near the line of scrimmage to become an extra defender in the running game. His ability to seamlessly switch roles was a vital part of the Chiefs' game plan and it took several weeks for the defensive architect to figure out how to compensate for the loss. Crennel inserted veteran safety Jon McGraw into the starting lineup and he has responded in a big way. As the hybrid safety in the back end, he floats between the deep middle and box area based on the opponent's tendencies. Although he lacks the athleticism and explosiveness of Berry, his savvy allows him to deliver big plays." In other words, while McGraw is no Berry, he's still not the terrible player that many on AP want to insinuate that he is.


Cassel's Scramble

We really haven't talked about it a whole lot, but Cassel had one run last night that was just epic, where he was jukeing on some Charger's linebacker fools making them look hapless. It was great....

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