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Ricco in the news again for the same old same old


Gnomes seem to be saying Ricco was busted by NAS for buying dope with another cyclist, Ricco says he was just there when the guy he was with bought epo, and other drugs. Quite likely the stuff at his house was not his either.

FSA DS for Dummies: Some done Lots to go

Ahhhhhhh.... I can breathe. Some awesome Classics racing done. A couple of Major early season stage races done. The best month in cycling (well April=May>July) is coming up. If a guy who costs more...

Sagan to Tinkoff?


Sagan to Saxo, Canondale to Tinkoff, Alonso gets Canondales WT Licence? Drama!

FSA DS For Dummies: Last week Ramblings.

FSA DS my fave thing about PdC. Team formation time, my favourite thing about FSA DS. It is almost done for another year. As we approach the time when all will be decided, those of us with...

FSA DS for Dummies: A whole bunch of Random.

What has dominated my thoughts for two days? has it only been two days? It is the opening moves of the most important and fun part of the FSA DS Season. Team picking time. As I sit here thinking a...


FSA DS For Dummies: How do you plan to screw up your FSA DS Season?

Seeing as Ursula has enough time on his hands to create Beer addled Season Schedules, we know that FSA DS 2014 is just around the corner. So I ask my self a question, how will you screw up your FSA...


FSA DS for Dummies: How to Suck at FSA DS a retrospective.

Now I know that there are 333 teams that did worse at FSA DS than I did, but wow, 591st place was not what I had imagined when I put my team together. Back in the fairytale land that was last...


660 Musing on the FSA DS season

660 What is 660 you may ask? It is the average number of points each rider on your team will have to score, if your team is to score 16,500 points. This is a total that I think will be near the...

Rating the Not Quite so Bigs. 18-22 pointers.

So here we go. On to the riders who are not quite there or on their way down. More Question Marks here. Has my pencil gotten a bit dull from all the grading I've already done? Oh come on, lets just...

FSA DS: Rating the Bigs 24-26 pointers

Thanks for all the Ego strokes! More Outer Chimp coming up! Here come the Wild Suppositions and Off the Wall Arguments. Settle in for another visit to the Inner Chimp of BWB. Let the poo flinging...

FSA DS Rating the Bigs 30 to 34 pointers

I am eternally optimistic that anyone cares what I have to say about cycling and FSA DS. So here I go spouting out into the ether. If you are undecided about the riders in the Double Restricted and...


VDS Draft league Second Round

Will there be a Second round of the 2013 VDS Draft League? That is up to you it seems. I am about to do a very bad sales job to encourage you to enter the League. Here is what the Draft will...


A suggestion for the Ed's

As your Ed's league was created as a way to open the possibility of draft leagues in the Cafe, and a league has started. I am suggesting that you all consider taking your 22 drafters and splitting...


FSA DS will price revisions reduce scores?

YES Well that was easy. I guess that it might be helpful to back up my opinion with a number or two. I may for example hop into a way back machine and go back into the mists of 2012. Way back when...


2010 All Over Again...2013 Restricted Riders Predicted

So FSA DS is going Retro? Ursula has hinted that 2013 will be priced like 2010 and I figured out what that might mean in a numbers way earlier this week. Some of us do not like maths and so I will...


Can You Understand She-Bear? FSA DS Pricing Another Perspective!

In Usual Cryptic Off-Season fashion Ursula showed up in one of my threads and made a dread pronouncement. "Riders shall be priced as in the year 2010" or some such nonsense. What does it mean this...


FSA DS Predicting some Young Guns

I've already Talked about young Moreno Moser, but there were some other Young Guns out there who had impressive years last year. How will those impressive years affect their FSA DS Prices, I've got...


FSA DS Predicting Points Costs Again

It seems that the names keep coming in, so the posts keep coming out. You do know that I am like the raccoon eating your garbage, keep feeding me and I'll never go away! Thor Hushovd A favourite...


FSA DS Predicting Points Values

Ask and you shall receive. I was getting a bit worried that I would have to shut up about FSA DS for a few months because no-one was reading my stuff! Whew, now that I've rid myself of those...


FSA DS the She-Bear needs some help.....

Is it February yet? No? All right then I guess I have done enough dissecting the 2012 FSA DS season in my Re-hash threads. I have started to run out of thing to say on that score, so what is left? ...


FSA DS Risks and Rewards

There has been a little bit of discussion in one of my other FSA DS rehash threads about the value of restricted riders versus others. So I have gone and learned a little bit about spreadsheet...


FSA DS all I really care about right now

So here I am...staring at the front page of my Fave website, PdC. All I am seeing is something called cyclocross. Although I do remember reading that Oscarito would never have started road racing...


Those who can't win FSA DS Prognosticate...

The year was 2012, another FSA DS sesson (well really the first but lets not interrupt the maundering with facts) was beginning. I felt compelled to spew a couple of words out into the ether about...


FSA DS Highest Value Riders End of 2012...

Well there is this whole kerfuffle about le dopage right now. All I can say is Bah and double Bah on the whole shitstorm. I love bike racing and I double love FSA DS. I want to thank all those from...


Grand Prix Cycliste Quebec and Montreal one fans prespective

So I took a weekend off work, left my three rugrats with Mom and Dad, and took the Wife to Quebec for a couple of bike races. A good chance to forget the fact that J-Rod was in the process of...


FSA DS Rider Value after the Giro

Last year I did a number of these posts. However some of the data was very unchanging as a large portion of the peloton does not to a whole bunch after the first week in April. So I decided that...


Can Ryder win the Giro?

Is this the day that all of us in the Great White North get to see our first GT winnar? I have read a good number of comments saying that this is uncharted territory for Ryder. I do believe that we...


FSA DS What this Dummy Picked and Why

Well I seemed eager enough to tell everyone how they should go about and pick an FSA DS team a couple of weeks back. Now that the season is under way but still fresh enough that I have some hope...


FSA DS For Dummies Continued....

So You are looking at this whole FSA DS thing and thinking that building a team looks complicated and stuff. Well that is not the case. I figured that I would give those on the fence a few pointers...


FSA DS for Dummies

So I figured that there might be one or two people out there that are looking at this FSA DS (formerly VDS) thing and thinking that it seems too complicated or requires too much effort or...

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