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Outfield: Late Round Value

The fourth in the Late Round Value series looks at outfielders. If you are in a deep league draft, an important part of your strategy is the ability to get value late in the draft. Here are three players who may help you with that.

Corner Infield: Late Draft Value

The third post in the series of end-game picks looks at the corner infield position. It is important to recognize that there is value at each part of the draft. To be successful in a deep league, you should have an end-game plan.

Middle Infield: Late Round Value

The second in a series of articles, on late round possibilities in deep drafts, will look at middle infielders who you may be able to draft late, and still get enough production from them to have value.

Catchers: Late Round Value Picks

If you are drafting for a deep league, one of the keys to success is the ability to wait for certain players, until the later rounds. This article, the first in a series, will look at late round catchers, who can provide value, in a roto draft.

Melky Mesa: Late Round Value

Curtis Granderson is expected to be out of the Yankees lineup until sometime in May. Melky Mesa is the best candidate to fill that role, which may give him fantasy value in 2013.

Mock Draft Strategy

Mock drafts are an intregal part of my preparation for the upcoming fantasy season. While none of the teams I draft will be played-out, mock drafts allow me to apply different strategies and ideas, and help me determine how effective they might be.

Happy Valentine's Day; Or Else

As a public service to our loyal male readers, we here at Fake Teams remind you that Valentine's Day is this coming, this Thursday, February 14, THE most important day of the fantasy baseball season.

Yoenis Cespedes: A.L.Only Greatness

With no minor league experience to evaluate, 2012 fantasy owners drafted Yoenis Cespedes, and hoped for the best. And that is exactly what they got. In 129 games, Yoenis smacked 23 home runs, stole 16 bases, and batted .292.

N.L. Only League Power Source: Pedro Alvarez

In 2012 Pedro Alvarez belted 30 home runs and had 85 RBI. This was no fluke. For 2013, in NL-only formats, Mr. Alvarez has a reasonable shot to be the only third baseman to go yard 30 or more times. Pedro is a source of power you wait for in draft

Huston Street: Closerblanca

The last installment of this fantasy noir series finds our hero and heroine about to board a plane, but Huston Street, and an unexpected twist, enters the picture.

Tom Wilhelmsen: 2013 Outlook

Tom Wilhelmsen emerged in the second half of 2012 as the Mariners' closer. The question for 2013 fantasy owners is whether he can keep the job in 2013, given the inherent volatility of the position.

Mike Minor: Fantasy Noir, pt. 2

Part two of the Fantasy Noir series finds our hero in the middle of a cunning draft strategy. Part one found him in the role of a pawn. Time to turn those tables.

Madison Bumgarner: Fantasy Ace

Madison Bumgarner turned in another stellar performance in 2012. A look ahead to 2013 shows a pitcher, not only capable of being talked about with Cain and Hamels, but someone who needs to be considered for the long haul in dynasty leagues.

Jordan Zimmermann: Another Nice Season in 2013

Jordan Zimmerman is third in the National's rotation, behind Strasburg and Gonzalez, but do not let his middle of the rotation role fool you. Mr. Zimmerman has the ability to be an asset to your fantasy team, in 2013.

Come Together Over Matt Cain

With apologies to John, here is my tribute to one of my favorite players.

2013 Draft Strategy for Roto Leagues

The Fake Teams team is taking a short break from the rankings articles, so I thought I would talk about rotisserie league draft strategy. Some of what follows applies to 2013, but, for the most part, this is the thought process I always use, and I t

Season's Greetings to Jeffrey Loria

The holidays bring out the sentimental side in all of us. In that spirit, I just wonder what the sentimental side of Miami Marlins' owner, Jeffrey Loria, might look like.

Mike Trout: The Purloined Draft Pick

If you were searching for a regression candidate in 2013, where do you think he would be hidden? How about in plain sight.? With apologies to Poe, this Dupin looks at some players that should be drafted before Mike Trout, in 2013.

Torii Hunter: New Home; Nice Outlook

Long-time Angel outfielder, Torii Hunter, has taken his talents to Motown and publically stated he wants to help bring a World Series to the city. What can fantasy owners expect from Mr. Hunter in 2013?

Michael Young: Fantasy Noir

Michael Young was traded by the Rangers to the Phillies, and will be their everyday thrid baseman, thus ending the Kevin Frandsen era. Even after a disappointing 2012 season, Young should provide value at the end of 2013 deep league drafts.

Kyle Seager: A Look to 2013

What do you get when you combine a nice rookie season with a bunch of fantasy baseball owners, looking for a dark horse in their upcoming drafts? High hopes. And that is what is likely to occur with the Seattle Mariner's sophomore 3B, Kyle Seager.

Josh Rutledge: Rockies Reload

Josh skipped AAA, did not pass Go, and did not collect $200, on his way to the majors. Even with less than half a season of experience, Mr. Rutledge has the ability to have a successful 2013 season.

Jimmy Rollins: A Labor of Love

I am a Phillies fan, which means I am not rational about any of the players or management. But I will step outside my normal, unreasonable, comfort zone, and bring you an unbiased view into what fantasy owners might expect from Jimmy Rollins.

Jason Kipnis: A Look To 2013

Jason Kipnis did what many thought he would in 2012; he played very well. The question for would-be Kipnis owners in 2013 is can Jason repeat or improve upon his 2012 performance, or is a sophomore slump in the offing? For my money, I think another

Rickie Weeks is Still Who We Think He Is

The 2012 baseball season was a tale of two seasons for Rickie Weeks. The first half of the season he had 6 home runs and a batting average that made Mario Mendoza look good, and a second half that produced 16 home runs and a .269 batting average.

Edwin Encarnacion: Regression on the Horizon

If you owned Edwin Encarnacion in 2012, you were in fantasy nirvana. You probably drafted him between picks 175 and 200, and you ended up with a top ten player. If you were not lucky enough to have him on your roster, like me, you were left scratchin

A.L. Sleepers at Catcher for 2013

Each year fantasy owners hope to find those hidden gems at the end of drafts that may help them win that league title. This week I take a look at three catchers who may help owners in deep, mixed leagues or A.L.-only leagues.

Brian McCann: A Microcosm in Fantasy Strategy

How fantasy owners view Brian McCann will depend on the type of league they are in, and how quickly they believe his production will return.

Detroit Tigers 2013 Fantasy Projections

Today I put three players from the reigning A.L. Champs under the BTS microscope and see what fantasy owners might expect in 2013

Kansas City Royals 2013 Fantasy Projections

The BTS series continues its mission to find three middle to late round draft picks that may give you a leg up on your deep league compatriots in 2013

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