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Monday Links: 1/28/12


Wade Redden and Patrick Marleau Join Team Shower Beer

Monday Links: This Layout Is Terrible Edition


These are links by me. SB Nation's layout sucks.

Wednesday Links: All I Do Is Six-Seed Edition


Blues News The goalies are disappointed, naturally. [P-D] While the Blues clear out their lockers, Gordo reflects on the facts of a few players. [P-D] Petro is a hockey player. He played the LA...

Tuesday Links: The Vapors Edition


Blues News The Blues' Eulogy on Puck Daddy isn't funny and was written by a Sharks fan, a team the Blues soundly beat last month. I'm disappointed in how unfunny it is. We made fun of our own team...

Monday Open Thread


Would Halak have made a difference if he were in the Blues line-up? Now that the Blues are out, there are only "what-ifs." Discuss them here. I've been really bad at links lately.

Tuesday Links: Not Even Trying Edition


I was going to get tickets to Games 3 & 4 here in L.A. and last night made me want to save my money and spend it on "All You Can Eat" seats at Dodger Stadium when the Cardinals come to town. Yeah,...

Monday Open Thread: No. 27 a "Gametime" Decision.


Check the blog post from ol' buddy Chris Pinkert - 27 news plus a great quote from Alex Steen. The Blues will try and mix up lines once again to spark a Game 2 victory. Talk about that and link other stuff here. LGB.

Tuesday Links: Sun Rises In the West Edition


Chicago Nashville, Phoenix, Los Angeles and St. Louis in the semifinals. No Chicago, Detroit, San Jose or Vancouver. Is this real life? I love the new Western Conference. Blues News I witnessed...

Thursday Links: A Stoic Shot to the Ding-Dong Edition


Blues News About damn time, Game 4. [P-D] The Sharks might be shifting lines around. Wait, did you say Brad Fucking Winchester might play? Haha, oh wow. [P-D] Shatty and Petro are more stoic...

Wednesday Links: The NHL's Hot Problems Edition


Waiting this long for Game 4 is killing me. At least we can watch Vancouver get swept tonight. Blues News Dan O'Neill says the phrases "potty training" and "big-boy pants" in an article about the...

Monday Links: Every Night's Alright for Fighting Edition


SportsCenter had an interesting fact when they were covering the playoffs last night. The NHL hasn't seen this much fighting majors and game misconducts in 20 years. What the fuck is happening? I...

Wednesday Links: Winning the Damn Lottery Edition


Read the links, then catch all of this morning's articles down below. Blues News Ride The Cock. [P-D] Sucking for so many years has made this season feel amazing. Let's recall all those horrible...

Monday Links: Six Fly Ladies In A Jacuzzi Edition


If the Blues work hard against San Jose on Thursday, they'll get that payoff. It might not be six fly ladies in a jacuzzi, but it'll be somethin'. Blues News With the Blues being the No. 2 seed...

Wednesday Links: Voted #1 In Jersey Edition


Blues News Blues hit the ice tonight at 6:30 Central to take on the Red Wings. Although both teams have clinched playoff spots, there still is a lot on the line in this nationally-televised game. [...

Tuesday Links: Here Comes The Pain Edition


Blues News The Cock has some work to do. All of the praise he has received this season will mean nothing if the Blues don't turn it around before the post-season. [P-D] One way to help that...

Monday Links: #DivisionChampProblems Edition


Blues News Winning the division crown like the Blues did Saturday night was lame. You lose to Columbus and you feel shame. [BND] The Blues' line-up is based on performance and not reputation....

Thursday Open Thread


Late night and early start for me, so we're doing the open thread. Check out this article on Hitchcock's goalie dilemma. There's a poll on NHL.com asking fans which goalie The Cock should start and it's dead even at 50/50. Who do you think should start Game 1? Also, the Canadiens have fired GM Pierre Gauthier. Who are we going to make lopsided deals with now?!

Wednesday Links: The M'F-in' Pterodactyl's Record-Breaking Conspiracy Edition


Blues News Blues and Elliott get their third straight shutout in a 3-0 domination of the Predators. [P-D] More records, like home wins and consecutive shutout minutes, were broken last night. See...

Tuesday Links: Better Dead Than Pred Edition


Blues News Preview for tonight's huge match-up with the Predators. The Blues can hold off a Nashville clinch with a regulation win tonight. [USA Today] Former Blue Terry Yake wants to see the...

Monday Links: The Most Boring Team In Hockey Edition


"My team got shutout by the Blues, therefore the Blues are a boring team." -Fans of every team Blues News The Blues get their 14th shutout of the season and set a new franchise record for...

Wednesday Links: King Dingaling Edition


Drink this shit in, you fucks. Blues News The Blues netted 4 and a "fuck you" goal to embarrass the Blackhawks 5-1. With Detroit and Vancouver's regulation losses last night, the Blues are first...

Tuesday Open Thread


Read about Ian Cole and how cool he is. Fuck the Blackhawks.

Monday Links: Home Roam Edition


Blues News The Blues went 5-1 on their 10-day road trip. Considering how far they traveled and how close the games were to one another, this run is impressive. [P-D] With Hitchcock, the Blues are...

Wednesday Links: Rubber 'Cock Edition


Blues News The Blues are worn out after playing 14 games this month, but they still need to keep rolling. [P-D] Edmonton is on a little roll as of late, thanks to the return of Ted Ryan...

Tuesday Links: Cal And Gary Arnott Cool Edition


Blues News The Blues defense and veteran forwards step up for their third straight win. All of these wins have been on the road, if you can believe it. [SBN] Jason Arnott is the firstestest of...

Thursday Links: Rick Nash For a Bowl of Fruit Edition


Blues News The Bruins were dicks and ruined all these nice streaks. [P-D] Sobotka will be playing on the top line with Langenbrunner out a month. [P-D] The team misses Jamie and his broken foot...

Wednesday Links: Hensick, I Choose You Edition


I had this really strange dream where the Blues traded Ben Bishop, Chris Stewart and a 2nd-rounder to Tampa Bay for Steven Stamkos. "How do I know I'm dreaming?" That. Blues News Langs has a...

Tuesday Links: Fat Tuesday Edition


Blues News For lent, I think the Blues should give up losing on the road. [BND] This guy thinks the Blues can relax. Uh, I disagree. They need to keep winning and try to get that #1 seed. A #4...

Monday Open Thread


Happy Presidents Day! Contrary to the norm, I'm double busy at work today. Check out this article on how the Blues suck against the Central Division. I'd also like to add to this article that they suck on national TV, too.

Thursday Links: Jousting For Position Edition


Blues News Chris Stewart has been demoted to the fourth line. His middle name, "Goddamn," has also been revoked. [P-D] More Chris Stewart and his recent transformation into Chris Poo-art. [The...

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