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SEA fan gets SB Champs tattoo


I didn't see this already posted so I thought I'd share (article here ). This is not meant to diss the Seahawks fans . . . I'm sure there are SF fans who would do something this ridiculous as well. It's really just amusing and adds a tiny bit of fun for if when we win Sunday. Gotta love fans sometimes!

A great story about Joe Lacob

I've been sitting on this for a while, but with a pivotal game coming up, it seemed like a good time to tell this. I believe that we, as Dubs fans, are very blessed to have the ownership group and...

Jason Collins Comes Out


Great day for the NBA, and for our society at large. Takes a lot of courage, and hopefully this begins a movement. *note* if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it. you can have your own opinions on the matter, but especially during such an exciting time for Warriors fans, let's please, please avoid a political/human-rights debate.

NBA Rank: Curry #16


After ranking in the Monta Ellis level (#40) at the start of the season, Stephen Curry has risen all the way to near-superstar level on ESPN's season-ending top-30 players. After failing to be named a top-12 player in the western conference alone, he now nearly makes the top-12 NBA total (and, if you ignore positions, sits as the first man out for All-NBA). His spot is decently above the two men who stole his all-star spot (Aldridge @ #25, Randolph @ #29), and also above illustrious PGs Rose (#23), Rondo (#22), Wall (#21), and Williams (#17), which, by my account, has him as ESPN's #4 PG, behind CP3, Westbrook, and Parker. Pointless in a sense, but good to see both the national recognition, and some affirmation that it's not our biases that think Steph Curry is joining the NBA's elite.

Niners Sign Asomugha!


1 year/3 mil. love it. Sorry if this has already been posted. I didn't see it.

ORL to trade DH12 barring commitment


We all know that Lacob was strongly in favor of trading for a Dwight Howard rental. Now the Magic saying that if Howard doesn't commit, he's gone. Think there's any chance that Lacob/Riley offer a package centered around Bogut and Curry? Would people want that trade to happen? What about Bogut and Lee? Obviously not very likely, but this team seems more than willing to blow itself up to get better in the long run (which I love), and they have shown a huge desire for Howard. It seems plausible that they would at least ask Orlando to call them when they have a deal elsewhere, to see if they can match it.

Hero Ball - Late game isolation


Won't come as a surprise to most people, but a gloriously well-done article chastising crunch-time isolation. All these endless debates about Monta being "clutch" and SSS, and whatnot have been missing the point, in my opinion: in a "clutch" situation, it should never be a given that Monta is going to shoot the basketball.

the future of statistics


Not directly related to the warriors, but feels pertinent given the recent number of stats vs. eye-test arguments. fascinating read.

Hilarious VD85-FG21 interaction


Courtesy of Grant Cohn/PD. Thought this was great, and shows a healthy combination of locker room competition and camaraderie.

video breakdown of final drive


great video deconstructing the Niners' final TD drive sunday. good to see some love, and some fantastic insight as to how the plays are working.

Smith 1st in NFC West, 10th in league in QBR


The new and improved rating which weights things such as situational plays, sacks, yards after catch, etc., is very high on Alex Smith this week. Looks like he executed the game plan pretty well.

If there's an NBA season he's going to hurt some pro's feelings


@jadande Watching Klay Thompson hoop at #realrun. If there's an NBA season he's going to hurt some pro's feelings by dunking on him.

Lacob sees Myers as next GM


didn't see this already post; hope i'm not repeating.

Oracle Arena best fan vibe in the NBA


good to see some national attention from the media for what WE do!

Want to play a game?


I've noticed that recently, given Monta's fluctuation between efficiency in some years and inefficiency in others, Biedrins' low TS but high rebound and WP48, Lee's decreased production, Monta vs. Steph debates, etc., there have been a lot of debates on GSoM as to how much we should invest in statistics. I have been vocal on this topic, so my intent is not to spark another debate, merely to provide a short, interesting read on the matter. ONEDUB!

Right where our "Big 3" should be


Of course, most teams (Warriors inclusive) have only played one game this season. Similar to Miami fans, when we acquired D. Lee this summer, my wildest dreams jumped to the big 3 as they currently are: Monta Ellis top five in PPG, David Lee top five in RPG, Stephen Curry top five in APG. Now THAT is a "Big 3!"


A Potential Trade with the 76ers

EDIT:  In the process of writing this, GSoM member Ekung posted a similar fanshot: Check it out!  Disclaimer: I know trade ideas are generally frowned upon, but this one is based on players both...

Curry - Fantasy Star


ESPN announced their fantasy awards, and Curry cleared court. ROY, runner-up for sleeper of the year, and both the second AND third best games of the season. Only LeBron had a better fantasy game than kid curry's TWO best nights. Also ranked third heading into next season, behind only LBJ and KD. Very impressive. "I would take Curry third overall. He's really that good" Also of note: Monta won runner-up for comeback player of the year.


The Case for Monta Ellis as an All-Star

  I know, I know. We've all heard the arguments before: Monta Ellis deserves to be an all-star because of his numbers, or Monta Ellis doesn't deserve to be an all-star because of the wins. ...

Arenas Pulls Gun on Teammate


Every day, I become more and more all right with the fact that we don't have him on our team anymore...

Arenas/BDiddy - "At least we're not still in GS"


From Ric Bucher's twitter: BD/Arenas post-game chat? B: "You move like you're 50." A: "Hello, kettle." B: "At least we're paid. And not still at GS." A: "True, true."

Possible Trades for Amar'e (and Shaq)


Apparently PHX is now very interested in trading Amar'e, also considering Shaq, and even JRich. Teams with possible trades for Amar'e are the Nets, Thunder, Heat, Pistons, Knicks, Bulls, Cavs and Grizzlies. I feel like we can offer as much as any of those teams, especially if we are willing to part with Randolph (which I'm pretty sure we are. If we could deal Maggs or Crawford (they probably wouldn't mind locking in a scorer, probably Maggs), a young or two (they're looking for young potential all-stars), and a draft pick, is that better than what the other teams are offering?


Our Biggest Missing Link

Hey Guys, This morning I was reading Henry Abbott's True Hoop, and while this wasn't the point he made, he brought up something that made me think this. When the Warriors are healthy...Monta,...


Happy Holidays, GSoM (shout out?)

Just marched through the woods for the perfect Christmas tree, it's now sitting in the living room, and while I waited for the parentals to get ready to decorate, thought I'd check my favorite...


Our 80 game season

I hope this doesn't sound like a rant.  I don't want it to be, but I'm sure parts of it will be. All day I have felt sick, and depressed.  I've felt the way you feel when your girlfriend breaks up...


Question for frequent game-goers

hey guys- I try to make it to a game or 2 a season.  I can't make it to much more for time, age, and financial reasons.  Anyway, I went to Saturday's game, thinking it was my game for the season,...


Carmelo Anthony Arrested!!

Could've at least happened before yesterdays game!  I can't even find any links yet because it just came out, but it's flashing on the "Breaking News" section of ESPNEWS.  Arrested this morning...


In honor of a nice win...

I've posted very rarely this season, but the W's are really getting fun to watch, and i thought I'd post a few things. The W's don't generally get much love from the rest of the league/media. At a...


Baron Davis 15th in MVP voting

In a fantastic year for Warriors fans, in which our team, and superstar were both under-appreciated, a little consolation.  Baron Davis finished 15th in the MVP voting.  Given the Warriors record,...

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