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OTM Fantasy: The Final Countdown

The drafts are in, rosters are being set, trades are being talked, and real baseball is about to happen in Australia, with the Dbacks and Dodgers set to kick the 2014 season off Down Under. It's...


OTM Fantasy: The Drafts

Real baseball is almost close we can almost touch it. But before that, there's one last thing to take care of...the Fantasy Drafts! OTM2, OTM3, and OTMS draft tonight, with OTM1...


OTM Fantasy Thread: Week #13

It's Week 14, and the season is now officially past the halfway point. And for what seems like the first time, there are no shares of first place in any of the OTM Fantasy Leagues. Will it hold?...


OTM Fantasy Thread: Weeks #11 and #12

Edit: No need for a new Fanpost this week: this one is still small enough, so we may as well keep it going! Now talk, dammit! :) B. ......tumbleweed........ Very quiet around here the last...


OTM Fantasy Thread: Week #10

Welcome to double figures! Yes, it's week 10, believe it or not, and the time is just flying by. But rather than clear leaders asserting themselves atop their divisions, it's so tight you can...


OTM Fantasy Thread: Week #9

Things were largely stable at the top of the OTM leagues this week, with only Shaun (Marcum) of the Dead in OTMD and Erudite Penguins in OTMS losing. Penguins retain the joint lead in OTMS, but...


OTM Fantasy Thread: Week #8

Voting has now closed in the long saga of whether or not to change the Keeper rules for OTM1-3/S. I'm sure we are all eagerly awaiting the results from the election count, via Returning Officer...


OTM Fantasy: Week #7

The first six weeks are done, and we're now starting, maybe, to get an idea of which teams are strong and which teams are weak, with the team rankings by total points scored starting to more...


OTM Fantasy Thread: Week Five

New Week, New Thread! You know the drill by now - unrec the Week 4 thread, and rec this to the top of the board. Ground rules: no politics, no religion, and most importantly of all, no spiders....


OTM Fantasy Thread - Week Three

Hello all! We are now entering Week 3 of the season. Is it too early to panic if you're 0-2? Are the 2013 A's 2013's 2012 A's? Is John Buck 2013's Mike Trout? And speaking of Mike Trout, is it...


OTM In-Season Fantasy Thread 2

Wow, nearly 900 posts on the first thread, and the season isn't even a week old yet. Is no-one hanging out in the game threads? ;) We didn't even make it wo Week 2, people! Please, if you rec'd...


OTM In-Season Fantasy Thread 1

IT'S OPENING DAY! Yesterday's thread is getting very full already, after the drafts last night. And since the season starts today, I thought we needed a new thread. So, welcome to the first...


Armchair GM, Trade Deadline Edition: Me.

Breandan from Ireland's take on the Armchair GM Trade Deadline series

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