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Pistons Host Bucks: Can Pistons rain on Bucks' Playoff Parade?

Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks are outside the NBA Playoff seeding looking in, sitting exactly two games behind the New York Knicks for the eight seed. It goes without saying, then, that the Bucks...


Pistons visit Bobcats: Where it could be worse happens

Tonight, the Pistons will square off against what could be one of the worst teams in NBA history. Take the Pistons 4-20 start, extrapolate that over the course of the abbreviated NBA season, and...

Coach Frank: Pistons' Vernon Macklin "will get an opportunity."

David Mayo of is reporting some good news out of Charlotte today, prior to the Pistons' match up against the Bobcats: Vernon Macklin appears to be in Coach Frank's plans to close out the...

Pistons Advanced Stats Snapshot: Wins Produced Game Splits Visualized

Wins Produced says Pistons success is driven by Monroe, Wallace, Stuckey, and Jerebko. Notably missing is Brandon Knight, who posts negative production by this metric. Want to learn more? Hit us up for some great data, and even better conversation.

Another perspective on tanking: it works!

"Let’s sum up: teams who are pretty bad, winning less than 25 games in a season, get better the next year. On average they move up from 20 wins to 28. The year after that they get to 32 wins, then 36, then 39. That obviously isn’t contender level, or even quite playoff-worthy on average (maybe in the East). But it gets you on the treadmill of mediocrity that WoW advises, or at least a move away. The worst teams in this group tend to continue being a little worse than the better teams of the group, but the difference shrinks to the point of non-statistical-significance within two years. So being ridiculously bad isn’t really any worse than being bad. This is probably a reflection of the lottery system (the worst team has typically not ended up with the best pick) and the inaccuracy of draft projections (even when they end up in the right place, teams may end up with a non-superstar player)."

I may hate the Celtics, but I love this. Props to Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and the Celtics for...

I may hate the Celtics, but I love this. Props to Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and the Celtics for putting this together.

Advanced Stats Snapshot: Monroe snubbed and Macklin's good (?) edition

The Pistons are playing their best basketball of the season. After winning three consecutive games, the Pistons find themselves at third to worst in the Eastern Conference, but only four games...

Been there!


Been there!


Pistons at Nets: Third Time's the Charm?

Tonight, the Pistons will conclude a back-to-back-to-back, courtesy of the generous NBA owners. Cramming 66 games into an abbreviated schedule was genius enough, but forcing teams to play on the...


Off Topic Thread, Week of 1/30/12: Tech Geek Edition

What's good, DBB?As many of you may already know, we've got a handful of tech geeks in the community. We all love to give Microsoft-loving Boourns a hard time for his love affair with Bing, MFMP,...


Off Topic Thread, Week of 1/23/12: Your Pet Team Edition

Last year, MFMP put up this thread, detailing the other teams in the NBA he'd be following and posing that question to the rest of DBB. Buffoonery ensued, but what would you expect from Detroit's...


Pistons Host Knicks: Battle in the Frontcourt

Do the Detroit Pistons have what it takes in the frontcourt to slow down the Knicks? A preview of the Knicks vs. Pistons.

Knight and Daye to start versus Phildelphia

Via Vince Ellis on Twitter. I'm expecting a Knight and Daye difference from the Pistons backcourt tonight. What about you? #thatspunny

Woj: Pistons pursuing ... Reggie Williams?

Yay perimeter guys!


Wins Produced updated, devalues rebounds

For the stat lovers among the DBB faithful, I share the following from the Wages of Wins Journal. In response to criticism that Wins Produced overvalues rebounds, Dave Berri spent some time during...

Billups to be amnestied

I'm sure you've heard the roomers, but it looks like it's closer to being official. I feel bad for the dude. Now, he's essentially powerless. Screw the NBA.

Jerebko: 4 Years, $16 million

First amnesty victim is ... Richard Jefferson?

Maybe I'm alone on this, but I did not see this one coming. Certainly, I was surprised when RJ opted out of his deal only to be given a monster contract by San Antonio days later. I would have just let him walk then. Tayshaun Prince as a Spur has always intrigued me. Roomer has it they're going after Caron Butler and Josh Howard, but sour as some of us are on him, Prince might make a lot of sense.

WoW Journal: 3 on 3 Fantasy Draft

A group of us Wages of Wins Network bloggers spent our weekend doing a snake draft for a hypothetical 3-on-3 tournament for NBA players. It generated some really interesting conversation, which will get posted over the next few days at the WoW journal. I selected Chris Paul with my first pick, which was a no-brainer for me. But my third pick was probably the riskiest selection in the draft. I have to admit, there was probably a little Pistons homerism at play.

Chris Sheridan: Nachbar wants to return to NBA... and Detroit?

Anyone remember Bostjan Nachbar? I had to do a little digging to refresh my memory. Earlier this week, Chris Sheridan reported that the 31-year-old is interested in returning to the NBA after the lockout, and that Detroit may be an "appealing situation." I find it hard to believe that many NBA teams will show much interest in a 31-year-old who never accomplished much in the NBA and is also coming off several injuries that limited his play overseas.

WoW Journal: Pistons 6th Most Reckless Franchise of Past CBA

"[NBA Owners] They don’t know how to spend their money. Today we’ve decided to look at the most reckless franchises operating under the last CBA. If the owner’s claims were true, this is evidence that they are bringing financial ruin on to themselves. We set up some simple criteria to find these offending contracts: A team had to sign or trade for a questionable player after the start of the 2005-2006 season. This questionable player also had to have at least 3 years left on their contract and one year remaining with a salary of $10 million or more." How do our beloved Pistons fare? "6) The Detroit Pistons. Owner(s): William Davidson Reckless Contract Values: ~$92 Million The Pistons just skirted the rules with Charlie Villanueva (he won’t make $10 million). That said, their decision to pay Richard Hamilton and Ben Gordon insane contracts (for the same position!) gets them to the top of the list. I think we can accept that Joe Dumars has no clue what he is doing. Let’s hope new management reigns in the poor spending."

Detroit Free Press: Lawrence Frank Targeting Two Assistant Coaches

Vince Ellis is reporting that Lawrence Frank has identified two of his would be four assistant coaches: Roy Rogers and John Loyer. Earlier this week, PistonPowered posted a report that Dee Brown was also a strong candidate.

Report: Knicks hire Mike Woodson as assistant

It will be interesting to see if Woodson's and D'Antoni's styles and systems complement or compete with each other. I'm inclined to think the latter. Now your thoughts.

If you're like me and didn't see it live, check out Rodman's HOF speech. He's a once in a lifetime...

If you're like me and didn't see it live, check out Rodman's HOF speech. He's a once in a lifetime player. I'm glad i had the chance to watch him growing up. [Ed. Note - Ryan at SB Nation Detroit wrote about Rodman's speech here]

In the book Stumbling on Wins, Professor David Berri cited research he had done in which he...

In the book Stumbling on Wins, Professor David Berri cited research he had done in which he attempted to identify the college box score statistics (and extrinsic factors) that might suggest a certain prospect will be a productive NBA player. He found that most of the traditional box score statistics had no statistical significance, except three: 2pt%, Steals, and Rebounds. I computed the positional averages for each of this year’s prospects in those three categories, plus True Shooting Percentage, and Win Score per 40 minutes. Brandon Knight (PG/SG) WS40 TS% 2pt% Reb40 Stls40 Average 7.38 57.3 49.3 4.9 1.6 Knight 4.71 55.1 46.1 4.5 0.7 Kyle Singler (PF/SF) WS40 TS% 2pt% Reb40 Stls40 12.56 58.8 56.1 11.1 1.2 7.51 54.1 49.7 7.5 0.9

One less reason to keep Joe Dumars

Cho is available, i.e, there is now yet another more viable alternative.

Rodney Stuckey: Cream of the Crap

"Teams that are looking for an upgrade at the point guard position will likely have to turn to the draft or try to make a trade. That's because this pool of available point guards leaves a lot to be desired and there isn't a stud in the bunch, especially compared to next year when floor generals such as Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Steve Nash could all be on the market. Rodney Stuckey is the best point guard available and at 25 years old, he still has some upside. However, he's a restricted free agent and recent reports have indicated that the Detroit Pistons will re-sign him. Aaron Brooks will also garner interest from teams, but like Stuckey, he's restricted and the Suns may lock him up to secure their replacement for Nash. T.J. Ford's contract has scared a lot of teams off in recent years, but he'll have some suitors as an unrestricted free agent along with veterans such as Willie Green, Earl Watson and Earl Boykins. Several young options include Mario Chalmers, Ronnie Price and Jose Barea. After that, there aren't many notable players which is why teams may want to hold off until next summer to sign a point guard."

Jonas is coachDP?

"Don't WORRY about things you can't control.If you WORRY the more stress you bring upon yourself.Don't WORRY. TheTexTBook"

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