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Born and raised in Phoenix. Living in SF.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Arizona Cardinals
  • NCAAF Arizona Wildcats
  • NCAAB Arizona Wildcats
  • MMA Anderson Silva, Junior Dos Santos, Urijah Faber, Anthony Pettis, Carlos Condit, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, Donald Cerrone, Joseph Benavidez, Amir Sadollah, Conor McGregor, Robert Whittaker
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SNQP's 2nd Annual Western Conference Prediction Winners - BringBackBarkley17 and SteveNash, QuantumPhysicist!

Continuing the theme of the last post where I do as little work as possible but still have a somewhat coherent post, this was written by SNQP for the '11-12 season but updated by me for the 2nd...


SNQP's 2nd Annual Western Conference Predictions

My original prediction post has been removed and we're now going with this one to continue on from last year. Hopefuly, SNQP doesn't mind me reposting his post from last year. All changes by me are...

Amar'e issues public plea for Nash to join him in NY


"Everyone knows that Steve loves New York and that New York loves Steve," Stoudemire told The Daily News. "I love Steve. It would be great to have him here next year."


Shannon Brown vs Jared Dudley: Who should be our starting SG?

This started out as a comment in Alex's 4th quarter article but I realized I was getting way off topic and decided to move it here... With only 8 games left in the Suns season and the team...

Truehoop - Does tanking even work?


Does more time help? Not much. Win 34 games or fewer in any season, according to Arturo Galletti at The Wages of Wins, and over the next decade your chances of winning more than 55 are abysmal, at just 12 percent. Think about that. A 34-win team is not bad, winning 41 percent of its games. This season's closest equivalent would be the Timberwolves. But still, a team that good has only about a 1-in-10 chance of winning 55 or more at any point in the next decade. Heaven forbid you are a truly bad team. Even given a full decade to get it done, teams have done the full metamorphosis, from the cocoon of a sub-20 win season to the contending butterfly of 55-plus wins, only six percent of the time, and again, one of those was the outlier Heat. [Broken into paragraphs for readability]

Hakim "Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man" Warrick!!! - WWIAFTM


Hakim "Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man" Warrick!!! - WWIAFTM


BSOTS Positional Rankings - RESULTS

Results are in .  Point Guards Chris Paul (1.6) Derrick Rose (2.6) Deron Williams ( 2. 9) Steve Nash (3.7) Russell Westbrook (5.2) Honorable Mention (in order of votes): LeBron James, Rajon...


BSOTS Positional Rankings

As most of you I'm sure know, ESPN has been doing their NBA Player Rankings and then discussing each one in a roundtable. I've been waiting a while to see where our beloved Steve Nash would fall on...

ESPN's 5-on-5 Phoenix Suns Roundtable


ESPN shows us once again why they're considered the leader in sports by trying to answer the questions we've all been asking about the future of the Phoenix Suns. Questions like.. "Fact or Fiction: Aaron Brooks is the PG of the future." and "Should Marcin Gortat or Robin Lopez start at center?".


Bright Siders Around the World

I know we have a widespread fanbase and community here at BSOTS and I know where a lot of the posters are from, but I was curious to see the numbers of where everyone is currently living. I tried...


Does Barbosa Want to Follow D'Antoni?

In this article from azcentral, Leandro makes a few comments about the trade rumors and the Shaq trade.... The quote that caught my eye was this one. A Brazilian sports newspaper, Lance, asked...


Seeding Scenarios

NBA.com has a "NBA Playoff Seeding Scenarios" posted. http://www.nba.com/news/playoff_scenarios_080416.html3 of the Scenarios have Phoenix playing the Spurs, 2 playing Utah, and 1 playing Houston.T...


Steve Nash Hero Shirts

I wasn't really sure where to post this since I didn't want to make this seem like just an ad for my ebay auction, but I thought some of you might be interested. I designed and made these shirts...


More Marion

Well, this is my first post on the site so I figured I'd kill two birds and make it my first diary, too.It could be that I am still in denial, but I for one don't think that a deal for Marion will...

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