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Returning Players Logjam and Long Term Contracts

Bud Black needs to stop playing Jesus Guzman so much. I'd rather see Kotsay or Kyle Blanks or James Darnell for starts. I think you reserve Guzman for the bench and as a pinch hitter and you...

Reunite C-Webb with the Original Fab Five


Jalen Rose trying to get all of the Fab Five back together to support U Mich on Monday Night. C-Webb is the missing link.


DOOM...Jaron Madison turns Cubby with Theo and Jed.

The last remaining architect of the #1 rated farm system in baseball according to Keith Law and others has gone off to try to break the other curse and worship at the temple of Anthony Rizzo. This...


Yasmani Grandal has a little Bryce Harper in Him; Gyorko at 1st?

I do not mean this in a negative way at all. The boyish exuberance about the game and kind of happy ignorance to just go and rake. He looks like he's always having fun and nothing is too big for...


A Vision of Role-Definition is What is Hurting the Kings

Even though the Adelman/Carrill era and Princeton-styled offense seems to have passed, I am not sure what has replaced it. Theus at least had a name for his corner-dribble-pass triangle high post...


Buddy Black and the Fundamentals

The winning streak has quelled a lot of the Fire Buddy Black sentiment that I never really supported. This quote after last night's win got a little in my crawl: "Over the last month, we have...

John Sickel on Padres Draft


San Diego Padres: It always helps to have extra picks, and with three supplemental first-rounders the Padres had a chance to make a big splash. They chose one intriguing college outfielder, speedy Stony Brook product Travis Jankowski, but the biggest impact could come from three highly-promising high school arms: Max Fried (LHP, California HS), Zach Eflin (RHP, Florida HS), and Walker Weickel (RHP, Florida HS). Fried is the best of the group, but both right-handers were first round candidates a couple of months ago. This was followed by a pair of college bats: Jeremy Baltz (OF, St. John's) and Dane Phillips (C, Oklahoma City University) in the second round. Both of those guys have a chance to be major league regulars, at least projecting as role players with solid bats. Third round choice Fernando Perez (3B, Central Arizona JC) hit well in a wooden-bat JC league at age 18, while another JC talent, OF Maallex Smith (5th round, Santa Fe JC) provides blazing speed. They also got the best name in the draft: Goose Kallunki, a 3B-1B from Utah Valley State, in the 27th round. Overall, I like this class a lot.


Comedic Offensive Coordinator Possibilities

Brian Schottenheimer - A chip off the old block. The embattled New York Jets OC who would only leave if he got a head coaching job elsewhere was quickly dumped for the prolific offensive dynamo...

Cowher Interviewed with Spanos already?


I'd prefer Jeff Fisher, maybe Cowher can bring Marty back to coach D or something.


Padres Reliever Picture

The Padres have a strong and rich tradition of having dominant closers from Hall of Famer Goose Gossage through Cy Young Award Winner Mark Davis and of course most recently, second All-Time Saves...

Every Recruit We Could Wish for Is in Berkeley this Weekend, Where is the Moment by Moment Recap?


Banner and Armstead could Tony-Gonzalez along with Freddie Tagaloa and Monty would finally have the size and physicality he covets! Coach M + Tosh = lots of quality athletes.

Alonzo Powell hired to help Phil Plantier


Let's get Kotsay back to the 10-10 club and .290!


Can some sabermatrician explain Headley's UZR drop?

Okay, last year, even when he wasn't exactly lighting the world on fire with his bat and for some reason forgot how to hit from his natural side, he had a high WAR, mostly based on his league...


Applying the Cal Football Family/Posse Approach to Recruiting

I keep waiting for basketball recruits to realize how good a coach Monty is, especially for big men but who can argue that he got the most that could be expected out and NBA notice of Brevin...

Is there a role that the 1972 10th pick, Paul Westphal, is better suited for than to teach the 2011...


Is there a role that the 1972 10th pick, Paul Westphal, is better suited for than to teach the 2011 10th pick how to fit in as a shooting freakshow guard scorer who will be questioned for his athleticism and leadership because he is white?


We can't have four guys playing perimeter; We need Demarcus to change

I like Jimmer as a complement to Tyreke.  For the past two years, the Kings have solely lacked consistent outside shooting.  They have begged and conjoled Donte Greene, Omri Cassipi, Francisco...

Erik Spoelstra is Kevin Martin


Fascinating profile of Heats coach and how he paid his dues, but this funny imitation of Kevin Martin section Kings fans might relate to. Erik Spoelstra is Kevin Martin. Well, not really, but Spoelstra's impression of the Houston Rockets shooting guard during Heat shootaround is uncanny -- right down to Martin's funky left-leaning release on his jump shot. "[Spoelstra] had it down pat," Heat assistant coach David Fizdale says. "You know how [Martin] has that wind-up shot and how he's always shuffling his feet? It was unbelievable. He literally had the whole team on the floor laughing." Fizdale stresses that Spoelstra isn't trying to ridicule Martin. Like virtually everything else Spoelstra does as Heat coach, it's about preparation -- in this case, for the Heat's upcoming game against Houston. The laughter brings the shootaround to a standstill. "He knows everything," Wade says. "He knows the player, knows his tendencies. We died laughing. It just shows you how much film he watches and how much he prepares. It was just like [Martin]. But he wasn't laughing. He was serious."

Baseball America does First Round Mock Draft


Padres get UConn's Matt Barnes with Karsten Whitson compensation pick #10 (college pitcher since nothing if unsigned) and Javier Baez, high ceiling HS infield prospect at #25.


Stern should be fined; Magoofs have backed themselves into corner

First, from the reports about David Stern's comments before and during Mayor Johnson's presentation, where is his apology and fine?  I won't defend Kobe or homophobia but he had to apologize for...

Lindsay Gottlieb as a replacement for Boyle?


Is it time for Michael Silver favorite, Lindsay Gottlieb, former Cal Associate Head Coach under Boyle and current head coach at UCSB, to return to Berkeley? She seems like a young rising star and her recruiting options should be much better at Cal. You can never have too Gottliebs associated with your basketball program.


The Real Reason Chargers Lost Games They Should Have Won

Football is a game of intensity and emotion. As four time defending division champs, a team with a history of reinventing themselves in Nov. and Dec., and being consistently told that you are the...

Michigan AD Skewers Harbaugh as he Praised Hoke


The next day, he seemed to try to knock the luster off the coach who left Stanford to lead the San Francisco 49ers and the one who stayed at LSU. "All that glitters is not gold when it comes to some coaches," Brandon said. "A two- or three-hour meeting with a coach uncovers much more than you could learn scanning the Internet or sifting through statistics. "Sometimes the hype or the PR doesn't match the real person." Sometimes all that glitters is the $40K gold toilet.


Kicker Theory

Since it seems as if Tedford reads this blog, let me suggest what might seem obvious to some.  In "evaluating the program from top to bottom," maybe JT should consider recruiting or giving an...


Cal Athletics Cannot Afford More Years of Tedford

What are Tedford's strengths these days?  He represents Cal athletics with honor and integrity and isn't an a-hole like Chip Kelly, Lane Kiffin, and Jim Harbaugh.  Although I'll take Tosh Lupoi's...

Aaron Rodgers discusses having to wait 23 picks after Alex Smith in the 2005 draft. Also contains...


Aaron Rodgers discusses having to wait 23 picks after Alex Smith in the 2005 draft. Also contains links to Brett Favre not returning his calls, buying his house, and shark fishing in Australia. Additional Video Segments

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